Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prudential + Hong Kong

So having been thru the op, finding a whole new reason to live life, today i received my first setback.

After undergoing thru all the procedure in the hospital and eventually recovering from it, i was getting serious in listening to what the insurance has to say. I was worried someday, something along this line might happened and i'll be caught in tonnes of unpayable bills.

So i seek help and opinion from everyone around me and finally decide to part with a bit of money (albeit my meagre salary) to invest in a insuarnce policy that can "secure" my future.

i guess i am always pretty skeptical about insurance, i fear heading out to listen to what they have to say, then processing all the info in my mind, calculating to realise i havent got enough money and eventually rejected their offer, but this time it was different, i was given the green light (by myself) to part with a portion of the money to protect myself.

Anyway in conclusion, Prudential rejected me.

All in all, i just wanna put this straight across, i am very thankful to the people who had offer to help with the policy and especially their effort to appeal when they first learn it was going to be rejected. I cannot thank each and everyone of them especially for trying their best to give this another shot. I guess i was upset by the rejection - afterall, i haven met much failure/rejections in life to feel mature over rejections.

bbbbb pointed out perhaps i was exaggerate too much into details the entire op procedure and the agent could have taken it in otherwise, i cannot disagree. I really dont see my case as being over serious to have to be rejected entirely. Afterall, i was willing to pay for the policy.

gonna push these thoughts aside. I am pretty sure the next insurance i took up is gonna be a good one, in a way i want to protect myself from being "rejected" unneccessarily and also find a reliable source i can look up to when i needed to "claim" my policy. Am i sore over this? ... no comment.

On a lighter note.... bbbb have make things happen again!

we are heading to ................... Hong Kong =))))))  *beaming with delight.

What i think i can expect

What bbb told me to expect: -

i think they are the same leh!!!

ahahha.. anyway before you call me some mountain tortoise from the cave, can i just declare i have never been to Hong Kong or crave to be there!

I'm just lucky the bf has the strongest urge to want to be bring me there (blissful me!) and so off i follow him!

We'll be flying Cathy (thanks to bbbbbbbb's loveliest sister who manage to secure a super valuable deal) and staying at Eaton Smart (thanks again to bbbbbbb's loveliest sister who has a corporate plan we can utilize), this trip's gonna be awesome (i bet!)

What else should i be expecting from Hong Kong? Frankly the only impression i have of them is what ive seen from the dramas on TV and what i heard from Jeanjean (who is a dear friend of mine that visits HK as though she's taking a MRT)

i think its a good chance to relieve my dream of wanting to step into some area that looks too cute to be true (i heard Hello Kitty is in abandon there). However, one HUGE problem is my disability to speak Cantonese (bbbb promise to stick by me.. otherwise i can count on his Mum/Sisters to help me out too)...

How much should i bring to a 5 days stay in HK if i am keen on shopping? grrrrr i have so many question on my mind i am dying of excitement... (i sorta imagine myself heading to UK despite this time i cannot look forward to the chill chill weather)

Anyway, we'll be flying off on  26July and back by 31july.. am glad it came after Sharon Besties' wedding because i cannot afford to commit lesser on her big day =)

and i look forward to grabbing fantastic purcahse (esp to Besties since she got me TOO much stuff from Taiwan).

alot of messy rant today..


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The crossroad.

I've been thinking lately... whether it was normal of me to talk to myself so often, running thought wasnt such a big deal if you could reply to your own thoughts, except they jabble up so fast i sometimes have trouble sorting them accordingly.

Have you been thinking like me lately? Feeling like life's at a crossroad once again except this time you have no idea what else to work hard for? Last night i went home immediately after work, washed myself thoroughly  (shaved and epilate and all that) then lie on the bed the whole time not knowing what else i should be doing to stay "useful".   For sure i had so much plans about my life but not one fits the bill for the "do-it-now".

So i took out my paper and pen, read through the lecture notes that i once studied for... lookup the past year examination papers.. and solve the question bit by bit... im crazy you must be thinking!!!   i am not, i was doing up a model answer that i am postitive can "pass" this module and hand it over to a friend that i BADLY wanted  her to pass. So while i was doing it, Dad sat besides me and ask why i am "studying". He ask why i hadnt took up more courses like Law.. and then i got lazy again..

i think, the path of being a student doesnt sound interesting because you are "forced" to study.. and when you no longer need to do it, you enjoy the process. I do wish to pursue this journey of my life but right now there are more things to worry about.

I love my job, its not a new position to me, i've ever done something similar back during Takasago Days, but this was much much more. I guess i never really talk about my new job, only because i will like to reserve some privacy perhaps till the day i am moving on to a improved phase. The people here are also different from the past, the new environment takes some time getting use to, but it's not going to be hard. I have faith in myself on this one=)

The house hunting for the family is the next phase in my life, we have been "homeless" for about 3.5years now, residing at Cousin's place and invading their privacy at the most extreme way possible. I can feel my parents' need for a house to call their own, and the amount of money to handle this one is not within my limit, but i have understanding siblings who vision everything our parents vision. Thus i hope when the correct time comes, we are good to secure a roof over our heads and that my parents no longer feel so helpless and dissapointed over their past mistakes.

My relationship with bbbb has been the most stable ever, we've been dating for about 3.5 years now and have no intention of stopping it at any phase. He is a very mature man who sees our future and works towards his envision, although we do squabble alot (i am extremely competitive and sometimes ever compete against him), we are constantly "inventing" ways to settle a fight and mend a broken hearts at the fastest way possible. One way that surely works for us both is (whoever sees the "light" first) to say the words "i love you" when the other party is arguing. When this sentence caught the other party by surprise he/she will be silence for a moment (from the shock) and the fight will end like this =)      However, i suggest everyone to do a post-silence-breaker exercise and that is to apologize, it works miraculously :)  Especially for us both.

My bestiest friend is marrying the man she dated when she turn 17, and i cannot be more than happy for her. The same man that my ex-bf had introduced and they've been courting for 8 years now... This year i shared the joy of witnessing her pledge of love with Kive as they walk down the aisle (with me as the host) on 24th June2012. I teared a little ESPECIALLY on that very day as i help her pulled on her gown during her selection phase. She had been but a little doll just years back, us hymming to the songs we both loved, crashing her room and mine playing with clothes and me intruding ALL her dates with the wrong guys. My bestiest friend is being promoted to the married circle now.. and i'll love to stay be her side till the day we grow old together.

My health is is stagnant and this is something i am thankful for. My appetite is growing on the rise and even pork/sometimes beef is no obstacle for me anymore. With the increasing bandwidth in my intake, i am taking on a lower carb diet so the body can deal with this change. My weight is yoyo-ing between 46-47kg now.. but with my short height, i believe the ideal is still not reached. I am slowly making my way to understand this Kristal i hadnt know of, its doing good...  i believe..

All in all, with everything pretty much in place, only concern now is what is the next step i should be embarking. I need a breakthrough, something i hadnt thought so much of and something i dun have much confidence of acheiving... This crossroad in life is frustrating yet the challenge is to see what exactly is AT THE END of the road.... i cant wait to see mine!


Friday, March 16, 2012

picture blogger

Photo-blogging today cos i have to load these pictures off somewher =)
Worn Lil'sis dress out today and coupled the whole look to give that rockchic feeling...

The view from outside the house i am staying now

Love 3-screws looking ring i got from H&M... each one looks good on its own

Light korea make up, less eyeliner + mascara, nothing else on the face (i need my eyebrows thankyouverymuch)

Met French*Hai^er for dinner... no pictures of her cos she was late

Dinner at NYDC in holland village, good place to slack all day, talk alot, eat a little and pay minimal.. haha

Saw my Agnes'B necklace? Thank you Cuzzies+Pau in 2011..
My FIRST shared dress with Paperstop.. the paper thin girl that weigh as light as 3 packs of rice

i am the happiest person for i can wear something a paper thin person can wear.// except check out how tight the waist is when i sat down!

nevertheless.... sharing clothes with a size: ZERO,.. priceless!!!
Drop even lesser make up products cos i was too lazy to care....

no make up (yes eyebrow!) and put on a fake glasses ($2 from Cineleisure 2nd floor)

Steal Lilsis necklace for my assemble (heehee.. i stole the dress i was wearing from her closet to!)

my lilsis's chiffon top is my dress (she is at least 158cm)

pic of my toe nail, $28 pedi from malaysia (with spa treatment)- gift from bbbbb who cannot stand my ugly toes..
Besties Sharon got me stuffs from Taiwan.

i am so impressed by her choice of clothing... some of which i felt she would NEVER wear, but knows i WOULD.

She got me a chiffon toga  (Mad loves forthis one) and a chiffon tiffany blue bare-back top (i had a hard time figuring the front and back.. and when i finally did figured -- Boy was it pretty =D )

My besties who knows my special loves for Hello Kristal (Kitty) bought me kitty stuff too...

Mad cute the ice-cream pen, i am so not gonna tear off the packaging (then how else to use it.. i dunno! Dilemma...)

Hot Pink Hello Kitty/Kristal pouch good for the mp3 i carried everywhere (yes i am old-fashioned but its better than draining the iphone batt... you know that pain... that pain-in-the-ass feeling when u need entertainment and the signals says "20% batt left/....)

The darlin also bought me tiffany blue nail polish (my second bottle from her.. the first being muddy brown.. both of which i am impressed at the effect on my nails)
Escalator tooo long for my liking.. i took the picture while imaging how long i took to roll down if i shall fell

My adidas sneaker convenient for walking and no socks needed (JUST DONT INHALE TOO MUCH WHEN I TOOK OFF MY SHOE)

This was at clementi mall, yesterday, while waiting for bbbbbbbbbb to come meet me.... i am a lonely shopper *sobx*

Dug out the feb2012/nov2011 edition of Vivi (the two seasons) and consolidated a series of style i cannot wait to try..

i know i am behind fashion... but it takes time.. and takes hell loads of thinking to make sure i have most of the pieces at home without buying too many extras,...

Left to right:  
  1. boyish day... model has my hair.... simple white boyfriend shirt (cut off sleeve or sleeveless) and skinng jeans plus a fake nerdy glasses
  2. simple tank top of any color i can get from Song&Song at $7/pc with long bottom to tuck in, the skirt is similar to a school skirt i bought in Bangkok when i needed to perform on stage for Dnd
  3. Same sleeveless/cut-off boyfriend shirt with a peticoat inside.. the magic here is the RED pointy shoes you match with the white shirt.. TRUST ME THIS IS CRAZILY sexy
  4. STILL the same white sleeveless/cut-off boyfriend shirt with a haircut i am madly in love with, pair with a short heels (preferably fat heels instead of pointy heels--> in suede black)... complete with a chanel-lookalike cushion bag i can borrow from Paperstop =DDD
HOW TO MATCH BOTTOM! left to right:-
  1. i dun have a light denim but i am thinking of getting a pair.. top should be sleeve chiffon top with lace details ( mine's a victoria collar chiffon top i found in the closet!), bucket bag, pump and complete the look with a lipstick (not that i have the guts to)
  2. dark denim jegging (my all time favorite), black top (preferably with sexy see thru edges), black pumps, attractive hair (fml... fail on this one)
  3. white sleeveless/cut-off boyfriend shirt, a scarf i can steal from mum's closet (easily), any jean slight larger at the waist so i can pull them up like an idiot would.. (not really.. just normal jeans but tuck the shirt in)
  4. the same tank top from Song&Song $7/pc to match with all pant too big for my liking (which i have quite a few cos i fail in shopping) complete the look with a oxford bag-lookalike (or any leather bag in my case)  same scarf stolen from Mum's closet for the hair!
tried the toga dress Besties bought me soon as i got home.. way too pretty!! (pic dont do justice here.. i haven doll up myself to compliment this look.. but i love it entirely!
the most happy bride ive ever seen (nobody agrees with me)

All bride should be THIS happy!
Inspirational look from ASOS lookbook, as long as the blazer (long blazer ONLY) and skirt(high waist ONLY) matches the complete look is amazing
This look reminded me of Kim Kardashian immediately. Love the corset-blazer look, and the high waist short (forget about the fat thigns if you are thinking.. )

Legs suddenly look longer.. haha.. works for me. i am a shorty with a short radish leg!
looking thru my closet that day and realise cardigan and losing its charm so stole a pic off ASOS to remind myself i can match it somehow like this!
does nobody see the idea here?  its the wedding dress Duchess Kate Middleton (omg i love her) worn, inspired and turn into a short dress good for a afternoon wedding lunch, or a sweet date to impress any boyfriends.
i saw this dress and thought of besties (she loves chiffon and bustier) this looks makes anyone looks really seductive i think..
back to the waiting at NYDC till French arrives.. my fingernails are ugly (but it was a good attempt to draw the lines nevertheless) *pats my own back for the effort
2/3 of the H&M screw rings i worn that day.... and the agnes B locket me loves... haha..

and with that sums up the entire picture blogging till date ... cheers!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Last weekend

Sometimes, alongside growing up, i've unknowingly learn about lift and death.

I use to only see such scenes on TV, cried my heart out, dry the tear and moved on with life.

Just how many of us feel the aftermath till you really experience it yourself? In the past 2 days i've see an update on facebook about an ex-classmates deteriorating health. And the news hit me even harder because i can feel his pain, having been admitted to the same hospital just a month ago and probably undergoing more or less the same treatment that he had been thru.

His red blood count had hit a single-digit low... and that was the exact experience i had since my lowest was a 7. His, was a rare blood condition that not many had been thru. With this being said, after knowing how the body cocks up when my blood count hits 7, and trying to imagine me feeling that way for weeks after weeks straight, my brain ACTUALLY shuts off the image automatically.. perhaps it was the pain, or the fear. I sincerely hope the ex-classmate survives this ordeal   (despite the bad bad arguement i had with his pals in year 2004 when i had allowed my temper to overwhelm me and trash his reputation in a way no one could ever forgive me for.. and i dont blame them.. )

I texted his buddies, asked about his condition, and wanted to share my story with him... on his facebook were negatives thoughts about dying on the hospital bed and would rather dies at home. His buddies explain he may lose his life anytime, and how i was i to know just what sort of pain he is undergoing?   why wouldn't I? i am a stage 1a cancer warrior who hadnt let such a news ruin my undertakings in life..... Why wouldn't I?

His latest update included the doctor allowing him to leave for home at his own risk. Trust me when i was lying at the same hospital bed for days without seeing nights/days, this was the only good news you had in mind. I could almost feel his happiness albeit the worries that he might being putting his life at risk.   But, given the choice myself, i would choose to get discharge, live my life like i am doing now, meeting up with friends and family and keeping my everyday positive.     I dunno how much of your belief is in alliance with happiness=good luck. Mine is 90%, and here i am trying to keep a happy, positive mind because i sincerely believe one day, God saw my effort, grant me a special gift of hope, maybe even a baby =)

... enough about thoughts.. i am filling up my blog with happy pictures.. Here's how i spend last weekend -Boy! was it busy!

bbbbbbbb and i met after a day at work on friday.... Friday is usually the "happy" day for us both as we'll like to call it because our common understanding will be that i'll be heading to his place to spend the night and we'll cuddle in bed (haha.. dont think too much because we share the same room as his brother and his gf... )

bbbbb really loves this top that i have (its a REALLY old pieces costing me $12 from City plaza and i got it in 2010 when i was doing the online business with Mee-Pok-Phyllis... )
 My arms couldnt hold the power sleeves of the top very well, thus i worn the top with a highwaist belt (YES i can wear high waist belt NOW) and paired it with a skinny jean costing me only $16 from Forever21

It was Dinner at Putien in NEX Serangoon to celebrate bbbb's elder bro birthday... We had a feast (not very filling thou) and to end the dinner his gf Wendy present a cake she baked herself!

You could see AZ's (bbbb's bro) excited expression as he opens the cake box in delight..

Here's the man himself with the birthday cake specially baked by his gf....

you might have notice the resemblance between the two brothers.. haha.. My parents had a hard time telling them apart that when AZ once sent me home after dinner at his place in 2010, my Dad was HONESTLY shocked that bbbbb had return from UK...
The LoveBirds - AZ and Wendy
What's a birthday without some embarressment?  While the rest of bbbb's family sung the birthday song, i took charge of taking some pictures and all of them decided to rope me into the embarressment by PRETENDING they were singing the birthday song to ME! hahaha//
Its an Orea cake btw, with a layer or oreo crumbs in the middle.
We then walked about NEX after the dinner to digest while Wendy ordered her Gongcha (its located besides the Watson store in case you cant find it). The night ended when we went back to his place in 3 cars.... (that about the number it takes to the whole lot of 10 of us)

The next day, bbbbb had soccer in the morning thus i slept in till it was noon. Then, he came back with lunch for all of us (no seafood for me -as usual-) and we prepared to hit Bugis with his mum/sis for some shopping.
We rounded Bugis the entire afternoon - impressed by the renewed bugis street and the attractive clothes they now carried (somewhat similar to whatever you can find online//// )

i took the chance to get on a shopping spree (heehee) and the perfect bbbb - who was eager to share my excitement to the new range of sizes i can now wear - volunteeringly paid for them all!     I must share with you my joy of being able to fit into a Size S skirt  and thinking to myself 
 "Hey, this is the REAL body you owned, the real diet you eat, the real Fats your stomach contain, this, is, Kristal"
we met up with bbbbbbbbbbbbb's buddies to celebrate Qin's birthday.. this year she opted for a bouquet of flowers and a red packet.. bbbb suggested 大食家   to Upper Changi we go
The other birthday boy Zhang just flew back from Taiwan so to "kill two bird with one stone" we celebrated them both together. Dinner was seafood feast ( T_T  sobbing rice with sauces and vege for me)
Sha brought alone her younger brother - the one everyone mistook for her son-... their age gap is shockingly huge but they hang along better than i could ever did with my own siblings..
after Dinner we head to play games like bbbb's buddies will do - without fail- on every meetups... They especially love booking the gaming room at Scape*cineleisure and just chilling, playing along cardboard games, Wii and Xbox
Another round of embarressment.. this time they extended the songs into VERSIONS.. hahah.. the candle were melting away but the songs never seems to finish.. here's are the poor birthday people
Finally blew the candle by the time they started the "Korea" version of Happy Birthday.. hahaha..

Cheers to their ways to blessing them!
The birthday peeps, obviously scared to eat the cakes since Sha only bought 2 tiny ones and all of us were spared the cake... It tasted pretty nice according to Qing... Happy birthday babe!
My relunctant face as bbbbbbbbb place his weight on me when he's tired. 

With that fun filled night.. we ended the day earlier for bbbbbbbbbb and i were to join his family to JB the next day.... it was MY suggestion  to checkout---->
Premium Outlet Mall near Kulai!
We got the early morning at about 10 plus and most of the shop weren't open. So we hang around the food court a little...
By 12 the place were filled with people, not the extremely crowded kind but it was a good ambience to join in the shopping mood as we check out stores by stores till we hit the second level..

Some of the more attractive stores include:-
 Burberry (Limited choices of Accessories)
 Michael Kor (relatively slashed price worth considering)
 Coach (GUYS! GET YOUR WORKING BAG THERE... its soooo CHEAP!!!!)
Calvin Klein (limited selection)
Charles & Keith (supposedly cheaper there but i bought a S$39.90 sunglasses that was suppose to cost me S$69.90 before discount?)
Everyone had a share of trying and buying... Even Levi was filed with well worth goods!
Our legs were sore by the time we covered the entire area.. so the ladies suggested Mani/pedi and we head to KSL....

i realy love how bbbb gives in to my whining and undergo a transformation to his heel

 hahahah.. he later complain it was a waste of money but to me, at least his heel is 
renewed after all that soccer in the rain.... baby-soft Arch!

So bbbbb's Dad's a Malaccan and his entire family are pro-malaysia roadtrip kind of family so heading down to malaysia impromptu is no big deal for them all... and with that i am thankful i like trips like this to mark the end of the weekend cos i see myself starting Monday refreshed!!

Thank you for the amazing week - to all the people that had made it happen  =)