Monday, May 24, 2010

its almost 3 now and i hereby declare- BREAKTIME

i dunno, i havent been back in the office and i am just dozing off so badly. Could be because the new job scope's such huge responsibility, i refuse to embark on my journey this soon and reckon it'll be good if i can just leave it all till tomorrow.

Till. I. Brainwash. My Head. And .Convince .I .Am .Still .Not .Travelling

so had all sorts of imagination flooding my mind today, and they are all in a total mess inside my head.

So i've decided to clear all tots by focusing on one particular topic i can share. here goes....

The very first encounter

I wouldnt call this the most magical of all, i was young, and super ignorant. I was a typical attention-getto anyone would be at 14.

Back those days where "stead" was the thing and "pointy comb" was a norm, there really wasnt anything more interesting than BBall (basketball we people now call) and Slam Dunk.

My best friend was Sharon and she was 14 toooo, she had finally gotten tgr with WL, who was my buddy (sometimes he call himself the shit-buddy, more like the guy who took the dump every single morning before the morning assembly).

Nevertheless, WL was one of the cool-er guy in school and Sharon was pleased. Their dates were mostly set after school, and i, being Kristal, (-.-") followed her around.

I dont understand why i would actually follow Sharon on her date, i guess we were two very very close best friend back then and tagalong were probably one of the suppose-to-do thing. As far as i can remember, i tag along on her dates more than once. Thinking back, i must have been that irritating to all her "boyfriends".

So WL and Sharon found spot- a bball court in serangoon central they could hold hand without being caught, and you might already know, i tagalong as well..

It was a pointless tagalong, i would usually sit at the other end of the bball court and revise my homework, play with my "pager" or other stuff that were attention seeking for our age. I was a noob.... really was one than.

So since it was that boring, i reckon what could be more appropriate to bring to a bball court than a Bball? No i cant bounce ball for nuts, and the goal post (shoot post... watever) was NEVER my target. I tink i am more cut out for dodgeball, because i never fail to hit anybody, i can even hit myself with bballl... ..

So after school while Sharon and WL were dating at the bball court as usual, i remember i change into my blue "university of caroline (or some sort dumb pasar malam buy)" Tee shirt pair with the school skirt, that my my favourite tee shirt and in my opinion matches ANYTHING on earth and still looks good.

I had knee- length socks, long skirt (Mum refuse to make it any shorter, and i was chubby and short...... so i actually look rather weird), my hair was comb into a pony tail and i had the usually habit of forming a centre parting with two "crockroach feelers" by the side. That- in Kristallogy- back when i was 14, was the coolest outfit anyone would wear.

And it sure did pay off... *wink*
Not long after a bunch of real bball player came by the bball court, and because they belong to SGS, which was the school just beside the court, it was "suppose" to be their court.

You can tell whether some guys are gentlemen by the first impression. Despite some of them being rather rude in the language they use (i will never understand how hokkien was THE thing in 2002) They did not chase me out of the court, i was allow half of the court while they played at the other half. Impression was so-so.

I din really imagine i would have caught their attention in my entire life, there were some rather cute guys inside and all the 6 boys were pro (or so they appear to be) at bball.... 2 of the guys came up and try to start a conversation, the ah beng style, but it sure works, i wanted mentor in my bball, and in addition i wasnt much of a bombshell so that bit of attention meant the world to me.

I made 6 friends that day - Wei Jie, Terry, Andrew, Guo Qiang, Benjamin and Choong Ting

Sharon was later introduce to them, and even though the relationship with WL din last, the friendship btw us grew stronger, Serangoon bball court was no longer the dating place for Sharon and i. it was the place we find our comfort zone, especially after a long day at school.

The 6 brothers were close knitted, there was abit of mess going on between the friendship though. You see, Andrew and Guo Qiang took a liking to Sharon, WJ to me, and WJ's sister took a liking to Ben. Only Ben and WJ's sister got tgr. Sharon and i continue a few more years of friendship with the brother till all of us lost contact.......

that was in 2004, the year of my graduation...............

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