Monday, January 18, 2010

oH........HOW I MISS!!`

  1. Waking up to realise i missed breakfast and lunch is ready
  2. walking down the stairs only to realise Ahmad (Dad's name for bbbbb) is waiting for me in Whitey, his cool avatar, and his all time -jersey
  3. Peck on his cheek whenever i met him- which happens so everyday (7 months ago)
  4. asking him very stupid question such as why he would prefer beef to pork, fish to chip, white bread to wheat bread, chocolate milk to fresh milk, me to every other girls.. hahah
  5. Slacking at Pau hse, stopping her from sleeping after our swimming
  6. Also, slacking at Viv's hse, tidying her room and catching lizards, folding her clothes and enjoying the silence there
  7. doing some knitting, making another ridiculously-Long scarf for bbbbbbbb
  8. tanning with Apel den gossip over people i dun really know
  9. attending lesson with French, napping during class and forcing her to explain to me again what the lecturer had just said.
  10. Supper session with bbbbb's Laos, cos they are soooo funny
  11. healthy dining with Sharon besties, i like talking to her cos her opinion and vision about things are often beneathe what we see on the surface, i like her philosophy about life
  12. best-friend-meetup session, Denise darling, Sharon besties and Jean-jean the jean-jean. the very rare time i feel like a tai-tai with a twist of childishness. haha
  13. KTV with clar and pau, i can vividly remember the last time we did it, it was a whole deal of fun.
  14. Where's Ray?
  15. Slacking at Denise's place, doing online shopping with her and Sharon Besties
  16. Canele slacking after work, Fireman, Saliken and Iza, we are like enemy in disgust, we fool each other into drinking, and fireman ALWAYS get drunk FIRST.
  17. bbbbb patiently teaching me poker
  18. removing blackheads over bbbbb's "blacken" nose
  19. washing bbbbb's Whitey with him
  20. changing clothes in shopping mall and listening to bbbbb's serious comment.

oh.......... how i wish


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