Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 21 monthsary with you bbbbbbbbbbbbb

i love you not only because u make me smile all day...

i love how u included me in all your plans

i love how u tell me all day long you wanna make sure no one ever hurt me

i wanna say thank you for the countless effort u made to save the relationship.

I especially love it yesterday when we were both on the brim of arguing over the phone (again) when all of a sudden u kept soooooo quiet and nudge me on msn.

i tot i was about to see more nasty stuff we anger each other with.. but there you were..... draw me a cute heart.... it made me melt, and this are just one of those many memories i have of u cheering me up.

I love how you told me not to cry anymore or i will go blind, i love how you said "its just one of the random quarrel"

i love how you get jealous cos ur Mummy likes me.... i know secretly inside u are happy all of us gel together, even with u miles away.

i love it how u sing me song to coo me to bed, i love how u randomly pop a msn msg tell me how u love me... wholeheartedly

i wanna say something i realise just minutes ago over shower... i never had intention of cheatin on u all this time u are away. I realise it wasnt a pact i had found difficult to handle, i wante to do it and i had been doing it unknowingly. i dun wan to club bbbbbbbb.......... it was not because i dun want to hurt u...... i dun wan to do it.. i dun wan to hang out with the pals doing stuff we cant open our hearts too.. i rather slack at some cafe and talk abt lfe with the gals..

i know u forbid me from drinking when u are not around. It was not because u dun trust my ability to limit my intake of alcohol. It was because u cannot bear to imagine all the "what if" consequence u had to handle when things din go as smooth as it shall do.

i love it bbbb.. that u randomly send me cards with long long msg of your misses. i kept them all well with me..


i love how u air-mail letter so it reach me on the time u wanted it toooo.. i love those tiny gifts u go through the trouble of buying (in some ladies boutique) and air-mailing it over.

i love how i am going to see u again... like a fairy tale there is something call "happily Ever After."

i love how u tell me there is more than 21 months we can look forward toooo............

i love how u plan a secret trip while i fly over to find u...............

i love how upset u were when we had to call off Italy trip.. i love how i am going to spend quality time with u ..

i love how u offer to cook our meals for me.. and how u paste those A3 pictures of us in ur room.......

bbbbbbbbbb i can go on and on... i love u bbbbbbbbbb


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