Friday, January 08, 2010

dAY 2 with bbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Day 2 with bbbbb
That morning, bbbbb was suffering for jet lag, as a result he had spent the night turning in bed, i slept well but wakes up occasionally to find him still uncomfortable. He would stroke my hair and touch my face, den apologises before putting me back to bed. He later told me he spent the night looking at my face while i am asleep, so i am glad i hadnt snore (bbbbb's definition of me snoring is when i breathe with a "SSSSis" sound... )

We woke up to the find the house empty, everyone had gone to work and his Mummy was out for a while. I was famish and bbbb offer to cook his specialty- black pepper bee hoon. I had plans to prepare the food for the BBQ tomorrow night (which was a still a surprise to bbbb) and we made our way to NTUC. He was curious as to why i had bought things in bulk but the smartypant later figure out wat was going to happen and so we spend the next hr planning togther wat was suitable to feed 10 pax.

bbbb cook me a very sumptous Black pepper bee hoon filled with egg and mushroom.. His cooking had definitely improve so the food taste really good. I wasnt allow to help out much so i dare said this was his project- solely his...

we spent the rest of the day hanging around the house, unpacking his loots, watching Alvin and the chipmunks 1 on TV.. bbbb doing his assignment, me staring at him.. talking to his mum when she returns, washing his dirty laundry, hanging them out to dry and eating with his entire family at their favourite dining place - Seletar. It had been a simple night... but i enjoyed myself to the fullest...


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