Friday, March 16, 2012

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Photo-blogging today cos i have to load these pictures off somewher =)
Worn Lil'sis dress out today and coupled the whole look to give that rockchic feeling...

The view from outside the house i am staying now

Love 3-screws looking ring i got from H&M... each one looks good on its own

Light korea make up, less eyeliner + mascara, nothing else on the face (i need my eyebrows thankyouverymuch)

Met French*Hai^er for dinner... no pictures of her cos she was late

Dinner at NYDC in holland village, good place to slack all day, talk alot, eat a little and pay minimal.. haha

Saw my Agnes'B necklace? Thank you Cuzzies+Pau in 2011..
My FIRST shared dress with Paperstop.. the paper thin girl that weigh as light as 3 packs of rice

i am the happiest person for i can wear something a paper thin person can wear.// except check out how tight the waist is when i sat down!

nevertheless.... sharing clothes with a size: ZERO,.. priceless!!!
Drop even lesser make up products cos i was too lazy to care....

no make up (yes eyebrow!) and put on a fake glasses ($2 from Cineleisure 2nd floor)

Steal Lilsis necklace for my assemble (heehee.. i stole the dress i was wearing from her closet to!)

my lilsis's chiffon top is my dress (she is at least 158cm)

pic of my toe nail, $28 pedi from malaysia (with spa treatment)- gift from bbbbb who cannot stand my ugly toes..
Besties Sharon got me stuffs from Taiwan.

i am so impressed by her choice of clothing... some of which i felt she would NEVER wear, but knows i WOULD.

She got me a chiffon toga  (Mad loves forthis one) and a chiffon tiffany blue bare-back top (i had a hard time figuring the front and back.. and when i finally did figured -- Boy was it pretty =D )

My besties who knows my special loves for Hello Kristal (Kitty) bought me kitty stuff too...

Mad cute the ice-cream pen, i am so not gonna tear off the packaging (then how else to use it.. i dunno! Dilemma...)

Hot Pink Hello Kitty/Kristal pouch good for the mp3 i carried everywhere (yes i am old-fashioned but its better than draining the iphone batt... you know that pain... that pain-in-the-ass feeling when u need entertainment and the signals says "20% batt left/....)

The darlin also bought me tiffany blue nail polish (my second bottle from her.. the first being muddy brown.. both of which i am impressed at the effect on my nails)
Escalator tooo long for my liking.. i took the picture while imaging how long i took to roll down if i shall fell

My adidas sneaker convenient for walking and no socks needed (JUST DONT INHALE TOO MUCH WHEN I TOOK OFF MY SHOE)

This was at clementi mall, yesterday, while waiting for bbbbbbbbbb to come meet me.... i am a lonely shopper *sobx*

Dug out the feb2012/nov2011 edition of Vivi (the two seasons) and consolidated a series of style i cannot wait to try..

i know i am behind fashion... but it takes time.. and takes hell loads of thinking to make sure i have most of the pieces at home without buying too many extras,...

Left to right:  
  1. boyish day... model has my hair.... simple white boyfriend shirt (cut off sleeve or sleeveless) and skinng jeans plus a fake nerdy glasses
  2. simple tank top of any color i can get from Song&Song at $7/pc with long bottom to tuck in, the skirt is similar to a school skirt i bought in Bangkok when i needed to perform on stage for Dnd
  3. Same sleeveless/cut-off boyfriend shirt with a peticoat inside.. the magic here is the RED pointy shoes you match with the white shirt.. TRUST ME THIS IS CRAZILY sexy
  4. STILL the same white sleeveless/cut-off boyfriend shirt with a haircut i am madly in love with, pair with a short heels (preferably fat heels instead of pointy heels--> in suede black)... complete with a chanel-lookalike cushion bag i can borrow from Paperstop =DDD
HOW TO MATCH BOTTOM! left to right:-
  1. i dun have a light denim but i am thinking of getting a pair.. top should be sleeve chiffon top with lace details ( mine's a victoria collar chiffon top i found in the closet!), bucket bag, pump and complete the look with a lipstick (not that i have the guts to)
  2. dark denim jegging (my all time favorite), black top (preferably with sexy see thru edges), black pumps, attractive hair (fml... fail on this one)
  3. white sleeveless/cut-off boyfriend shirt, a scarf i can steal from mum's closet (easily), any jean slight larger at the waist so i can pull them up like an idiot would.. (not really.. just normal jeans but tuck the shirt in)
  4. the same tank top from Song&Song $7/pc to match with all pant too big for my liking (which i have quite a few cos i fail in shopping) complete the look with a oxford bag-lookalike (or any leather bag in my case)  same scarf stolen from Mum's closet for the hair!
tried the toga dress Besties bought me soon as i got home.. way too pretty!! (pic dont do justice here.. i haven doll up myself to compliment this look.. but i love it entirely!
the most happy bride ive ever seen (nobody agrees with me)

All bride should be THIS happy!
Inspirational look from ASOS lookbook, as long as the blazer (long blazer ONLY) and skirt(high waist ONLY) matches the complete look is amazing
This look reminded me of Kim Kardashian immediately. Love the corset-blazer look, and the high waist short (forget about the fat thigns if you are thinking.. )

Legs suddenly look longer.. haha.. works for me. i am a shorty with a short radish leg!
looking thru my closet that day and realise cardigan and losing its charm so stole a pic off ASOS to remind myself i can match it somehow like this!
does nobody see the idea here?  its the wedding dress Duchess Kate Middleton (omg i love her) worn, inspired and turn into a short dress good for a afternoon wedding lunch, or a sweet date to impress any boyfriends.
i saw this dress and thought of besties (she loves chiffon and bustier) this looks makes anyone looks really seductive i think..
back to the waiting at NYDC till French arrives.. my fingernails are ugly (but it was a good attempt to draw the lines nevertheless) *pats my own back for the effort
2/3 of the H&M screw rings i worn that day.... and the agnes B locket me loves... haha..

and with that sums up the entire picture blogging till date ... cheers!

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