Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I did something i cannot believe i did this morning

Even bbbbbbb who called me was alarmed, for a split second he tot he dial the wrong number and was ready to hang up abruptly.


and it's especially alarming to hear that from me because you can verify it from Cuz and SiAhPau, i am somebody who jumps up when the alarm sound, and immediately (I MEANT IT.... like literally IMMEDIATELY) stands up and fold my blanket, follow by make my pillow.

I am that sort that is living in preparation for World War to happen again, i am assure i can have myself packed in time and still spare some time to save my family and love ones.... But today, i was another person.

Ashamed of myself now.... i should be. I was reluctant to wake up for work, bbbbbbbbbb was so shock he actually suggest i draft an sms to my colleague suggesting i was unfit for work today. Guess it came as a shock to him.... especially since he is sooooooooo far away.

why am i dreading work today..... i cant figure that out, bbbbbbbbbb said i was so excited on returning to work and meeting all my fellow colleague during my exam break and now i am dreading work. I find it a ridicule as well, guess it just sink in deeply that the job scope is diffferent now and all i can do is to look forward and take up THAT challenge.

Was at Denise's the night before, chilling in her room and playing with her clothes. I like her range of Bonitochico and definitely her collection of brassieres. After many recommendation from her i realise i might just have been wearing my inner skin wrongly. Does that account for my sagging assets? hahaha.... i dunno...

i miss those days we hang out in her room after school, her wiping out some simple fare for lunch and us just chatting and experimenting new hairstyle for school. Life was about books, results and boys.. haha..

Oh i am excited to continue the previous story as soon as i could.

I will pen down every memories i have of the time i spend building a friendship into a relationship that blossom till today.

bbbbbbbbb was a long term investment.... and it wasnt just me who had seen it in him.....


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