Thursday, May 27, 2010

The second phase

i was still stuck in Far East plaza then, Steve was my boss and work was fun then. i enjoy dressing up different in big and bulky clothes then, but to ensure i still had my girly genes in me, i will top it off with a mini skirt or flair skirt.

I was the only girl working at Fabrick (den call Hooked clothing) so it was easy task. I was given "priority" haha.... and life was easy.

i was a jumpy girl den and the slightest thing can make me so delighted for the rest of the day. That year, when i was 20 yr old, i was - as usual- bumping around the shop when a bunch of guys pop by to look at skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans that year was the trend and since the shop only sell man's clothing, it wasnt anything unusual to have a whole bunch of guys oogling at some fanciful colours for skinny jeans.

and then i saw him- it was bbbbbbbbbb in the year 2008. He had change quit abit, in fact it was really hard to identifying him. Back track a little to one fine day even longer time ago on a small mall call Tampines Mall, i had saw someone that looks exactly like him.. and i shouted his name, he turn out and smile, recognised me and smile wider...... that was the only time i saw him from 2004- 2008

The bbbbbbbbbbbb i saw that day was a smaller guy, he had lose perhaps 50% of his original mass and i was in shock. We chat a little and as he was with his friend, they left awhile later.

That was the start................ *Over at his end, he CLAIM to comment to his friend that i was "not bad" + a smirk

The next couple of months were hell for me, i was having a downhill relationship with my ex and it was going down further. He had gotten really engross in to soccer-watching and hangin out with his new-found soccer-forum mates that there wasnt really time to trash thing out. I wasn't trying very hard to save the relationship back then cos he was starting to treat me coldly.

I guess i was almost at my breaking point, but there are always two sides to a toss coin. For some particular reason bbbbbbbbbbb seems to hang out in town more often that i ever caught him in my life...... ever so often i receive the same random msg about him being in town and was hoping we could hang out sometimes to chat about the old time.

Times and times again i was being dejected by my ex, wouldnt go into details on that but i was lost and upset, eventually i fell into a slight fever, and even that wasnt notice by him. I went to work as per normal and home as if somebody were to care. I turn out meeting bbbbbb then cos i wasnt in my best of self and just couldnt put on a smile as much as i would like to reminise about the old days.

Somehow, he never did give up, he wouldnt make himself completely existance but he will just be there.. You know.. like somebody who pops by your mind pretty often but wouldnt make you feel weird in any way. Thinking back, i am really grateful he was like this guardian angel that was just nearby, yet never really did give up on me even as i was slipping away in to a whirlwind of hopeless desperation.

i admit meeting him for the first time came as a complete surprise, i was heading hm after work that night and despite him being in town - like he had mention thepreviuos 524542312 times- he "happen" to be heading to Yishun too. I tot it will be good to have someone to get rid of those silly tots on my mind so i offer to meet him and have supper tgr.

Like a fool i was running about in Yishun because that silly boy was driving and he had lost his direction. Despite wanting to meet up looking complete fresh and tidy. I end up in perspire and red-face, i must have ran about 1km while he continue driving in search of me. It was a crazy night and that run had put off all the realy upsetting thoughts that night. I finally met him and we were off to supper while i rant cheekily about how he is the first guy i ever "ran after"

We chatted about ANYTHING, it was a little hard to find something to talk about at first, bbbbbbbb was the quiet sort who cant cook up stories to tell for nuts. I tried my best to feel comfortable among his akward silence and finally break the silence by ordering something i would never eat twice again. It was Otak + lime Juice for me and ChongPang Nasi Lemak for him. We talk about the weirdest combination we can come up with and laugh it off. i enjoyed that night.... he had made me laugh alot, he was silly, yet funny in that way.

i guess that was how he began to developed feelings for me too..

Quoted from bbbbbbbb's blog - MAY 2008-

Have been going out with her recently, meeting for a drink, dinner, shopping..... Think I really have good feeling for her.... I wanted to let her know, but the BIGGEST problem is she is ATTACTED... Is really bastard for me to spoil them.... I know he dun treat her well... And I am confident I can give her more care and concern than him.... But still.... Is not nice to backstab him (although I dunno him)..... How??? Do anyone have any answer???? Do I still let her knoe???


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