Thursday, April 21, 2016

What every man needs to know

What every man needs to know.... 

Man saying "I've got this.. and then proceed to take care of whatever needs to be taken care of."

  • you need to take care of these stuff you are responsible for. We can share the load at home, you can & you should put your clothes away after we "offered" to fold them. Notice we offered to do so? We are naturally, geometrically & symmetrically better at making sure the clothes stacks neatly, so we took this responsibility, but we are no better at making rounds after rounds putting the stash away in the wardrobe than you are since you started training for it in the army earlier than we did. So if you can open the doors for ladies if you see them, you can put away your clothes if you see them. See point on "better at doing them" below
  • The lightbulb is fused, you've got this! Unless you are nearly 2 feet shorter than we are, you are engineered to know the danger of electricity safety than we can. We can change the lightbulb too you know? But you look way charming standing atop the ladder, glowing in your perspire without strands of hair getting caught in your sweat. Edward Cullen is attractive to us because he shimmers, you probably would too, if you perspire
You are not entitled
  • Even if the vows has been exchanged. We respect our parents because they've earned it,and you need to do, too. We are cultured to learn by example, if you set yourself as a role model, we will magically accustom most of what you've practice as being correct. 

  • If you can fixed that loose screw on that darn fan making that old irritating screeching sound, you are likely to be entitled to a majority of the oscillating wind to your direction.
we are not your mother
  • we build that house together remember? We learnt as you learnt, we don't spoil you like we will spoil our babies.

  •  you are nearly as old as we are. You don't see us spoiling ourselves because we know we are old enough to think & fend for ourselves
you can do things & are better at them
  • During courtship, you are dependable, you make sure to stand on the dangerous side of the road if we jaywalk, you feel you will know danger if you sense one.

  • When making major decisions like how much we can spend on our honeymoon, you set aside a decent portion of our money because you've work the math & despite spending clean of this portion, we can feed ourselves later
And the one paragraph i can totally reside with ...  [extract]

It’s not: Sonofabitch, I have to do this bullshit thing for my wife again.

It’s: I’m grateful for another opportunity to demonstrate to my wife that she comes first and that I can be counted on to be there for her, and needn’t look elsewhere for happiness and fulfillment.