Friday, May 07, 2010

I have been doing alot of running lately...... and i got to annouce that i must have been super lucky because i realise at this crucial moment when exam could stress me out that -------- Chinese Garden is such a wonderful place to jog... the bonus? i live just opposite!

So i convinced Kristi we should take a new route and we proceeded into the small running alley that would lead us right into Chinese Garden.

***warning: many pictures of us have me in swollen eyes and naked face... as such... viewer discretion is strongly adviced.

The running route to chinese garden is all but a overhead bridge across our hse.... it is a creepy alley at night but in the day.. the scenery is what u see in the pictures.. the sound of crickets and birds chirpings starts the days... it was sunny!

We run for about 15 mins.. i am currently aiming to continous run for 30 min cos that's wat bbbbbbbbbb have advise is sufficient training for my upcoming marathone. We decided since it was the start of my regime once again i shudnt be pushing myself too hard..

Till late i can complete 20 mins.. i am still aiming for it to reach at least 30min..

My sister.... definitely NOT a clone of me.. she looks 99% like my cousin.. could be cos we are living tgr and they are real close..... so there u have!

Me in my swollen eyes.. and the obvouis reason as to why i need to get my double eyelid done... i have the sleepiest eyes on earth.. and no matter how i force them open (which i obviously did in this picture) i look as sleepy.. -.-"

Sis and me.. she smile with her eye close.. what a waste.. Sis has a pair of pretty eyes.... mum wasnt too fair with the feature parts...

We have arrived at the Pagoda cos i wanted to "speak" to KongZi, in another words i was about to attain the enlightenment of Confucious.. i told him to help me out with my upcoming paper and to verify...... i took a picture of myself posing with him... hahahsha

Inside the Pagoda we see nutti but stairs... all u really do is to climb flights after flights of stair.. as we did our run.. Sis and i were quite weak by the time we reach this place.

"i am a commarade... and i serve the nation!"

"Xiang Gong.... wo Deng ni Hui lai"

If you look carefully at the first building on the right nearest to the tree.. thats where i stay
! and thats how far we've run.

We have since climb three storeys.. and i was beginning to suffer from dehydration.

What worst was how much more we have to climb to reach the top.. i couldnt finish it cos the fainting spell was coming..

Sis really wasnt that energetic.. but she could make do with a posing shots... We din conquer the pagoda.. and we left the place thereafter....

i can come again the next day.. chinese garden is bigger than i tot...

And to end this post... here's Kristi with the MOST spastic "wave-like-a-tourist" pose ever...

Cheers to all!


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