Monday, December 15, 2003

back from cruise and camp mumbo
back from work
back from all my hardship
today is tiring, i dunhave much on my mind.
Cruise is fn, shopping is even fun, spending so much money, many of the things i bought i felt worth and valuable, especially since it is so cheap
i bought Ralph Lauren perfume, prob my most preciuous procession this time.realli nuttin to sae, maybe i think of JeRk alot lately
crazy kristal

Sunday, December 07, 2003

i'll leaving singapore to cruise at 3, today is fine, suppose to meet my darling cuz to jog, but that silly gal slept real late yesterday. the feeling of getting back and meeting all my friend is so cool!~ me and cuz ate long john together last nite and we chatted. then at nite me went for band meeting at the usual oid deck 424, suddenly i felt my usefulness there last nite, i saw Sylvia, ghee, kind of miss her abit, well, we still joke, and tease, what else can you find in us, we are just the us since sec 1, everyone grow up, i do not feel the passion for any nonsence reagrding luv nowadays, perhaps a person interest does change.However, my interest for Hello Kitty does not change, yesterday my cuz gave me her stuff, those her dad gave her , Hello Kitty imported from japan, mummy say it was nuttin cos it was second-hand, however, i knew i could feel the luv within, my cuz, she kept thinking i was mad ather, but no i was not, my aim was to get even cl;oser to her, and towards Ah girl Jie Jie, cos i kinda think i owe her sumthin, sum times i blame myself cos i still make such stupid mistake at this age.
Working is fine, all of a sudden, JeRk and i kept in touch again, BoBO keep wanting to kno if we could remain the way we are in the past, seem so near yet so far, i never even wanna thin of it, Ismail came to find me that day, it was plan but i dun think i was looking forward to this days, he say he wanna tok, i sae i was busy, he refuse to tell me what it was regarding, i just left, i couldn't stand the way he put his sulking face, i think it makes me boil.To think i was so concern in the past, now when i think back, i amsure i only had his laughter in my heart, never his sorrow face, i dun evn think i like him anymore, to think i would be doing all this. i think if i really MUST have a feeling, perhaps it Jerk, but i dun think we can ever make it, just wanna concentrate on sumthin else, perhaps to slim down before my 17 birthdae

Thursday, December 04, 2003

today is the sixth day of my working life at john's place, there definitely days which i noe i can break down and cry, but despite so that i did, i did it in my heart, working life is selfish, everyone hardly do anything, we sit on chair and get fat, i am starting to worry about my butt, haha, bigjoke sia, i fear sitting too long on the com will worsen my vision and flatten my butt, i'm gonna look like a old haggard. Went out with :Pat, sui lan, gale and yiling yesterday, the day could be describe as fabulous, we chit chat, we revealed, TOTALLY revealed all about us these damn four years apart, i could sense Suilan trying hard to recall about our conversation, i coukd also feel that she is not as happy as we are, i do hope that she will in the next outing, we ate at fish & co, it was deicious, but the bill is even 'delicious', $76.55!!!!!!!~
we estimate the bill and brought only the required amount, whu would have know the service charge and GST add up to ten buck, a hole in the pocket. i had to run to nearest ATM machine to draw money, to my horror, i had less than 70 bucks inside, so i put 50 buck out, luckily, they had all fork out money to about 52, now that i recall, i think Sui lan didnot pay for the drink we share, but that;s definitely fine, the eating period is fun, the extra cash is all worth it. then we took pic, really a lot of pic, they brought me to the hotel i thought i cukd neva enter- Fullerton hotel, i always thout we cant enter, it look so high class, when we reach, one skool was havung their prom, their dress is nice, i totally drench and detest the thiought that our skool prom is in the skool hal, worst! we might not even have one!~
then we took pic at boat quay, we walk along clark quay and guess what, sum girls actually wanted us to enter the pub, all of a sudden i feel ever so adultish. we walk along the bridge near VCH, everything was fun, i look for ward to another of these outin.
i wrote jerk a e-mail in regards to his diary entry, now then he wanna get close to me, i dunno how i feel.
bobo keep pestering me, if only he is a nice guy, i would want to be the lucky one!~
as for ismail, he call me up unexpectedly, and he wanted to meet me tomorrow, i think he wan to pass me back all my stuff, dunno lah, i still recall the happy times together, and i seriously consider him my ex-boyfriend, only one is precise
well then , i look forward to catching movie with JeRk, to go out with Vivien and Sharon, i hope they do forgive mefor my sudden disappearance, i miss them too