Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3- Chalet with bbbb

Day 3- Chalet with bbbb

It was a day i had to work, i've only got 4 annual leave through the 6 months contract work, so i had to be wise in splitting up the days correctly. I had applied for half afternoon off so as to execute the "no-longer-surprise" i had plan for bbb...

He was the sweetest thing waking up in the morning and getting my stuff ready while i prepare for work. He drove Whitey out and the first place we headed was to get me breakfast, bbbbb insist a Mac breakfast will be a good start for the next few hr, i reached work pretty early while nbbbb set off to meet his mum for some grocery shopping and later to fetch Wang to join them. It din take very long and at 12.45pm bbbbb, his mummy and Wang were outside the company waiting for me. We hurried to the Carmart while Wang collected his frail car.

bbbbb bought me my lunch and while i was eating, he had packed our stuff ready for the chalet. We proceeded to get some last minutes stuff for the BBQ tonight and off we went to Sentosa. The checking in part was easy and the staff were super friendly, he had secretly allowed us to park the car at the staff carpark so it was easily accessible to our room.

Wang & gf, Zhang & gf arrived shortly after and preparation for BBQ started. In short, that night was great, gift exchange was fun, food was sufficient (though the leftover we threw away really breaks my heart. We also drove out to East Coast for some "toy-catching" session and at 12 MN sharp, bbbbb and i kiss each other as it marks Christmas!~

Night fell and all of us were super tired, Wang & gf fetches Qin, Zhang & gf home while bbbbb& i fetch Sha, Kong & Ong back. bbbbb&i were so tired we decided to abandon the chalet for the night and slept at his place.
It wasnt a waste to the Chalet cos afterall the $$ had been paid and we can no longer see them physically. Furthermore, what can be more comfortable den bbbb's soft pillow and Bertie in between us.

I was duper happy that day, though i did feel a little uneasy cos bbbb&i had a fight that afternoon, it wasnt really a fight, just me bursting into tears cos bbbb&i couldnt come to an agreement, but he gave in eventually so all was well, Thank you bbbbbbbb i really enjoyed myself that day and having you beside me in bed matters more than sleeping in the chalet just cos i paid for it. Merry belated Christmas and sorry i din appreciate the muackx before. I appreciate it now and hope it is not too late..

Note to self:- PLEASE UPLOAD THE PIC (yes Pauline, i know, i am THIS lazy... hahaha)


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