Friday, July 28, 2006



this very very strange NYP-IT stream guy just message me from friendster,..

it goes something like this "hi... saw u in NYP a couple of times, find you cute, hope we can be friends.. "

FUCKING LYING La.. my initial tot,..

then i fucking reply
"wait .. wait.. i tink there is a mistake somewhere.. i am currently on a attachment,.. so u probably wont see me around in school.. i tink u made a mistake"

less than a few min later

"haha.. no doubt, saw u during FYP peroid and during Napfa.. what is ur msn add?"

so out of curiosity i gave him (cos i dun usually give add)

and next second, we chated.. he is like glued to labtop 24/7

update later.. too shock for words.
Not busy... DKrisS get to work.. business come come come come .... lai ah lai ah lai ah lai ah... wo yao qian qian qian qian bu gou yong!!!!!

Wow.. people do realise when i fail to blog.. hehe.. good good.. keep it up.. shall award u 3/5 stars.. ehhehehehe..

okok.. i miss my cuz.. and i am gonna see her in a few hours.. hehehe.. saw the taggy she left me!~!~!~ so proud..

what if.......
one day, Jerk and Xinyi (which is Yi) get together
then Jamie and Ronald tie the knot..
Stupid Celina stick to Chris
Apel and Adrian as usual
Si Jia with Zho Zheng
Wei Zhe with Germainca
Jun Lin with .... Benita
Derrick with Annie
Germain with tat-fellow-i-saw-them-together
Me with 182 (see see see.. i still pick you -.-")

hahahaha.. a bit funny also la... Jun Lin i match with Benita..haha.. they sure squabble like no tomorrow..

Not bad ah.. my vision also quite good.. wooo

ok.. back to normal stuff, today is friday(everyone cheer horray: "hip hip hooray")
marks 3 weeks till end of attachment.. (everyone cheer again: "again") hahahahaha
3 weeks till the tioman trip ("tioman!")
3 weeks till i start getting bike license again ("again!~")
3 weeks till i stop facing labtop for another 1 month reaching 2 ("11111222222")

this is sickening..

why not all of us go buy 4D now. if win the money we all tk go thailand shop shop for a while.. hahaa..
we shall all buy the numer 0000
why leh? no reason
okok.. how about 3333
why leh? cos its fucking 3 weeks left...

oh god.. i am crazy.. yesterday how many entry did i write? ahhaa. u guys had a good time reading.. damn interesting right.. hahaha..

Went to China town yesterday.,. hehehe.. no pic cos i lazy to tk la..
Met Jan, wanted to go get those belts.. end up le.. lost our way
so how? nvm lo.. shopping la.. i am such a ass

no idea how china town look like, only see it once when Sharon DArling brought me there.. haha.. it was a fun place.. a little like those malaysia street .. damn cool la..

though the clothes not very nice la..
but the good thing is, almost everything got discount...
Me and Jan saw a nice strip pant, the kind she wanted to get for some time le.. then i told her and she tried, in the end buy lo. hehe. Jan this buyer damn anyhow one,,
We aim to get a legging with pure black and lace on the bottom, in the end haven even finish 2 shop, she bought a fully laced one cos why leh? cos cheaper than the first store..
then we left the shop go see those stall one, immediately see the one she wanted, and it was cheaper by 3 times.. hahaha.. heartach know.......

ok la.. i am tired liao.... nuttin to say also,,, shall upload some pic entertain you all.. but the pic damn jialat one.. cos i am sick la.. can see my eyebag.. flu and sore throat. i look awful...

anyway check out this 2 blog.. kept me companied for about 3 weeks.. still cannot finish reading. both are damn famous blogger with Asian Webblog award, and they are damn damn good blogger..

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Newest trend at Ooo.. baby.. i pick this from a web and got boss to buy

The still on-going corset trend

Bored.. and wearing the clothes i picked from the web

yup.. no mistakes.. that will be the blogger,, with a very very ugly..
cant believe i've decided to show my ugly self today
and check out the birthmark everyone mistake as love bite -.-"

no doubt!~ i look stupid.. and i admit to it

my shoes.. stinky feet

everyone exhausted from the meeting

Nokia meeting room : #Osaka

the middle of the meeting room

the environment we are meeting

Venue: Nokia meeting room #Osaka
Day: forget

Nokia: meeting room with Country name has intranet (singapore, America, Osaka)
Meeting room with road names has NO intranet (bishan, braddell, yishun)

interestng ah.. hehe. i tot so too.. =)


Done with the ladies.. pack up and leave..

Jan ah jan.. stop staring at the mirrow, pretty liao

Xue and i... both look exhausted

Xue--Kris--Jan.. (i look so fat)

Xue ... sterilising her hands

Me.. too bored..

Trying to act artisitic..

Xue.. eatin at Xue's TCC,, haha,

A really nice place to chat and enjoy

Jane.. attacking the chic

Xue,, surrenderring to the food

Date: forget
Venue: Grand Hyatt toilet and Xue's TCC
people involved: Xue, Jan and Kris

sorry the photos are not tilted to the correct position. lazy to rotate them. -.-"

Early morning..

Cut my hair yesterday,.. i look like a geek now.. shall not upload any pic.. leave u all to guess. hahaha..

Anyway lights off at my block last night.. here how it looks like in the dark..

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bloggin again, how would you describe a young girl who enjoyed her 19 year old?

-She went shopping and look at fashion, then gossip with her friend about the star that has her sex scandal on video.

-She grab a top she like, look for her size and try it on in the changing room, when she comes out, her best friend either praise her or tell her "nah.. i dun tink so"

-They pay for the item and walk out of the mall with paper bags hanging on the arm, and the other arms hanging on to their best friend.

-passed by a cafe and chance upon a very pretty strawberry shortcake, exclaim like some slut, and rush into the cafe to eat it

-munching away and sms-ing on their cellphone, best friends awaits their bf arrival.

-Bf arrives, 4 of them had a great chat

-Bid goodbye and girls date their bf separately.

-night ended with the bf giving a peck on the girl's forehead

-girl wash up and jumps onto bed and dial "redial"-- connected to best friends number

- best friend conference with best friend that missed today's outing.

-best friend are tired, say words of misses and hang up.

-girl call bf to make sure he reach home safely.

-girl sleep in their very pinkish bed with lotsa pillow..

haha.. i wish i had such 19 year old.. but nah.. it isn't gonna happen =)
Totally ignore B today. Msg no reply, called no answer.

Total msg - about 10
total missed call - about 8

a little annoyed i can say. I know he cares, so it hurts to see me torturing someone else like that.

Went to meet Shar (jalani) and passed him the jersey the team ordered.
He hadn't changed much, still him, still make me smile, still that same old lad except with a funny tee he claim i wasn't suppose to give comment. Left pretty early, wanted to join family for a good old praying session to prepare for the hell-gate-open festival.

Met Dennis for a horror movie dare in the night. To add on to the entire festival la, anyway that movie wasn;t that great. But the food was. Like a glutton, Dennis bought CheeseHotdog, Nachos with Cheese, Ice lemon Tea and Lays potato chips. We were munching away and as usual i was being reprimanded for talking too much, and as usual Dennis let out a very loud burp. Haiyo, friend like that are real.. but abit too real hor.

Dennis is a guy that talks not more than 4 words in a sentence. So its no wonder i always get reprimanded for talking too much. -.-"
After movie, relunctantly as he was, i force him to send me to the lift, then he left for home.

REached home and B wanted me to call him. So i did, talk for a while before he start asking why i was behaving so strangly. i din wan to tell him but in the end i did.

Told him all my reader agree that i should not lead him on, to a neverending circle and that he deserve to move on with his life without me cos i am very very sure we'll never have an ending.
Like Xinyi say, she also start to pity him.

Then guess what happen, can guess la.. i never knew this fellow tat use to be so strong, that never cried when his friend met with a bike incident and passed away. That never cry when his mummy choose to forgo a son like him, that never cry when his mum refuse to acknowlege him as a son, that never cry when his sister attempt to commit suicide-------------- to cry for me, for the third time.

Oh man! it hurts, really really hurts. Cos he is crying, sniffing sounds, cannot answer properly, people do u have a heart? cos i do, when he cried i knew------------ i was wrong.. very very wrong.. this whole thing cannot be worst.

Sniffing, he told him he hate all of you, for giving me suggestion like that. I was angry and shoot him back for saying you, cos all of u are helping him. Then he apologise and beg me, beg me not to tk anithin into consideration.
Then he beg and told me he willingly let me played, willingly let me fooled, its ok. As long as i am with him, he is contented.

Why!!!!!! i commit such a big mistake and he foresake me.

guys please tell me somethin i can do to make it up... to everyone, to myself.

i can 100% tell you all he is a changed man. And i am very very touched by his action.

i know what is my next step, and i dun wan to do it. Please stopped me, for out of pity, i may carry on,.............................

fuck people like me, evil assholes..
While i was happily reading through my best-play-mates ('s blog, feeling happy for her and all. I was feeling really sorry for myself.

And yeah, sometimes in life some things are just so not meant to be. I wasn't born rich or anithin, so i have to live with it.

Life sucks but i ain't gonna give a damn. i believe in making the best of all situation. Though each and everyday, all i can actually worried is how much i am earning by doing some stuff, i was also very concern by whether i actually enjoyed doing them.

Was upset this morning, i ruined a good household income.

Dad and Mum are cute, they are lovable creatures that held hands and flirt with each other. They go on date and sometimes lock bedroom door. I was happy for them but i can tell they are worried about may stuff too.

Guilty as i was, i was a selfish-fish and was more concern about how i find money to settle my lunch tomorro.

This morning, as instructed, i was to steam up the delicious nonya kueh for breakfast. Last night i went on a horror movie dare and came home bout 11 pm, then quarrel with B on the phone till 1 plus. So you can say, i was very very tired. Anyway while i was steaming the kueh, my eyes were closing, and i was partially sick, with a bad throat and a stupid flu.

Stupidly, brainless as i was, i remove the steaming glass lid and put it under running water, any idiot can tell it was going to crack. so it did! shatted into million tiny pieces, i was shock, still held the lid on my hand, not knowing what to do. The only fortunate thing is the fact that i din cut myself. but i was very very emotional, and immediately break down to cry. Why? cos i was very very worried i add on to another household burden. stupid, as thought a glass lid will cost a bomb.

Anyway i sat on the sofa and stare in a daze till daddy comes home from sending kristi to school. I told him what happen and he told me it was fine and we could get another similar one. And both of us set off to work.

But i was still upset. =(

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

As i move on with my life, i begin to restrict myself from taking any new step, yet allowing myself to repeat those step i have already tried and is certified to be safe to take.

Why? Why so ironic?

Today i wanna talk about some stuff really bad about me.. from here, you may all choose to hate me..
Jerk is right, why do we never dare to reveal the ugly side of ourselves? Wouldn't it be nice if we all come together and speak ill of ourselves? Wouldn't that makes the world more fair. Cos no one is perfect, and from here we'll know.

I urge all blog reader to mention something bad about themselve, to make me feel better..

i hate people who speak like beng and behave like one
this is so wrong, i had never give them a chance to behave as thou they have a good heart. I will never acknowledge them if they were my cousins, or uncle. Will not thank them if they do me a favour, will not recommend them to any of my friends. they just seem so wrong in my "imagination of a perfect world"

i hate people who behave like they are a few hundred times better than me
i cant stand them either, do not claim credit for things u have done on ur own accord. i do that sometimes, but i cannot stand myself either. Do not tell me what u did in those days, cos they are fucking those days., wake up!
Do not wear ur pant low with boxer coming out, wear a trucker cap or big white tee shirt with golden print if you dun bother to style ur hair.
Not as if people can stand me too.. but it just irritates me.. alot.

i hate people who does not donate money to charity can, and give excuse such as they dun trust this people when their limb are off, they wear torn shirt and obviously haven ate in days.
Seriously, as stupid as i may appear to be many times, i rather get cheat in charity draw then lose the chance of not helping the society. If i do not happen to have cash enough on me to buy a packet of tissues, i will not let it go.
I remember that day i was rushing to meet yi, then i saw this young boy selling tissues, in my stupidityi ran past him not buying any tissues. Later on the train i felt so so so guilty, i urge 182 to help me buy a tissues instead. in the end the buy wasn;t around anymore and i have been guilty.. till date!!!!

see see see. i am damn evil one la.. i know i am not at all very very kind or what. i know many things i do are wrong too.. but .. i admit them..
i admit
- i haven been very nice to Darren when we are together, he undergo a hand operation for me, and i cheated on him
- i haven been very good to Lester, i din wan to acknowledge any relationship for so long. When i finally wanted to, he left me..
- i am jealous of my best friends, cos Denise and Sharon are so so so pretty
- i love money so i am working 7 days a week.
- i hate many things about me
- i use to like 182 (dun ask me about now... cos he and i had an agreement already)
- i miss my grandma like hell no tomorrow and wish that she is with me all the time
- i miss the younger when me and my cuz talks about anything else but guys -.-"
- i have heart problem, many times when i am upset, the heart pain is even more painful then heartache
- i wanna have a good set of teeth..

brrr.. u guys are bored.. i dun wan to continue

Monday, July 24, 2006

here i am bloggin again when i have just finish my first entry like 3 hours ago?

Today i am gonna blog about B ---------again.
Met Jannity and Xue, my 2 shopaholic kaki, since Xue lives in yishun, Jan bf in yishun, it was only expected that all of us are meeting in yishun.
Had Dinner at 945 (common yishun language), B came to join us cos he booked out, so all of us makan together. B paid for everything cos Jan says he must.
B---- 21 yrs old
Jan------ 20 yrs old
Me------ 19 yrs old
Xue----- 18 yrs old

Dun ask me how all of us can click so well. we just did, Jan Xue and me has been good friend for a long time now..
Anyway anithin Jan says is a must, usually me and Xue will listen to her..
So to say, good luck to B who have to pay for our meal. $60 in a coffee shop -.-"

After that acc xue while she awaits her new- bf , she pop by my house for a while before i send her off to her new bf..
Then B called, said he hadn't left the yishun premises, ask if i could meet him, he neeed to pass me the phone he bough for me.
So we met, then pass me the phone and i went home.

Sat work work wrok great singapore sales!~
after work Figo (B fren) celebrate his 21 st birthday so invited me, B, Ding Cong and serene to go , Darren in tekkong, so too bad.
i badly din wan to go, seriously wanted to acc all my colleagues to chill by the new cafe.
But its Figo birthday, in the end B says i am selfish la,
go than go lo.. -.-"
on our way there, my face as black as charcoal, B keep quiet lo, dun dare say anithin, DC and Serene just talk to me la..Reached "cloud 9" KTV lounge in tras street in tanjong pagar... Figo greet us ... the lounge damn full le so in the end finally got a seat but damn uncomfortable, so go there only for a short while lo. here are my comment about that night.

seriously, if some people wanna act like a wild bitch out there there is pretty much nuttin i can do about it. They can jolly well shout and scream and wear skirt as short as their g-string but i still dun give a damn. Anyway i feel like a little angel there, those guys sliding their hands up the girls' skirt,. omg.. now i know clubbing can be more more more fun than KTV.

Serene was fun, she make the first move to talk to those guys, so when they reply they reply to both of us girls. at least we dun feel so bored. B kept me company most of the time, and he guai-ly keep his hands off me.. Good boy. hahaha.

anyway a while later i called mummy and daddy, they came to fetch me home and


p/s: RICHard chong please read this tag.. that mexico chinese guy ASK ME OUT!!! but i reject la.. then he offer to send me home after work, i reject la,. hahaha.. i very cool hor!!~
Anyway i promise to meet him for breakfast the next day la.. haha.. cannot be so dao one.

Met Santos for breakfast, god damn, he is a really slut i call! haha..
we talk about a lot of stuff, about why he dun wan gf and why i am single. then he talks about his flings, his "french-kissing" partners and why he reject one night stand. haha..
Truly scandal one right? haha.. but thats good, cos he is honest... and making friends as honest as him are fun to hang out.. cos u know they hardly lie.. then we walk to work together.. then talk more cock..

i realise i have lotsa of cock people as friends.. people like Rich (no la.. haha.. u so pure), TWL, uncle heng, Freddy boss, Alvin, Darren.. wha.. so many cock fellow out there. and they are always honest with you, so they make good friends.. haha..

Anyway suppose to meet Santos and Hui Wen to go home together, but B msg me say waiting for me in yishun.. damn..
initially i already say i dun wan to meet him cos i meeting my colleagues, then end up instead of sending me home, he waited down my block.. since a freaky 7pm!!!!!!!!!!! -.-"

no choice.. feel a bit guilty also, so i told hui wen i gotta go home first, just than santos also finish work, so e 2 of us bored the train lo.. he left at toa payoh station..

When i reach yishun B tot i am still at town just leaving the shop only. So i tot i can check on him see if he really so good wait for 3 hours for me to finish work. i pretend pretend call him ask if he can help me buy supper for my family at YaKun, then i hide one corner and truly enough 15mins later he walk into ya kun only to know the shop is closing. Then he called me la.. i was very very touched.. but really feel more and more guilty only lo..

So when our eye met, i almost tear, as in really cry cos he is too good..
anyway not so dramatic la! i din cry, i just went up to him and he was very shock "why are you here? where is your colleagues?"
haha.. this guy ah.. people let me promote him la.. seriously i dun deserve such guys, maybe u all wanna consider him?
Anyway he was perspiring from top to toe.. i din have tissues like drama show la, he took out his own tissues and offer me one piece... eh.. i tot now is u perspire like dunno-what? -.-"

Anyway when i am guilty or upset usually i will throw my temper and walk away, i tink most of you understand right? hahasa.. my pattern..
anithin guilty as i feel i walk away in anger and he follow behind, all quiet. Till i cannot take it anymore, i look back at him and ask him,, "like that very fun ah, can you dun do such things, makes me feel very bad, you like me like this meh?"

Pardon my stupid english.

anyway we chilled and i thank him, then he send me right to my doorstep before he left for home.

after i bath i read my inbox, there was a msg from him asking if he could borrow like $5 for dinner cos he lazy to walk to the ATM machine which was far from my house. OMG.. haha. so when i called him he was already on the bus, totally skipped his dinner and is heading home cos i hadn;t reply for a long time.

Guess why he din carry anymore cash? cos he withdraw some day before then Jan, Xue me and him the dinner already use some, the figo KTV also use some.. very funny right?

guilty right? i feel guilty lo!~ DAMN GUILTY LA!

People i hate such things,. really hate such things.. cos i will be paranoid. and do silly stuff.. oh gosh.. please dun be to nice to me.. especailly when i was so so so evil to you.,.

Totally in a bloggin mood..

Was exuberant to hear the good news, its been a while since i start counting! 4 more weeks till the end of attachment. This call for a good celebration. hahahhhhaha.

Okok.. lets talk about this guy i know for a long long time --- JeRk (fellow on the right)

He has always been so cute like he looks like now... really!~

Totally tinks he resemble this korean star, i dunno the name. When i first told my brother who i tot he resembles, my bro totally tinks i am crazy. (checked, all yahoo search 50 pages dun have the star photo.. -.-")

\Anyway JeRk and i have been friends since.. haha.. and real good friends, the kind that will talk about anything under the sun, but mind you, towards others, he is this stuck up looking fellow that always remain so so so quiet. -.-" only reveal colours to frens right jerk,. hahaha..

THat day we had a meet up,
Jerk was late as usual, i jog from my house to Khatib station to await his majesty's arrival. We eat at 848 (Yishun Klang common language). talk and walk home. Heard alot about him, JeRk ah u ah. better get over life..

ANyway i had this weirdiest tot about introducing XY and JeRk togethr (thou by puttin this comment i will be badly bashed by darling XY.. sorry gal)

-very quiet, mature tinking
- value friendship
- treasure all around him

- almost quiet, yet bother to start a conversation in awkward situation
- value family
- appreciate people who bothers to treasure things around her.

make sense right? hahha.. maybe i can put up a matchmaking session on

\haha./ maybe maybe..

Friday, July 21, 2006

It came upon as a shock.. as she picked up any branch she could feel on the cold floor. Her heart begin to sank. Silence, there were absolute silence, yet the sound of her heartbeat seems to hint that something was about to come in her way. As she swerved her body around, she was suddenly blinded by a strong flash of light.
Using her arm to protect the glaring light, she make her way towards it.. Strangely enough, the panicky and anxious heartbeat begin to chilled, they sounds like rythm now, nice and calm. She couldn't figure out why she felt this way.. but the feeling was good. The trees din seems as evil as before, and the cold ground seems to warm up.
She finally reached, she gasped!........................

Too profound? hehehe.. sometimes i am proud of myself, that's because i can narrate a novel right at the back of my head. It just came along, and i just pen them down. Many of you who had read my blog along the years are aware i write poems too. of course my proudest and by far the saddest poem i have made will be the "extreme consternation" Why? cos my feelin came right on the dot, why sad? because it was written soley for Lester of course...
Anyway dear readers, if you are still interested to read the poem, feel free to read it on my friendster profile =)

ANyway i am happy today, in fact i feel lighter..
Told B my feeling, now i feel like i have nuttin to hide. I told him realyy and seriously, there is no way we can possibly get together. And i am selfish cos i enjoy his company which is why i appear to be giviing him chance.
i told him he should move on, cos i cannot carry on being evil. Cos i am 100% sure we'll not end up together, even if we hold hands, it is only because i was out of control. I apologise to him that the past when we talk about it i never took it as seriuosly as i finally did now.
Cos i cannot be a bitch, i dun wan to regret any of my action.
As for B reaction. hmm.. i tink he wil need sometime to sort out his tinkings too.. cos everything he said yesterday to me is rather impulsive, so let me just skip that part.

COngratuation to Xue.. hope he treat you well. hehe. i am happy for you, so is jan jan.. you are like our little sister, so we must make sure u are happy. ehehe.

Tnd is finally split.. sad as it is, i believe many of us still cherish each other. Some people i have came to realise are pretty fake. So i hate them and is glad i see their true colors so soon.
Anyway Phyllis i wil miss you loads, i may appear like i cant be bothered, but u know i will always miss you..
i will miss you shar, thanks for everything. u trust me and gimme lotsa of courage to do alot of stuff.. i miss you alot alot..
i miss u YT.. i duunno why.. just do
i miss u jed.. u are always like a little child calling me jie jie and approaching me for any stuff in doubt..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

tink you like me, tink again..
my friends object
my family objects
my souls object

Yes i object...
Swear i nearly killed myself for the lost labtop like 2 mins ago.. (T_T)

if there is a guy that comes up to me jst now and assured me everything is gonna be fine, swear i will consider marryig him..

ok anyway the fact that i am saved now proves one thing, i still cannot consider any guys to married -.-" sadded..

Its ok, half an hour ago during the quiet and ghostly lunch break, i learn a whole loads of stuff and i tot to myself 3/4 of the time "Guys.. u will never attract any girls like that, especially not girl like me "

Important: certain stuff u wish u din do
Guys forgive me for saying this.. yes its certified that guys are suppose to be less conscious of their looks compared to girls, but (give thanks to the Lord) please please please maintain a bit of basic hygiene

1. Do not, never ever, eat with one hand
trust me when i mention how irritated i can get when guys eat with one hand. I got this ever strange feeling thats they are picking their nose with the other hand. YES! STOP resting your hand somewhere else.
Not only is this action discourteous, it also portray a very very bad image of you, do you ever realise how hard it is when everyone is trying so hard to keep both their hands off the table while eating and all you can do is to use the same hand to grab the spoon, slice the fish then scoop the rice and eat it.. Please la guys, have some decency to at least rest your other hand on the table. its not as if you are handicapped or something.

2. Do not pick food up from the table, especially in hawker centre
i am NOT being biased here, just half an hour ago i was eating at the hawker centre with the usual colleagues and "who-else". Everything was fine though the table was stained with leftovers milo and obviously-not-very-clean table. All of a sudden, "who-else" drop his beef liver on the table. Obviously at this stage all you can kindly do is to ignore the kidney/ use the spoon to swip it to a less obvious spot/ say sorry and continue to eat. Disgusted as i was at the sight of the kidney, i chose to remain so silent cos this is by far the 7th week he have been eating such stuff.
Guess what he did next? That fellow actually use his fingers and pick the food up from the stain table and blew it twice before chewing it down.
tell me?~?!~!~!~! how can i not boycott him? You might wan to do this at home,yes, when the table is 100000000000000000000000000000000* cleaner. But obviously there were funny looking sauce on the table.. Please la.. you have a 10000000000000000000000# more pieces of beek kidney laying on the plate waiting for you.. wake up and oh gosh!!!!! -.-"

3. Look before you lay your hand on the table
Look this is solely for your personal hygiene purpose. Just as 1 colleagues sat down on the table. for no apparent reason he choose to sit on the spot i avoided due to the milo on the table. Strangly enough, as he sat down and begin to eat without tinking much, i saw his arm land nicely and exactly on the milo! Gosh, i wish i could shout, when i turn and look up at him, he was happily chewing away not noticing his arm filled with milo.. -.-"
Was i being paranoid? i knew i cannot finish my food satisfied, Thanks god i ask the auntie for a smaller portion just now.
As soon as he finish his food and turn to buy his second help, i saw him lift up the arm and Bling*blang*bloom! the milo are gone.. no longer on the table.. AMAZING!!!!
Where the hell were they?
obviously on his arms, and he felt nuttin at all..

Gone Case -.-"

4. Try not to crack a joke while eating
yes we do talk during eating, as bad as it sounds.. stop cracking lame jokes while eating, cos not only do we find it hard to laugh, we have to laugh with our mouth close..

And seriously, your joke are not the LEAST funny..

Bad day to work, i swear beside than losing the labtop T43, i talk a total of less than 5 sentences today..

Hail to the world, for Kristal is quiet now.. peace!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Found some amazing stuff that might appear silly to many of you.
- The name of this blog is call "you light up my life" this is made in 2004. I was back with Ismail in 2005, and he bought me a musical box containin the melody of "you light up my life", and till date he still has no idea of my blog address. haha.. amazing ah.. a pity it all came to an end in may 2005.

- chatted with B yesterday evening and we were talking about travelling, i mention tioman island and he mention rendang island. And when we both agree Rendang island remind us of Turtle. My mind was flooded with images of you-know-who.. how amazing.. hahaha.

- Every tuesday when i board a train to woodland to tk the shuttle service to work, there will be this guy standing at the very same spot he always stand and we'll have a long eye contact. i only stared at him becuase he look SO MUCH like you-know-who. It was pretty much a shock especially since i always reach woodland at different, initially i reach at 7.30, til date i reach at 7.50 and he is still there, at the same spot, still lookin so much like you-know-who, amazing ah.

-there are exactly 7 newly born pimples on my face. 1 on my chin, 1 on the top of my nose, 3 on my right forehead, 1 on my eyebrow itself, 1 on the middle of my forehead.. amazing ah (fuck!)

-182 called me but i was soundly asleep. amazing ah..

- i slept so well this morning when i wake up and walk to wash up i still thought it was a dream.. amazing ah..

- i have accomplish pulling the metal exercise gear to almost together.. dunno what i am talking about? hehe, this exercise bar guys use to train their arm-pac.... amazing ah

nuttin else is amazing.. it strange how things that are not amazing to many of us will appear amazing to me,. and i am actually having fun thinking of how amazing i am.. haha. this is shit..

Oh ya.. do visit for the new skin is so pretty i drew them myself.. ==)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Busy busy busy...
need to meet up TnD to pass them the ordered Jerseys.. OMG.. haven see them for a long long time.. need to collect the money for jersey to pass to cousin too..

Jerk.. i am scared the meetup will be at a wednesday,, then we cant meet le ... how?

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dun ask why i never bother to turn my picture to the correct direction

Rich again
Rich somemore
Chicken bolognese

nights falls
waiting for food
Pasta mania
a row of formal guys
night falls further
Eating the lady Episode #1
Open ur mouth and see if she could fit in right
I suppose she is too big to swallow down?
Ok.. say cheese and try again
Lick it good like u should
ok.. enough,..
no! Eric.. u dun tease her like that
Here's Eric best look..
And Eric staring at the lady in front
Eric trying his best to open his eye,
Me and Eric.. SYF kakis
Me and Eric (act cute)
who's the star? notice the man behind? -.-"
So the shop says "no photography"

Water dance
Ring of wealth
Eric acting stupid
His teeth.. crooked -.-"