Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just how many of us still read blog nowadays?

ido!!~ i update myself with some famous blogs, in addition i also read Denise's, pau's, Jamie's and Apel's- all on a daily basis.

If only more friend have regular update blog to share.. i would really love to learn about their updates via those blog.

i wanna start by blogging about the first night since bbbb return and recall all memories we share on this blog, i want all out there to know how much time we are spending together yet not feeling a single bit of resentment towards each other.

22nd Dec 2009

As arranged earlier Wang was to pick me up from my place to the airport, but due to some "unforesee circumstances" i was left to hurry my way to Changi with given 45 mins, and with one luggage (no wheels) one laptop in placement.

I had ponder about hailing a cab but it was nearing night and it was also a friday, no naturally speaking, the traffic was going to be a killer and MRT seems the only other option. Dad was worried sick cos i was carrying all those loads and he volunteer to gimme a ride but i was relunctant and i really din wan Daddy around when i embrace bbbb upon seeing him.

I felt like a superwoman carrying all that load but all was well cos bbbb finally reach Singapore again!!~

i saw his back through those window (which i have grew to hate since it also marks Goodbye), he was so skinny, had lost so much weight and loooks so fair. His cheek also flush alittle, probably due to the humid weather in Singapore. UK had been snowing so his body probably has a hard time adapting to the change in weather.

As soon as bbbb made his way out to the gate, i let him have a short "hello" session with Wang, den we hug each other for the longest time, i cried a little cos the feeling of his embrace brings back so much fond memories, which had faded a little into imagination through the short period he was away. That moment felt so real, and he was still him - in love with me!!~

bbbbb surprise me with a super huge teddy which i will post his pic up soon... Bertie (the name he was assign) had a UK passport of his own, and bbbbb later told me he had ponder about getting his passport stamped at the custom too.. hahaha. Bertie was also born on the day bbbb and i got together, surprisely, the passport expiry date was never-ending!!~

bbbbbb open up his bag a little and i took a peek into all the present, his bro later came with his gf and we all took a ride home, drop his luggage and bbbbbb drove 'Whitey" out, with me and Wang in it. We had his first local meal of Maggie Goreng and Roti prata at Jalan Kayu. bbbb and wang chat a little more before bbbb drove him home. bbbbb and i finally end the day in his more comfy bed.... he kiss my forehead as usual as we fell into a deep sleep.

... haha... i will also like to highligh about the little ensemble made in the night, do you know that bbbbbb's snore + his bro snore + his sister's bf snore combines force and create a music louder than you can scream "Hard Rock" i cant put it to words how it sounds, but you can image how loud it is when even the window grille shake a little whenever they "combined forces!!~"

bbbbbbbbb........... i miss you ALOT

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