Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Kristal

please get well soon, your battle is beginning in 12 hrs from now.

You will fight the battle alone, dont let your heart overtake your mind.
Persevere even if you are fighting the battle alone

Remember Kristal, human are nice when you forgive them when they apologise
But those nice wont last, they are temporarily
Dont be affected by people you know will hurt u deeper than anyone else
This is your battle

even if things didnt last ultimately, you can no longer push the blame to them
Because it wont matter how much an impact they have created on you, this is your battle,
it not theirs.

Please take the medicine and do your last shot for the exam. You can fall sick after the exam, but now is not the time.

You are alone, yes you are, so lets face it.

Yours Truly, the only thing that you can count on now,


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