Friday, January 22, 2010

I just realise i hadnt really sat down and really thought about 2010. My mind had been pretty filled waiting for july to come near so bbbbbb can be back in Singapore- like finally.

But there are certainly things i dun wan to regret not penning down since the start of the year.

1. Its sad to know that since young i had promise Cuz one fine day i'll be the one to pick her up after school and bring her on a ride through Singapore while we chill at places we all knew MRT wont bring us sooner. Yet till this very day, even when i finally finally gotten some teeny weeny interest in learning driving, i am nowhere near there - at least not financially (Here's calling out to my dearest mate that if you really want to get me a present but cant think of anything justifiable, consider a ang pow containing enough $$ to tk one basic theory and 2 practical lessons...... totally appreciate that)

2. bf, with regards to point 1, please place on ur agenda the first thing you can get me once you get a job after your grad will be a secure sum of money to see me through one car license, thank you.

3. I haven really get use to wearing heels, at this age and still wobbly on heel simple means i will either end up short for the rest of my life or that the tailor near my hse will earn my $$$$ for as long as i enjoy shopping for clothes.

4. I haven had a credit (tsk..... NOT sup-card, i have 2 sup already) to call my own, and i know its still related to money and income, so its gotta wait.... in 2010

5. I shall try to concentrate on renewing my clothes this year. Have soooooooo many tips that i put into action this month.... not ready to blog them yet, but trust me girls --- you'll be impressED!! (* looks down at my Levi and smile with greed.....*)

6. I shall apply nail polish and take care of my polish. I shall bling them someday and look like a woman - not a tomboy girl with short short short short short nails.. omg

7. I shall speak english like i am suppose to and stop simplifying them with "la" "ya lor" or "leh

8. in relation to point 7. i shall force bf to stop making me speak my funny hokkien, try canto maybe

9. I shall arrange a trip to visit grandma cos i miss her dearly.. bbbbbb... drive me there please!~

10. I shall hang out with Kristi more and be like a real sister

11. i will get Gary to shut up reminding me i am 23 yrs old

12. i will show my affection for bbbbbbbbb, pauline, Sharon, Denise, Vivien and all my buddies publicly (note to those affected - do not be alarm if i plant a kiss on you suddenly *wink*)

13. I will wear skirt and sit with leg close (That means no more QIAO JIAO)

14. I will think 4 times instead of 3 when i want to get something

15. I still wont eat pork, beef, mutton, chicken with bone and drink their soup base

16. force bbbbbbbb to keep to his plan of fufilling batam, taiwan and UK trip this year

17. lose weight again (am planning to do a very PUBLIC DIET PLAN, one that reveals my progree, my dirty little cellulite secret so you can all embarress me and get me to buck up)

the list is getting really ridiculous, i am laughin to myself.

note to Zi Ting: congrats on your driving license, impressed cos its ur first attempt and the rain today is SO heavy!!~


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