Friday, January 15, 2010

Bored Dkriss has something to dooooo............ here's how to do fashion the Chinese New year style- with hardly $100 left in ur pocket.

Step 1 - Buy anything that is already cheap from Cottons on. i got myself a pretty piece- a sheer and ultra thin Romper (halter style.. full black.... gotta bling it pretty soon) and then proceed to grab a good durable pair of flip flops @ $5.

Walk around neighbourhood shops and drop by some ridiculous accessories shop that not only sells scrunchies but needles and watch and bra and everything else that doesnt relate. You may just find some attractive buttons that comes in bundle.... colours, sizes and shapes..... CUTE!!~

do some artsy-fartsy stuff using your imagination, screw some colours together, tied them up using fishingline.


And here's a very very unglam shot of a very very expanded pair of foots. Excuse me..


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