Friday, August 06, 2010

the ex-boyfriend

Met a friend last night....... you cant say we are friends exactly.....

He said something- everyone changes! Indeed he change quite a bit since the last time i saw him- to be exact he told me it was 30kg!

You remember how you use to fell for ths guy in school and tried so hard to link him to the girl of his dream.. then in the end you ended up with him for a longer period than anyone can imagine, withstand all forms of hardship and stood up for him when he was accuse of stealing..

those were my past.. it last me from secondary till my poly years.. needless to say he was a man of impression, at least for me it was a deeper impression than anyone else.

So i saw him yesterday and after discussing with bbbbbbbb i decide to make the first move by going over to say hi for he was really busy with his work.

a little nervous at first cos afterall our ending wasnt all that pleasant.... but we had a pretty ok chat... he was more confident of himself now due to the physique loss and am very outspoken... he told me he saw me once but din came over to say hi for he was rushing off somewhere else...

isnt is strange how we can no longer talk like old friends? I felt like we were complete stranger and those overnight conversation last time seems non-existence... i do want to know how he is doing now cos afterall the him i know earlier had a hard time coping with life. I do want to know if he can cope with his life, his siblings and his family now....

I know bbbbb will support me in this feeling cos sometimes the first crush is always unforgotten... i am concern about a friend more than anything else!

but i guess.... the akwardness is there and his empowering confident makes me inferior and less "able" to strike a conversation...

in either case, i ought to thank bbbbbb for giving me the support and suggesting i should strike a conversation first. At the very least i know- he trust me enough to handover his "gentleman-ness gene" to me.. haha


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