Monday, March 05, 2012

Cheap thrills

So moving forward with life aint too tough. I;ve been enjoying myself as much as i can and with bbbbb, really there isnt more i could ask for in life now...

My boyfriend is a very understanding man who give a serious thought about what is in line for him in years to come, yet he has decided to take the chance and leave our destiny to God. I am thankful he sees my concern and accepts my decision  of not taking medication to prevent reoccurence of my cyst and i hope to treasure all the time we spend together.

With a very sincere heart, someday who knows we might get lucky and our hopes of bearing little whiz kids in future might just been possible =)

Last saturday marks a month since the "delivery" of Timmy... so i went round annoucing its 满月 and everyone sees the joke behind this including my lovely Mum.

our texts went like this ..........

Me: today's my stomach's 满月。。heehee
Mum: 满你的头。。still cannot eat seafood.

and bbbbb was so amuse by my Mum's intelligence because on the very same day we were about to attend a friend's birthday dinner and there are bound to be crab/prawns/ YUMS...

needless to say, bbbbb fed me so well that crab/prawns weren't a priority that night =)

Today i have a stronge urge to share how i only purchase cheap stuff and try to match them.. Of course i had my wardrobe malfuction.. but here's some to show.. you'll be impressed how much my outfit usually doesnt exceed $100....

Some backdated pictures of some of my new purchases... This dress is highly recommended by bbbb for he felt it makes me looks chipier and "lighter".

I love my prada wallet from bbbbb, it is so pretty that i've taken care of it like a delicate piece of glass, i also make sure i compliment my outift to match it.

My red dress is from Forever21 (only $29 for CNY)
flip-flops from Havainas (got a friend to get them from Aussie - $50)
Watch is from FCUK  (this watch is tooooooooo trusty, i wear it everyday,a gift from bbbb.. $169)
Necklace from H&M ($12.50)

very sorry for the low resolution.... Note*need to pack along my digital camera for future blog entries...

i couldnt lift my eyes off the dress prior to the op, because it reminded me so much of a "discharge-dress" therefore on bbbb's approval, i got it at such a discount, not regretting a single bit
Its a mid length dress that cuts slightly below the knee (i am really short so to me it cuts way lower)
Dress - cotton On($19.90... dirt cheap!)
Necklack - Diva ($6... i only buy cheap stuff..)
Bag - Estee Lauder ($20 from online.. )
Belt - Talisman   (3 pieces for $5 ... what can i say...?)
The first week since the op that i was allowed to head out, this was my flatter tummy (you can imagine how big Timmy is)
i hate my hair.. haha... bbb and i head to gardens for chicken rice one of this days and i wasnt allowed to eat chicken yet.... haha
Top from Fox ($12.50 from anchor point Fox- warehouse)
Watch is the same FCUK
Wallet is the same Prada
flip flop is the same Havainas
Short is from Pull&Bear (cost me $29.90 but i bought it 7 years ago.. haha)
bbbb and i met after work and we had Mexico food for dinner.. YUMS
Top from BKK (bbb's lilsis got them for me in all 7 colours... as a gift so no price)
Inner camisole from Primark ($3 sing dollar.. who can resist)
Highwaist skirt that day from H&M ($19 sing... sorry no picture..)
Purple rubber slippers (have to throw them away.. it hurts and it's a gift too)

i had a bad bad outfit combination that day and i dont understnad how bbbb can withstand hanging out with me that day.. it wasnt till a couple commented and giggled at my outift, followed by a bunch of army mens mocking my COLOURFUL combi before i beg bbbb for the truth...

He says i look weird in all my colours but he understand how much i was excited to put then all on me.. thus if i feel happier. he was ok with it.... touch max****
the only mirror we had at Aunty's place is this one.. the mess at the back was because everyone else was asleep while i prepare to work...

Dress is from Isetan ($29.. and the cutting is very flattering)
i finally worn a white tank top!
Top from IMM (a famous brand outlet and this only cost me $7.. with tiny crocheted details by the neckline
Scarf from BKK ($7 sing dollar... 2 years ago)
Jeggings from Warehouse (bought it in UK during their summer sales... only cost me $28 sing dollar)
simple LONG tank top that is way too good for a dress ($4.50 from gmarket...and that was my entire attire that day!)
Necklace from some pushcart in KL ($1.50.. again too cheap)

while waiting for bbb to try on some clothes in VivoCity)
Blazer from bugis street (the vendor that sell everything at $10)
Same watch from FCUK
Skirt is from LB (it was name Bonitochico before.. $25...)
Boot heel from Jurong point (i cant remmeber the name of the shop but this shoe cost me $29.90)
tank inside is again from Primark ($3 sing dollar)
Bag is a birthday present from the cousin <3 ($150 from Bonia)

i know how i dont dress at my best yet but i am having fun playing dress up thanks to the new body..

bbbb has been the most generous too! buying me outfit if he finds me looking good in them...

i now have lotsa of new clothes left unworn and i cant wait to show them all!!!

trust me when i say i shop cheap... i really do.. haha perhaps someday we can exchagne ideas on where we do our shoppings, and u'll me surprise at the places i mention... haha

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