Sunday, May 13, 2007

dining at Yuki-Yaki

The perfect vege-mushroom combo- my favourite.. cooked by the Man =)
(i am still gleeming with delight)

there was this ice metal plate where u scrap icecream off.. yum yum
(we ate so much ice cream)

Even more ice cream (haha.. to psycho u)

these are cups of melted ice cream syrup, u have to pour them over the ice-metal-plate to freeze it into ice-cream again=)

How u can tel when 2 person are @#$@#%#$^fucking full

Here are some food we cooked, as u can probably tell by now, the man and i are pure-chicken-eater. No beef, no lard, no pork

here's another vege-mushroom combo which i din really like.. but it was another gift from the man

more to keep u hungry..(pardon my appetite, mushrooms and vegetables just turns me on more than anything else.. hahhaa)

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