Tuesday, August 10, 2010

some ridiculously heartwarming pictures from Cheryl's birthday

Am loving dinner like this... and my family took a positive changes with influences from bbbbbbbbbbb's. We officially complete our first family outing (after what seems forever) and went on to do some simple shopping at Tampinese Mall..
what's even more surprising was Bro's idea to go kite flying in East Coast, after he saw me pestering bbbbbbb to get me a kite...
and bbbbb was the sweetest... he drove me around looking for an ideal kite and i finally settled down on a Princesses one... cant wait to get it flying soon!!!
And there is the weekend that had just past where BBB and i spend everyday together, there were movie with his sis and her bf..... our new-found jogging routine around woodbridge and Ah mei's cafe...
i hope every weekend will be as fufilling as this =)


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