Sunday, May 13, 2007

dining at Yuki-Yaki

The perfect vege-mushroom combo- my favourite.. cooked by the Man =)
(i am still gleeming with delight)

there was this ice metal plate where u scrap icecream off.. yum yum
(we ate so much ice cream)

Even more ice cream (haha.. to psycho u)

these are cups of melted ice cream syrup, u have to pour them over the ice-metal-plate to freeze it into ice-cream again=)

How u can tel when 2 person are @#$@#%#$^fucking full

Here are some food we cooked, as u can probably tell by now, the man and i are pure-chicken-eater. No beef, no lard, no pork

here's another vege-mushroom combo which i din really like.. but it was another gift from the man

more to keep u hungry..(pardon my appetite, mushrooms and vegetables just turns me on more than anything else.. hahhaa)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

hw to tell a person is in love?
she tinks about the same person so much she practically sees his face on her hp..
thats waht i did.. now i have a silly boy picture on my phone..
and he has mine too!!!
wa-hahahha.. disguested? about to vomit?
better not, the worst has yet to come..
dread being online..
dread putting thoughts into words,,
am working on a book call "the pleasure's mine"
its a book very sexually involve, talks about a girl whose life revolve around S/M,. \
turns out there are alot of people that likes to be dominant and some who prefer to be submissive,
so if ya a submissive, yu enjoy being hurt, spank in the ass(they call them cheek) and urine in the facem wound with a rope,
if ya a domme(for female), doms(for males) u prefer to torture the submissive, on the tiniest things they've done wrong..
i can see how S/M works, they find a suitable partner, one who likes to be hurt, and the other who likes to hurt.
Thats how the business works, some submissive (mainly woman) only enjoys being dominated by another female.
Many S/M does not involves sex..
realise the world is so strange.. ? i cant figure out how people thinks.. but by reading novels stating their thougt and feelings.. i am feeling really strange being a normal person myself..
hai.. till another day

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Very long ago

giving a treat to Sharon and Denise with my first pay..
we had dinner at a Korean restaurant and the bill was a total rip off

*thanks to the smart waitress, i manage to save $50 on the bill.haha

anyway that was a incident all too long ago.

today Denise darlin gave me and sharon a treat.. we had a sumptous dinner at Kim Gary, which is a poshier version of Xin wang Hong Kong Cafe.. food was great.. portion was so wrong!!!

my noodle came to me in a bowl twice the size of my head. We then carry on shopping till the shop have to chase us all out of the mall. haha.. girls are girls..

We end the day with some really delicious cakes at Bakerinz.. try it cos its fucking nice.
its been a while since i blogged and chat with my besties.. They look almost the same, except
1. Denise claim she is putting on weight to a unhealthy range soon
2. sharon avoids all tummy issues cos she claims she has one
3. Kristal says she put on 1 fucking@#$%#^$^ kg

all in all, we are all getting fatter. hate it./
Anyway i bought my bra from La Senza today, i tot i was a pretty big splender to bought 4 sets all at once.
Cant blame it thou.. its been a while and my flesh needs some new cushion.. hahhaa

i've been spending non-stop time with my boyfriend, we visit Ikea not too long ago and are about to buy a queen size bed together, this is so because he hasn;t had a bed since forever, and thought one huge bed will be nice to sleep on for the very first time. This bed, he claims, also serve as a mean to prepare me to spend nights with him at his place.. i tot that was highly redundant, cos mum will kill me if i ever did.
Anyway a bed will be nice cos off days i spend at his place in the day totaly boreds me,,. we will usually rent a DVD to watch, buy some food and "nua" till the sun goes down, then i will head home.. now at least i can "nua" on the bed.. haha

ok.. so much about a bed, its really fun trying to doll up a simple room.. all from square 1.

Anyway i had to confess, after much discussion with my boyfriend,,.
i bet alot of people wanna know about the dark secret..
===== i had a thing for an ang moh looking guy
its been a while, and i finally couldn't tk it anymore one day, i confess to him (my bf)
The man got really really devastated over the whole issue but i was really glad he stayed by me all this while..

eventually i weight my importance in life and decided to fall back to simple ground..
i am still with my bf, proud to say, and we are even more truly in love..

haha. pure nonsece.. night reader