Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the following photos are uploaded for my best friend...

Credits to : (attire are fully paid thou!)
on Kristal:
  • Sequins toga dress from Bonitochico
  • Peach Floral Hairclips from H&M
  • Necklace and earring set from Swaroski, given by best friends!
  • Clutch from Peacock
  • Heels from Daniel Conrads

on Rodman:

  • Blazer from H&M
  • Pants from H&M
  • Shirt from H&M
  • Tie from Primark
  • Belt from Ted baker or H&M (he has two)
  • Shoes are his own
  • specially tailor to his own cutting by his girlfriend herself!
some pictures taken inside his dorm, which u can tell by now are fully plastered with huge ass pictures of us.. haha..
bbbbbbb printed each and every"poster" himself.. it was real touching to see them the moment i step in..

Mum has been going on and on over how my boobs appear so droppy in each and every pic.. i had on a corset inside the dress, perhaps it explains

bbbbbbb in his suit... haha.. i sew his pants and iron his suit.. looks real good i think!

Yup! my boyf has graduated!

bbbbbbb's mum and sis

This was taken by the Northumbria Millenuin bridge just besides bbbbb's dorm and opposite the place bbbb's mum and sis were putting up @

hahah.. notice their family looks alike?

i share his joy in graduation.. mine's a year from now.

bbbbbbb's gradmates... u are seeing a arrear of international students... haha.. cant name their countries one by one thou.

bbbb's mum and sis got him a grad bear.... my idea initially.. guess we all share the same tots.

This spot was ideal for all grads to take their picture.. we had a hard time finding a good spots since everyone else were taking their pictures too.. windy day.. and the weather was freezin cold.. beneath those smile we were dying to find some warmth indoor

hahaha.. babe.. hope u can take all this in! haha


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