Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Am blogging with Uber happiness, cos Pau and i are hanging out later.. its been weeks since i saw her.... so i am looking forward to another joyous day out near the mall for a super short while.

We are catching "The Blind Side", initial plan to watch "The Spy Next Door" has been push till a later date cos Pau says Sandra Bullock always deserve priority... so Jackie Chan.... to bad!!~

Been reading blogs after blogs, trying to find a good advertorial page for BlackHairpins, we are running low on budget and i am living in deficit, but its too good a chance to let go of.... CNY is in less than a month, so its the best time to expose ourselves... Really got to get hold of $$$ somehow.


Please please please shop there... i tink the clothes are pretty pieces because i chose them by meself.

Haha... At work right now, counting down to meeting Pau later, there wont be any pic cos i am bespectacled today and my right eye hasnt really recover from all the trauma i went through.


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