Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back to work on a monday....... this is the official countdown till i meet bbbbb...

dunno why but i constantly get the "happy ending" feeling, its not good cos until the day i meet bbbbb that would have meant there isnt anything much i can look forward to...... i should have gotten the "start of a new journey" feeling...

exam is over and i am just glad.... did the marathon to mark the end of this torment and despite my no-so-good performance, i am just glad i finished it. Cuz are planning on more run and i really have to get myself in good shape for more of such activities, super glad i plan something like this to begin with, at least there is something healthy i can do with the "family" other than costly clubbing and fine dining.

Meeting the besties and GreenAppleGreenTea soon enough, we're gonna celebrate Sharon besties birthday that was postpone due to mypaper. The ladies were suppose to be in BKK doing their yearly shoppping round at this time but due to the whole "red-Shirt-saga". The plan was called off, they will be heading to somewhere else in August instead. This is good news cos i get to meet them up more often before i fly off.

Am beginning on my packing....... this are my acheivement so far.....

Packing Part 1

- look through my bagful of cosmetic. bought a new makeup pouch from Dior and threw the old one away, also threw away dirty cosmetic such as the mascara, eye liner and balm that are at least a yr old, took those i would need and arrange them neatly inside the pouch... teeheee.
Took out a new pouch (bbbbb got me those Ferragamo Pouch to keep them and i arrange them according to necklace, bracelet and earring+ring. Everything went into the pouch tgr with some Tampon and hopefully the new Shade i SHOULD have gotten before i fly.

Packing Part 2

- Took out all the accessories i've accumulated over the years and try really hard to untangle those chain. I realise how much i am a gold, pearl and white accessories person! I have only like 2 silver necklace, the rest are all Gold, though fake la.

Packing 3

Gonna start on my packing part 3 soon, it will consist of all the jackets, leggings and that new pair of bow stocking from TopShop that i need to get.

Then there is the tanks and tees i need to pack inside as well as the high-cut sneakers for trekking purposes... Am gonna post picture of my packing so do gimme ur opinion if you spot something that shouldnt belong=)

i cant wait to leave Singapore for a while........


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