Monday, May 31, 2010

just dont wanna read those argumentative replies, i'll never sound right.


So much excitement on another dull day at work.

It was work at far east as usual and i was really dying of boredom (Note to Self: save enuff extra cash to finally rent a book from Sunnies')

The first surprise came from Denise and her sis', they came to visit. It was nice to see someone familiar amist the strange crowd on Sunday. Denise was in her super cute-blue-jumpsuit and her sis was in that bonitochico romper.

They have had their brunch down at Robertson Quay and drop by to get their hair done. I recommended Juno's and soon they were there for the next 2 hrs dyeing, treatment and highlighting in funny streaks (kidding,.. it was sexy red streaks on brownish/purpurlish hair for sis and darker brown on Denise's)

Overall review- not quite as expectation according to the princess, (as such i have booked myself an appointment to experience it for myself)

den slightly later in the afternoon came Jean in a all black attire with a cutesy hot pink bag, she had pop by to await her pals before heading for dinner. It was really sweet of her to drop by town earlier to keep me companied. BUT she was off to accompany Denise after learning she was nearby.

Den while i was playing with the clothes of the neighbouring shop, Sharon and CF drop by too!!!!!

YAY-ness! DKS is complete plus JEAN! Sharon drop by for a massage and to get her shoes for the start of a new working environment this wednesday.

and to tink i was still hoping we could all meet over the weekend, this girls had made it all worthwhile filling up the empty slots on my lonely working day.

Pop-by surprises aside. I must have spent a bomb over the weekend cos even Mum seems to realise. i look back at the paper bags i;ve accumulated, most of them in yellow, PaperStop had successfully made me succumb to F21, and i need to say this- if you do search enuff, some stuff at F21 are comparable if not cheaper than Far East loots. Its worth the catfight (hahah... not really, except the salesgirl must have been pulling our hair inside their mind each time we arrive at the changing room with like 12 pieces of clothes in hand demanding we try them 4 piece by 4 piece.)
And apart from all these excitement, i have been around town consecutively for 4days straight in a row. A little weird and sick but it was way fun. Here are a list of my damages (bbbbbbb be prepare to scream.. even thou i was dead sure i had informed you of my loots already)
  1. Gladiator- black and dirt cheap (use tenant discount)
  2. 2 sets of lingerie that will create that effect (Denise and PaperStop knows excctly what i am saying... haha)
  3. a basic v-neck tank that will complements my lingerie and create THAT effect
  4. one piece of F21 undies, mad-cuteness
  5. one sunshade, Rayban style with diamanettes across the rim
  6. F21 tubes dress, floral prints and very very sweet
  7. Had dinner at Ippodu with PaperStop, the famous Jap ramen place, gonna blog about it separately
  8. Coffeebean, Starbucks, coffeebean, starbucks
  9. Dinner with bbbbbb family at Togi, the really tasty korea restaurant at Chinatown, we were even given the VIP room.. haha... i ate bbbbbb share, the bill came to about $200 and it was deductable from the family fund i heard, very very brilliant idea for bbbbbbbb's family...cant apply the same to my family thou, sis and bro are still young and incapable of contributing.. furthermore Kor is married and hardly has time for family outing.
  10. Herwalkincloset floral blazer, bought that a while back and it finally arrived
  11. Bonitochico Toga sequins dress that is due to arrive this week
  12. bangles, 3 sets of them
  13. NewLook dress+petticoat, bought slightly after exam

cant list them no more, i have new stuff to flash at uk and that makes me happy=)

Gonna do a separate post on Togi and Ippodu. This coming week is gonna be equally pack, tuesday hanging out with PaperStop to shop for boss's present, den its a hunt for the Vict-beckham structured dress. Wednesday i am meeting the besties for dinner and chillax by Vivocity, den its hair-appointment with Juno's on thurs.

spend lesser spend lesser... i am leaving Singapore in less than 20 days now!!!!! yay-ness...


i cant wait to see you ALREAdY


Sunday, May 30, 2010


Life, leisure, friendship =)
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Friday, May 28, 2010


Lotsa of stuff that I dun understand... Dining with the bf's family at a all-korean restaurant
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Thursday, May 27, 2010


We tk pictures everywhere!
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Random paperstop face
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The second phase

i was still stuck in Far East plaza then, Steve was my boss and work was fun then. i enjoy dressing up different in big and bulky clothes then, but to ensure i still had my girly genes in me, i will top it off with a mini skirt or flair skirt.

I was the only girl working at Fabrick (den call Hooked clothing) so it was easy task. I was given "priority" haha.... and life was easy.

i was a jumpy girl den and the slightest thing can make me so delighted for the rest of the day. That year, when i was 20 yr old, i was - as usual- bumping around the shop when a bunch of guys pop by to look at skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans that year was the trend and since the shop only sell man's clothing, it wasnt anything unusual to have a whole bunch of guys oogling at some fanciful colours for skinny jeans.

and then i saw him- it was bbbbbbbbbb in the year 2008. He had change quit abit, in fact it was really hard to identifying him. Back track a little to one fine day even longer time ago on a small mall call Tampines Mall, i had saw someone that looks exactly like him.. and i shouted his name, he turn out and smile, recognised me and smile wider...... that was the only time i saw him from 2004- 2008

The bbbbbbbbbbbb i saw that day was a smaller guy, he had lose perhaps 50% of his original mass and i was in shock. We chat a little and as he was with his friend, they left awhile later.

That was the start................ *Over at his end, he CLAIM to comment to his friend that i was "not bad" + a smirk

The next couple of months were hell for me, i was having a downhill relationship with my ex and it was going down further. He had gotten really engross in to soccer-watching and hangin out with his new-found soccer-forum mates that there wasnt really time to trash thing out. I wasn't trying very hard to save the relationship back then cos he was starting to treat me coldly.

I guess i was almost at my breaking point, but there are always two sides to a toss coin. For some particular reason bbbbbbbbbbb seems to hang out in town more often that i ever caught him in my life...... ever so often i receive the same random msg about him being in town and was hoping we could hang out sometimes to chat about the old time.

Times and times again i was being dejected by my ex, wouldnt go into details on that but i was lost and upset, eventually i fell into a slight fever, and even that wasnt notice by him. I went to work as per normal and home as if somebody were to care. I turn out meeting bbbbbb then cos i wasnt in my best of self and just couldnt put on a smile as much as i would like to reminise about the old days.

Somehow, he never did give up, he wouldnt make himself completely existance but he will just be there.. You know.. like somebody who pops by your mind pretty often but wouldnt make you feel weird in any way. Thinking back, i am really grateful he was like this guardian angel that was just nearby, yet never really did give up on me even as i was slipping away in to a whirlwind of hopeless desperation.

i admit meeting him for the first time came as a complete surprise, i was heading hm after work that night and despite him being in town - like he had mention thepreviuos 524542312 times- he "happen" to be heading to Yishun too. I tot it will be good to have someone to get rid of those silly tots on my mind so i offer to meet him and have supper tgr.

Like a fool i was running about in Yishun because that silly boy was driving and he had lost his direction. Despite wanting to meet up looking complete fresh and tidy. I end up in perspire and red-face, i must have ran about 1km while he continue driving in search of me. It was a crazy night and that run had put off all the realy upsetting thoughts that night. I finally met him and we were off to supper while i rant cheekily about how he is the first guy i ever "ran after"

We chatted about ANYTHING, it was a little hard to find something to talk about at first, bbbbbbbb was the quiet sort who cant cook up stories to tell for nuts. I tried my best to feel comfortable among his akward silence and finally break the silence by ordering something i would never eat twice again. It was Otak + lime Juice for me and ChongPang Nasi Lemak for him. We talk about the weirdest combination we can come up with and laugh it off. i enjoyed that night.... he had made me laugh alot, he was silly, yet funny in that way.

i guess that was how he began to developed feelings for me too..

Quoted from bbbbbbbb's blog - MAY 2008-

Have been going out with her recently, meeting for a drink, dinner, shopping..... Think I really have good feeling for her.... I wanted to let her know, but the BIGGEST problem is she is ATTACTED... Is really bastard for me to spoil them.... I know he dun treat her well... And I am confident I can give her more care and concern than him.... But still.... Is not nice to backstab him (although I dunno him)..... How??? Do anyone have any answer???? Do I still let her knoe???


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I did something i cannot believe i did this morning

Even bbbbbbb who called me was alarmed, for a split second he tot he dial the wrong number and was ready to hang up abruptly.


and it's especially alarming to hear that from me because you can verify it from Cuz and SiAhPau, i am somebody who jumps up when the alarm sound, and immediately (I MEANT IT.... like literally IMMEDIATELY) stands up and fold my blanket, follow by make my pillow.

I am that sort that is living in preparation for World War to happen again, i am assure i can have myself packed in time and still spare some time to save my family and love ones.... But today, i was another person.

Ashamed of myself now.... i should be. I was reluctant to wake up for work, bbbbbbbbbb was so shock he actually suggest i draft an sms to my colleague suggesting i was unfit for work today. Guess it came as a shock to him.... especially since he is sooooooooo far away.

why am i dreading work today..... i cant figure that out, bbbbbbbbbb said i was so excited on returning to work and meeting all my fellow colleague during my exam break and now i am dreading work. I find it a ridicule as well, guess it just sink in deeply that the job scope is diffferent now and all i can do is to look forward and take up THAT challenge.

Was at Denise's the night before, chilling in her room and playing with her clothes. I like her range of Bonitochico and definitely her collection of brassieres. After many recommendation from her i realise i might just have been wearing my inner skin wrongly. Does that account for my sagging assets? hahaha.... i dunno...

i miss those days we hang out in her room after school, her wiping out some simple fare for lunch and us just chatting and experimenting new hairstyle for school. Life was about books, results and boys.. haha..

Oh i am excited to continue the previous story as soon as i could.

I will pen down every memories i have of the time i spend building a friendship into a relationship that blossom till today.

bbbbbbbbb was a long term investment.... and it wasnt just me who had seen it in him.....


Monday, May 24, 2010

its almost 3 now and i hereby declare- BREAKTIME

i dunno, i havent been back in the office and i am just dozing off so badly. Could be because the new job scope's such huge responsibility, i refuse to embark on my journey this soon and reckon it'll be good if i can just leave it all till tomorrow.

Till. I. Brainwash. My Head. And .Convince .I .Am .Still .Not .Travelling

so had all sorts of imagination flooding my mind today, and they are all in a total mess inside my head.

So i've decided to clear all tots by focusing on one particular topic i can share. here goes....

The very first encounter

I wouldnt call this the most magical of all, i was young, and super ignorant. I was a typical attention-getto anyone would be at 14.

Back those days where "stead" was the thing and "pointy comb" was a norm, there really wasnt anything more interesting than BBall (basketball we people now call) and Slam Dunk.

My best friend was Sharon and she was 14 toooo, she had finally gotten tgr with WL, who was my buddy (sometimes he call himself the shit-buddy, more like the guy who took the dump every single morning before the morning assembly).

Nevertheless, WL was one of the cool-er guy in school and Sharon was pleased. Their dates were mostly set after school, and i, being Kristal, (-.-") followed her around.

I dont understand why i would actually follow Sharon on her date, i guess we were two very very close best friend back then and tagalong were probably one of the suppose-to-do thing. As far as i can remember, i tag along on her dates more than once. Thinking back, i must have been that irritating to all her "boyfriends".

So WL and Sharon found spot- a bball court in serangoon central they could hold hand without being caught, and you might already know, i tagalong as well..

It was a pointless tagalong, i would usually sit at the other end of the bball court and revise my homework, play with my "pager" or other stuff that were attention seeking for our age. I was a noob.... really was one than.

So since it was that boring, i reckon what could be more appropriate to bring to a bball court than a Bball? No i cant bounce ball for nuts, and the goal post (shoot post... watever) was NEVER my target. I tink i am more cut out for dodgeball, because i never fail to hit anybody, i can even hit myself with bballl... ..

So after school while Sharon and WL were dating at the bball court as usual, i remember i change into my blue "university of caroline (or some sort dumb pasar malam buy)" Tee shirt pair with the school skirt, that my my favourite tee shirt and in my opinion matches ANYTHING on earth and still looks good.

I had knee- length socks, long skirt (Mum refuse to make it any shorter, and i was chubby and short...... so i actually look rather weird), my hair was comb into a pony tail and i had the usually habit of forming a centre parting with two "crockroach feelers" by the side. That- in Kristallogy- back when i was 14, was the coolest outfit anyone would wear.

And it sure did pay off... *wink*
Not long after a bunch of real bball player came by the bball court, and because they belong to SGS, which was the school just beside the court, it was "suppose" to be their court.

You can tell whether some guys are gentlemen by the first impression. Despite some of them being rather rude in the language they use (i will never understand how hokkien was THE thing in 2002) They did not chase me out of the court, i was allow half of the court while they played at the other half. Impression was so-so.

I din really imagine i would have caught their attention in my entire life, there were some rather cute guys inside and all the 6 boys were pro (or so they appear to be) at bball.... 2 of the guys came up and try to start a conversation, the ah beng style, but it sure works, i wanted mentor in my bball, and in addition i wasnt much of a bombshell so that bit of attention meant the world to me.

I made 6 friends that day - Wei Jie, Terry, Andrew, Guo Qiang, Benjamin and Choong Ting

Sharon was later introduce to them, and even though the relationship with WL din last, the friendship btw us grew stronger, Serangoon bball court was no longer the dating place for Sharon and i. it was the place we find our comfort zone, especially after a long day at school.

The 6 brothers were close knitted, there was abit of mess going on between the friendship though. You see, Andrew and Guo Qiang took a liking to Sharon, WJ to me, and WJ's sister took a liking to Ben. Only Ben and WJ's sister got tgr. Sharon and i continue a few more years of friendship with the brother till all of us lost contact.......

that was in 2004, the year of my graduation...............


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to work on a monday....... this is the official countdown till i meet bbbbb...

dunno why but i constantly get the "happy ending" feeling, its not good cos until the day i meet bbbbb that would have meant there isnt anything much i can look forward to...... i should have gotten the "start of a new journey" feeling...

exam is over and i am just glad.... did the marathon to mark the end of this torment and despite my no-so-good performance, i am just glad i finished it. Cuz are planning on more run and i really have to get myself in good shape for more of such activities, super glad i plan something like this to begin with, at least there is something healthy i can do with the "family" other than costly clubbing and fine dining.

Meeting the besties and GreenAppleGreenTea soon enough, we're gonna celebrate Sharon besties birthday that was postpone due to mypaper. The ladies were suppose to be in BKK doing their yearly shoppping round at this time but due to the whole "red-Shirt-saga". The plan was called off, they will be heading to somewhere else in August instead. This is good news cos i get to meet them up more often before i fly off.

Am beginning on my packing....... this are my acheivement so far.....

Packing Part 1

- look through my bagful of cosmetic. bought a new makeup pouch from Dior and threw the old one away, also threw away dirty cosmetic such as the mascara, eye liner and balm that are at least a yr old, took those i would need and arrange them neatly inside the pouch... teeheee.
Took out a new pouch (bbbbb got me those Ferragamo Pouch to keep them and i arrange them according to necklace, bracelet and earring+ring. Everything went into the pouch tgr with some Tampon and hopefully the new Shade i SHOULD have gotten before i fly.

Packing Part 2

- Took out all the accessories i've accumulated over the years and try really hard to untangle those chain. I realise how much i am a gold, pearl and white accessories person! I have only like 2 silver necklace, the rest are all Gold, though fake la.

Packing 3

Gonna start on my packing part 3 soon, it will consist of all the jackets, leggings and that new pair of bow stocking from TopShop that i need to get.

Then there is the tanks and tees i need to pack inside as well as the high-cut sneakers for trekking purposes... Am gonna post picture of my packing so do gimme ur opinion if you spot something that shouldnt belong=)

i cant wait to leave Singapore for a while........


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"note to *kristal bestie*

pauline sweet is in my office yesterday and we were talking about you!anyway, what i wanted to say isi know exams are toughand you're staying by yourself nowjuggling between school and work is so taxingnot to mention rodman aint physically here with youbut if need to talk through a night of coffee/dinner/supper

BB me okay!

cause i dont want to interrupt your studying session these few weeksso

BB me!!*a kiss to bless you for your exams and till we meet!*=)"

Dear an3ld3ni53,

thanks for that message.......

you have no idea how much it means to me now hearing from besties like this..

tomorrow IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and than i am free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not so free since i just receive a sweet phonecall from PaperStop who demand i step back to work on monday... teehee.. i guess shopping tabs in uk are very much settled now....

i am looking forward to hours from now when i am slurping away on the papaya-soup-noodle...... i J.U.S.T C.A.N.T W.A.I.T


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dedicated to the one and only person i've never really let go.....

Found myself today
Oh I found myself and ran away
Something pulled me back
The voice of reason I forgot I had
All I know is you're not here to say
What you always used to say
But it's written in the sky tonight

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

Seen that ray of light
And it's shining on my destiny
Shining all the time
And I wont be afraid
To follow everywhere it's taking me
All I know is yesterday is gone
And right now I belong
To this moment to my dreams

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
Someone's watching over me

It doesn't matter what people say
And it doesn't matter how long it takes
Believe in yourself and you'll fly high
And it only matters how true you are
Be true to yourself and follow your heart

So I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even if it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That I won't give up
No I won't break down
Sooner than it seems life turns around
And I will be strong
Even when it all goes wrong
When I'm standing in the dark I'll still believe
That someone's watching over
Someone's watching over
Someone's watching over me

Dear Grandma,

Why is it so, that i've found my way into that room you lie awake at night, slept on the same spot you slept on, put all your pictures in the frame, found pictures of you during your younger days.

Why did i do all that i could and did all that i tot were messages sent from you in my dreams.... but you are still so far away.

I;ve grown up, matured, i did not become the sort of person i describe to you when i was little.

I miss that familiar scent of chicken curry you made, haven never tasted any that was that close.

I miss eating one more tang yuan every year. You owe me 23 balls this year.

i still force myself to think about every part of you ever so often, refusing to forget any slightest details.

and i really miss how much i was that little treasure you had, and that space i could run to whenever i felt low.

nuttin was ever the same without you around..... misses.... May 2010


Friday, May 14, 2010

I realise something today, maybe i am not cut out for that sort of friendship..

i miss PaperStop terribly, i would share all sorts of relationship matter with her and she would do the same for me... its nice knowing someone who shares the same interest with u and that u dun have to try toooo hard just to blend into that sort of environment. The sort you know your bf dislike and so do you but you just gotto pretend it was part of your favourite activity and move along with it.

i like being a real Kristal around PaperStop. She's a nice girl

I am super tired of living alone and doing things i like alone. I am sick of not catching my favourite movie because they have already watch it.. I am sick of plannig for activity to do all day long but still carrying that slightest tot that the plan would be alter- anyhow.

Perhaps you could say i've distance, i indeed might, i am 23 and no longer that sort of person that fancy spending a day doing nuttin or chasing dreams.... At this age i wanna spend every moment of my life like an adult would.

Here's something i look forward to doing, and despite claims from others that they hope wouldnt happen to me............ it would because i want it to happen

  • I would like to stick to my bf all day, and dump anyone who tells me i am losing that friendship because of my stickiness, this is because the past one year have proven something, if you had the chance to stay by my side at the point of my life when i am lonely and you chose not to, den what makes u tink i would make that effort to be part of yours?Face it! Do you really think by dropping me a msg of concern every 3 days would make the friendship any stronger? FRIENDS DO STUFF TO PROVE THEIR WORTHINESS

  • i would share my hobby with my bf, because he has been the only person in support of my activities on timely basis. If you realise you are one of those who had kindly rejected me when i send out the invitation again and again, now i am sorry.. you did not prove your worthiness either.

I dun want to sound like a freak venting out my frustration on something no one was ever aware of, but the past one year had been a real journey in my life to prove one very important point. Some friends are worth you making the effort to keep up with.. others come and go...

Its like sgflea... this friends are "goods" you fancy online and work really hard to buy it... when you buy it you realise it really doesnt suit you as much as you tot it would be......... Paperstop will suggest altering it... and i did...... many unsuitable friendship have been alter,...... some friendship promises you good stuff coming up.. but that period never arrive.... Den you realise its time to move this "good" to sgTrade, you trade it for another good. Same thing applies in friendship, you just move on.. get it over and done with.. and sometimes look back and feel that sore in your heart, but really, it's nuttin much, just another part of your wasted effort, like any other.

Come back soon bf, you are the only person that stood so closely during my exam... i want you back soon...


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Cousin vivien made this for me when she had her design&technology lesson back many years ago
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 21 monthsary with you bbbbbbbbbbbbb

i love you not only because u make me smile all day...

i love how u included me in all your plans

i love how u tell me all day long you wanna make sure no one ever hurt me

i wanna say thank you for the countless effort u made to save the relationship.

I especially love it yesterday when we were both on the brim of arguing over the phone (again) when all of a sudden u kept soooooo quiet and nudge me on msn.

i tot i was about to see more nasty stuff we anger each other with.. but there you were..... draw me a cute heart.... it made me melt, and this are just one of those many memories i have of u cheering me up.

I love how you told me not to cry anymore or i will go blind, i love how you said "its just one of the random quarrel"

i love how you get jealous cos ur Mummy likes me.... i know secretly inside u are happy all of us gel together, even with u miles away.

i love it how u sing me song to coo me to bed, i love how u randomly pop a msn msg tell me how u love me... wholeheartedly

i wanna say something i realise just minutes ago over shower... i never had intention of cheatin on u all this time u are away. I realise it wasnt a pact i had found difficult to handle, i wante to do it and i had been doing it unknowingly. i dun wan to club bbbbbbbb.......... it was not because i dun want to hurt u...... i dun wan to do it.. i dun wan to hang out with the pals doing stuff we cant open our hearts too.. i rather slack at some cafe and talk abt lfe with the gals..

i know u forbid me from drinking when u are not around. It was not because u dun trust my ability to limit my intake of alcohol. It was because u cannot bear to imagine all the "what if" consequence u had to handle when things din go as smooth as it shall do.

i love it bbbb.. that u randomly send me cards with long long msg of your misses. i kept them all well with me..


i love how u air-mail letter so it reach me on the time u wanted it toooo.. i love those tiny gifts u go through the trouble of buying (in some ladies boutique) and air-mailing it over.

i love how i am going to see u again... like a fairy tale there is something call "happily Ever After."

i love how u tell me there is more than 21 months we can look forward toooo............

i love how u plan a secret trip while i fly over to find u...............

i love how upset u were when we had to call off Italy trip.. i love how i am going to spend quality time with u ..

i love how u offer to cook our meals for me.. and how u paste those A3 pictures of us in ur room.......

bbbbbbbbbb i can go on and on... i love u bbbbbbbbbb


Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Kristal

please get well soon, your battle is beginning in 12 hrs from now.

You will fight the battle alone, dont let your heart overtake your mind.
Persevere even if you are fighting the battle alone

Remember Kristal, human are nice when you forgive them when they apologise
But those nice wont last, they are temporarily
Dont be affected by people you know will hurt u deeper than anyone else
This is your battle

even if things didnt last ultimately, you can no longer push the blame to them
Because it wont matter how much an impact they have created on you, this is your battle,
it not theirs.

Please take the medicine and do your last shot for the exam. You can fall sick after the exam, but now is not the time.

You are alone, yes you are, so lets face it.

Yours Truly, the only thing that you can count on now,


Friday, May 07, 2010

I have been doing alot of running lately...... and i got to annouce that i must have been super lucky because i realise at this crucial moment when exam could stress me out that -------- Chinese Garden is such a wonderful place to jog... the bonus? i live just opposite!

So i convinced Kristi we should take a new route and we proceeded into the small running alley that would lead us right into Chinese Garden.

***warning: many pictures of us have me in swollen eyes and naked face... as such... viewer discretion is strongly adviced.

The running route to chinese garden is all but a overhead bridge across our hse.... it is a creepy alley at night but in the day.. the scenery is what u see in the pictures.. the sound of crickets and birds chirpings starts the days... it was sunny!

We run for about 15 mins.. i am currently aiming to continous run for 30 min cos that's wat bbbbbbbbbb have advise is sufficient training for my upcoming marathone. We decided since it was the start of my regime once again i shudnt be pushing myself too hard..

Till late i can complete 20 mins.. i am still aiming for it to reach at least 30min..

My sister.... definitely NOT a clone of me.. she looks 99% like my cousin.. could be cos we are living tgr and they are real close..... so there u have!

Me in my swollen eyes.. and the obvouis reason as to why i need to get my double eyelid done... i have the sleepiest eyes on earth.. and no matter how i force them open (which i obviously did in this picture) i look as sleepy.. -.-"

Sis and me.. she smile with her eye close.. what a waste.. Sis has a pair of pretty eyes.... mum wasnt too fair with the feature parts...

We have arrived at the Pagoda cos i wanted to "speak" to KongZi, in another words i was about to attain the enlightenment of Confucious.. i told him to help me out with my upcoming paper and to verify...... i took a picture of myself posing with him... hahahsha

Inside the Pagoda we see nutti but stairs... all u really do is to climb flights after flights of stair.. as we did our run.. Sis and i were quite weak by the time we reach this place.

"i am a commarade... and i serve the nation!"

"Xiang Gong.... wo Deng ni Hui lai"

If you look carefully at the first building on the right nearest to the tree.. thats where i stay
! and thats how far we've run.

We have since climb three storeys.. and i was beginning to suffer from dehydration.

What worst was how much more we have to climb to reach the top.. i couldnt finish it cos the fainting spell was coming..

Sis really wasnt that energetic.. but she could make do with a posing shots... We din conquer the pagoda.. and we left the place thereafter....

i can come again the next day.. chinese garden is bigger than i tot...

And to end this post... here's Kristi with the MOST spastic "wave-like-a-tourist" pose ever...

Cheers to all!


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

With 22 hrs to the my very first paper.. i've lost sleep.. i dreamt of exam four times last night. Was up at 11 when i slept at 5.....

yay!! after this its 16 more days to go!

i miss my friends at work already.... my gossiping partner especially!!

Show ur support here if you shall, i need them so!


Saturday, May 01, 2010


Do you often find urself in a dilemma? Not quite...... there are certain things we know for sure - do not contain any room for negotiation. Here are mine:-

  • No matter how you are crazily in love with your bf, you do NOT smell his dirty underwear

    Not that no one is aware how sick this action can be... i just dont see myself ever doing it. It is sick in the head and imagine what happens if your boyfriend sees you doing it??

  • Waffles can NEVER be eaten with dumpling

i know right? Fusion is the THING now... but but can u ever put this 2 tgr?

Before i dated bbbbbbbbbbb, i manage to convince him i was comical (could be the vital reason why he chose me.. teehehee) by saying a long list of food that would make one sick when place together.

To prove my point, i ordered Otah + Lime juice that night.... haha.. see the combination? there were also other sick stuff like "sushi+satay paste" and "raw fish+milk"

  • short leggins should never stick out of long dresses, NEVER

ahahhaha.. my colleagues will find this familiar... it an internal joke. Leggins are useful stuff... they are nice when u use them correctly, not on tee shirt tooooooooooooo short or dress toooooooooooooo long.. it will fit only when it fits.... u can never create a new trend wearing 3/4 denim pant with a lace leggin sticking out.

  • cross dress and behave like the opposite gender on the pretext of checking if they had cheated on you

psycho thing to do.. no further explanation needed..

  • i would NEVER smile at a sworn-enemy and lie in her face that i like her..

i am no fake, and do not appreciate doing things i dun like to do. i may be a crazy bitch sometimes but other than that you can count on me to speak the truth, i dun like to lie.

  • save a video of some intimate moment with a love one somewhere on the triple "W"s

Are they sick of are they sick? i guess the answer is both!!!! if for some special reason, you have to do it (such as the girl really needs to know if the mole stuck on her ass is really big) den do not save them online.... do you really need to trace back on these rendevouz and seek your overseas friend's opinion?

oh... or are you in need to show off ur new tattoo done on ur V? no one really wants to see... damn right sick these ppl. for goodness sake save them in a harddisk and have them burnt before you accidently got stabbed in the stomach. Leave no trace of ur action and everyone else are thankful

  • Walk on an overhead bridge with my eye close

Mum say i was tickle in the foot when i was a baby.. and despite being ok with height, i find it hard to conquer walking on a overhead bridge with my eye close.. i had all sorts of images floating in my mind... those that suggest any further steps taken would sent me jumping off the bridge...

  • put my hands into a misty sink of water no knowing what it contain inside

I was watching this episode of "Kang Xi Lai Ler" and Lee Jiu Zhe talk about his friend who had invited his friends over for a housewarming party. That night everyone got drank and one was so in need of shitting that he shit on top of the toilet bowl (with the lid close) and vomit into the sink.

Next day the owner woke up in a drunken state and was horrid to find the entire toilet having traces of yester-shit. He was relunctantly cursing while cleaning up the place when the sink was choking with brownish looking water... Aware that his friends might have puke last night, he roll up his sleeve and dig his hands into the sink hoping to find what could possibly caused the sink.

Turns out the drunken friend last night had meant to clean up the place and as such unknowingly threw the shit in handful right into the sink.

You can imagine the rest... i am gonna puke now..

  • stay in a job longer than i tink, even if i need the $$$$$$$$

another issue with pride and fake-ness

  • shut up about changing my name

yup.. i hate my chinese name... if you know me enuff u would have realise i never really mention my chinese name to many friend. Even in secondary school my best friend help out by calling me my english name during Mother Tongue class so much as that even the teacher finds it hard to remmeber anything other than Kristal.

and i am STILL not going to reveal it.. grrrrrrrrrrrr

There hope you can come up with your own list of things that you can never give exception to... ppl will eventually compromise after knowing u will never convince ur self to come out of these circle.