Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is by far the boriest day i had since being cooped up with works, part time work and online work altogether.

I am sitting in the office, pondering how the next few days will turnout to be. I am turning 23, i know, dread that day coming, and bbbbbbbbb have assume my birthday was in july, which i had to psycho myself into believing too... We are gonna spend my "birthday" in London, alongside his parent, his buddies and all english!!~

The next few days are pretty much marked on my organiser, its gonna be a fun-filled weekend and i am guessin my depleted bank account to go into deficit sooner than i could receive my pay. I did a calculation and realise on an average, i spent about S$108 per week, inclusive of one evening of fun with one group of mates.

So far it has been good, Pau and i will sometimes hang out for dinner, otherwise it was chilling session with Denise, Sharon or Jean, and when all of them are too busy to hangout, Kristi will agree to join me for some errand running, so far she has been giving pretty good opinion in things i wannt buy, such as the latest valentine pressie for bbbbbbbbbbbb.... I can proudly says we both got a fair share of the gene from -perhaps- mummy?

I am so elated cos i am getting my Ralph Lauren Tote in 2 weeks time. Been comtemplating it for sometime and couldnt decide on the colour, i chose this in the end cos Colleague PaperStop suggesting it was good to match with clothing. She was so tempted to get it and got herself another too. With compliments from the "chipmuncks & f4" at work, thanks babe - you made my wishlist achievable.

And next up, i'll be eyeing that tattersall tote from COACH only to realise it has OOS. bbbbb has been curbing my craving, promising me to buy me something once i fly over to find him, but i cant keep my eyes off those images. ohoh, if any of u have that exact design, i am willing to buy it over from you, so please leave a comment here. Absolutely not Tattersall Grafitti version, i wan the hampton series, thanks.

So... going back to the weekend now, i shal really get started on packing stuff to move over to bros. A little worried cos now that BHP biz are picking up, i really hope to continue doing instant mailing, but the stocks will all be at home!!~ Hoping the girls are understanding and will continue supporting us. Oh, Collection 6 is launched! i am not in the photoshoot thou, too rush and Phyl had to do it alone, but the stock are all pretty!!~ Gonna keep a few for myself this time.

Gonna meet bbbb's friend gf a while later to collect her pressie for his friend, den combine them ll altogether for registered parcel and hope it reaches bbbbbb in the shortest time possible. We are already behind time and the pressie i did for him might spoil anytime.. i am really worried!!!!


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