Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I love blazer now!

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the following photos are uploaded for my best friend...

Credits to : (attire are fully paid thou!)
on Kristal:
  • Sequins toga dress from Bonitochico
  • Peach Floral Hairclips from H&M
  • Necklace and earring set from Swaroski, given by best friends!
  • Clutch from Peacock
  • Heels from Daniel Conrads

on Rodman:

  • Blazer from H&M
  • Pants from H&M
  • Shirt from H&M
  • Tie from Primark
  • Belt from Ted baker or H&M (he has two)
  • Shoes are his own
  • specially tailor to his own cutting by his girlfriend herself!
some pictures taken inside his dorm, which u can tell by now are fully plastered with huge ass pictures of us.. haha..
bbbbbbb printed each and every"poster" himself.. it was real touching to see them the moment i step in..

Mum has been going on and on over how my boobs appear so droppy in each and every pic.. i had on a corset inside the dress, perhaps it explains

bbbbbbb in his suit... haha.. i sew his pants and iron his suit.. looks real good i think!

Yup! my boyf has graduated!

bbbbbbb's mum and sis

This was taken by the Northumbria Millenuin bridge just besides bbbbb's dorm and opposite the place bbbb's mum and sis were putting up @

hahah.. notice their family looks alike?

i share his joy in graduation.. mine's a year from now.

bbbbbbb's gradmates... u are seeing a arrear of international students... haha.. cant name their countries one by one thou.

bbbb's mum and sis got him a grad bear.... my idea initially.. guess we all share the same tots.

This spot was ideal for all grads to take their picture.. we had a hard time finding a good spots since everyone else were taking their pictures too.. windy day.. and the weather was freezin cold.. beneath those smile we were dying to find some warmth indoor

hahaha.. babe.. hope u can take all this in! haha


Friday, August 27, 2010

Receive a pretty sad news today.... something that devote me of the excitement, the luck i tot i had carry with me... hate that news super bad.... bbbbbbb was around to cheer me up....

i can foresee this half a year to be a super busy time now.. with the new school terms and new role at work... i aim:

- not to throw my frustration at bf no matter what.. He's feeling pretty low about this friendship lately

- to pass my last sem and get a perm job with satisfying pay no matter what. I am hoping this current position adds a star to my resume

- start driving lessons.. if i can find time on top of my tight study+work schedule

- leave sunday job into Gary's care.. and concentrate my weekend with my loves one

- buck up on cherishing Cousins+Pau altogether

- clear housing debts faster than Dad has planned

Darby is really really good to me now... if he hadnt been around during this period i dunno how life can be any good. We've surived our long distance relationship, and am going stronger.... His Brother's gf just left for Aussie days ago, its the beginning of another LDR.

Somehow i saw our shadow cast on them when i heard the news.. but i know they are strong enough to withstand this years... I wont say its too long for 2 person who truly want to make "it" happen. Look at us now... one year on, after not seeing each other for 12 months... i dare say we are so good together still, it makes u jealous.

And it feels really good knowing no matter how uneven the current is right now.. you can always fall back and expect someone to stretch our their arms and hold you tight. i love how their family bond, and i am not the only one to agree on this...

I actually have colleagues coming up telling me how they are impress by their family bond, this- i am proud- to carry on with darby in future... i want it tohappen.

Situation at home aint doing too good,. last night Dad and cousin went to her house and ransack the place for any valuable stuff, we manage to sold off her TV for some quick bucks, and there are lot more other stuff worth the $$ (and some other truly disturbing stuff that irritates the shit out of me)

The rest are planning to get rid of her convertible, sure it can bring them some $$.. there aint no time for sympathy at the moment, towards her i am filled with nuttin by hatred. The life she left behind those burden for us, she no longer earn much respect in the house.. All i can say it..

Those you grew up together with may not be always appear to be who they are, and for that - i no longer wish to look upon you like a learning example, NI BU PEI!

Rants aside, i wanna learn driving soon, Dad has no objection to throw the car to me upon my license,.... really hope to get it going...

and i wanna tk a break soon from all this mess, at home, at work, at school... and just spend time IDLING with darby... when was the last time anyone sit down and stare and wonder what they should do next? We are constantly filled with "to-do" list to tick... and i detest that.

Nevertheless, i wish to end off this post happily.... darby is turning older soon.. and so it Pau & viv and i cant wait for all the partying to bring this trouble off my mind.. at least for a while.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

some ridiculously heartwarming pictures from Cheryl's birthday

Am loving dinner like this... and my family took a positive changes with influences from bbbbbbbbbbb's. We officially complete our first family outing (after what seems forever) and went on to do some simple shopping at Tampinese Mall..
what's even more surprising was Bro's idea to go kite flying in East Coast, after he saw me pestering bbbbbbb to get me a kite...
and bbbbb was the sweetest... he drove me around looking for an ideal kite and i finally settled down on a Princesses one... cant wait to get it flying soon!!!
And there is the weekend that had just past where BBB and i spend everyday together, there were movie with his sis and her bf..... our new-found jogging routine around woodbridge and Ah mei's cafe...
i hope every weekend will be as fufilling as this =)


Friday, August 06, 2010

the ex-boyfriend

Met a friend last night....... you cant say we are friends exactly.....

He said something- everyone changes! Indeed he change quite a bit since the last time i saw him- to be exact he told me it was 30kg!

You remember how you use to fell for ths guy in school and tried so hard to link him to the girl of his dream.. then in the end you ended up with him for a longer period than anyone can imagine, withstand all forms of hardship and stood up for him when he was accuse of stealing..

those were my past.. it last me from secondary till my poly years.. needless to say he was a man of impression, at least for me it was a deeper impression than anyone else.

So i saw him yesterday and after discussing with bbbbbbbb i decide to make the first move by going over to say hi for he was really busy with his work.

a little nervous at first cos afterall our ending wasnt all that pleasant.... but we had a pretty ok chat... he was more confident of himself now due to the physique loss and am very outspoken... he told me he saw me once but din came over to say hi for he was rushing off somewhere else...

isnt is strange how we can no longer talk like old friends? I felt like we were complete stranger and those overnight conversation last time seems non-existence... i do want to know how he is doing now cos afterall the him i know earlier had a hard time coping with life. I do want to know if he can cope with his life, his siblings and his family now....

I know bbbbb will support me in this feeling cos sometimes the first crush is always unforgotten... i am concern about a friend more than anything else!

but i guess.... the akwardness is there and his empowering confident makes me inferior and less "able" to strike a conversation...

in either case, i ought to thank bbbbbb for giving me the support and suggesting i should strike a conversation first. At the very least i know- he trust me enough to handover his "gentleman-ness gene" to me.. haha


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dear Diary,

i;ve contemplate about penning down every other thoughts contain inside me for the sole reason of not wanting to sound like i am boasting...

i am leading a wonderfully great life.. and my bf and i are doing well together. I guess when two hearts found each other, nuttin comes harder for me anymore..

Remember all --" You dont miss the water till the well runs dry"

no one should wait till it is too late to regret and start missing someone else.. Cherish all you have with you one.. one very fine day you might wake up in shock cos you havent got anything left...

i wish you luck ..

till my next post.. takkaire