Friday, May 14, 2010

I realise something today, maybe i am not cut out for that sort of friendship..

i miss PaperStop terribly, i would share all sorts of relationship matter with her and she would do the same for me... its nice knowing someone who shares the same interest with u and that u dun have to try toooo hard just to blend into that sort of environment. The sort you know your bf dislike and so do you but you just gotto pretend it was part of your favourite activity and move along with it.

i like being a real Kristal around PaperStop. She's a nice girl

I am super tired of living alone and doing things i like alone. I am sick of not catching my favourite movie because they have already watch it.. I am sick of plannig for activity to do all day long but still carrying that slightest tot that the plan would be alter- anyhow.

Perhaps you could say i've distance, i indeed might, i am 23 and no longer that sort of person that fancy spending a day doing nuttin or chasing dreams.... At this age i wanna spend every moment of my life like an adult would.

Here's something i look forward to doing, and despite claims from others that they hope wouldnt happen to me............ it would because i want it to happen

  • I would like to stick to my bf all day, and dump anyone who tells me i am losing that friendship because of my stickiness, this is because the past one year have proven something, if you had the chance to stay by my side at the point of my life when i am lonely and you chose not to, den what makes u tink i would make that effort to be part of yours?Face it! Do you really think by dropping me a msg of concern every 3 days would make the friendship any stronger? FRIENDS DO STUFF TO PROVE THEIR WORTHINESS

  • i would share my hobby with my bf, because he has been the only person in support of my activities on timely basis. If you realise you are one of those who had kindly rejected me when i send out the invitation again and again, now i am sorry.. you did not prove your worthiness either.

I dun want to sound like a freak venting out my frustration on something no one was ever aware of, but the past one year had been a real journey in my life to prove one very important point. Some friends are worth you making the effort to keep up with.. others come and go...

Its like sgflea... this friends are "goods" you fancy online and work really hard to buy it... when you buy it you realise it really doesnt suit you as much as you tot it would be......... Paperstop will suggest altering it... and i did...... many unsuitable friendship have been alter,...... some friendship promises you good stuff coming up.. but that period never arrive.... Den you realise its time to move this "good" to sgTrade, you trade it for another good. Same thing applies in friendship, you just move on.. get it over and done with.. and sometimes look back and feel that sore in your heart, but really, it's nuttin much, just another part of your wasted effort, like any other.

Come back soon bf, you are the only person that stood so closely during my exam... i want you back soon...


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