Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you know how, in those black&white drama film, boring taiwan family woes, korea teary sitcom, daughters are force to married through matchmake, through parents' decision amongst 50 potential guys?

Do the daughter always cries in tears, sad to leave the family, sad over the betrayal, sad over not having the rights to make decision? Well, for once, in my opinion, if i ever had a choice at this stage, i would probably want to be in their shoes, to have my parents sieving through hundreds of profile for someone so potential he ought to take care of you, ought to make you tai tai.

I have a close friend last time who was force by her mum to date her's boss's son cos he was interested in her. It all started out like a soap drama but all too well, 2 years later, she was happily married to him, free to do her own stuff, secure with something she had been worried about since she was born.

Why do everyone thinks by giving them freedom to seek their own happiness, they are bound to find happiness? Havent we all seen enuff of sad girls being dump by their guy who had promise happiness, who had once hold their hand tightly and promises not to let go? Havent we had our fair share of sadnes over being dump. Havent we all regret falling in love with the wrong guy. Some of us regret falling in love with the wrong guy - only tooo late. By then, you are probably in your early 30s, have been through so much wedding dinner you lose count. Your best friend might probably be a happy mother of 4. Yet you are stuck, trying to doll urself up, wearing super mini skirt, pretending to look demure, hoping some single lads out there still hasnt got a ring on his forth finger. You would be exceptionally sweet besides them, emphasizing on how you use to be pretty but all that has past, what you really need now is a roof over your head, cos although ur parent welcome you to live with them, they also need you to carry on the family lines.

there you have, a burden- a child that needs to be produce before you get too old, your frail parent who has now retired and is seeking a comfortable life at home, while waiting for your contribution every month. You also need to make sure they live their final stage of life in happiness, travelling side by side each other and you being stuck at home.

did i forget you also had to buy 15 range of product to make sure those wrinkle remain invisible. Also when you go out on your fortnight dates with your classmates, you have to remind them times and times again that you are single because you choose to.

the day might come another man out there is still single. He had a choice whether to date a younger girl (cos old man are always more attractive) or to date you cos he needs his offspring as soon as possible. You can regard urself as a sow, producing chikd after child, you can grow fat, you can learn to love this man who often had tots about the "what-if", what if he had gotten himself a younger sow? What if his kids had been borne earlier?

You might regret, regret u hadnt plan your future earlier. You might regret all too late you hadnt find a better guy earlier, but its all too late, you hadnt plan, and you have to live with it, to face it and boost to everyone its part of your plan - not to plan at all.

You might also hate all your past boyfriends, seeking every chance to learn about their whereabout, some might have kids and a wife, despite earning meagre salaries (they are happy, still)
Some of your ex-boyfriend might still be single, but they are dating younger girls, having fun. They can afford to, "man in their thirties marks the beginning of their charm" "woman in their thirties, however, marks the end of theirs"

Dear girls, open your eyes bigger, and DO PLAN. I am rest assure cos all my best friends and concern cousin have plans about their future. The singles have plan to keep looking and hopefully settle down by a certain age, they are also working hard to fend for themselves in the event that all fails. The attached, such as Sharon & bf are saving more than they require for their house, they plan to own a condo, get married. Even my bf's sister have plan to aply for flat by next year and giving themselve 3 years to prepare for their future.
i dun wan to see anyone regretting not planning earlier cos there is nuttin you can do.. REmember, you can never turn back time so protect yourself- at all cost.


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