Thursday, September 13, 2007

Got my eyebrow pierced!!

haha.. it came upon as a shock to me too!!! so people dun be too astonish.
many ppl ask me how long it took me to decide to do it? --> 1 day

i actually had tots of it but was put off readily, then one day an old time friend came to vist and she had this too. i was damn anxious and ask her for details, and the next thing u know is- i got a eye brow piercing!!

i shall now do the honour of passing this stages to u all

i walk into the tatoo shop in far east level 4 call "primitive Art", sign a ceritificate of agreement
waited in the surgery room
the lady was a tough but friendly lady name Kantu, she is a mother of 2 child age 16 and 18. I was a little too nervous to talk so my friend took over by talking the more painful stuff such as giving birth, then all of a sudden Kantu turn and ask if we are pregant haha.. we told her we are damn young..

soon i told her i am scared and is doind this for the first time, so she understood. She pinch my eyelid and ask if it hurts, when i say no she pinch harder and hold it there. i din wan to be affected by the pinch so i closed my eye.
(in the meantime she actually replace her finger pinching with a clamp, without me knowing it)
the pain of the pinching was actin so i was concentrating on the pinching, next thing i know-- i am done!)
turns out while i was numb to the pain of the pinching she had immediately stuck the needle with its bottom attached to part of my stucks, the needle slowly went through and came out at the other end, so there was only the tightening of the ball bearing left to do, after that i was told to apply sterilse solution on my wound and wella! a new pierce..

hah.. i know i sound crazy, but its pretty fun,

except-- mummy ignoring me till date, the man's strong objection to hang out wiht a pierce gal and his fear for his family reaction!!

-.-" whats the big deal with an extra hold onyour eye?

some random pic

Denise and me at the event-- buter factory

love this top, from dorothy perkins, but high neck tee and kristal dun match

Monday, September 10, 2007

My Sunday Off day
its an amazing day again hanging out with my now "friend" man.
we had to hide from parents our identity so he came over to stay but remain our distance.
the next mornig he prepare himself and went off to work

mummy nag at me to wake up cos they are all going to eat stuff i dun eat (i.e Kway chap)
so i drag my feet out and we all left to Macpherson road where as usual i ended up eatin tau-pok and egg..
The funniest thing was Mummy actually tot she could trick me like she did in the olden days, she was like "those are ngoh hiang, u will like one"
-.-" i was damn entertained i went like "yeah, pig intestine fried will become ngoh hiang one"

after the very very unfufil i-hate-food lunch, i was pestering Dad to keep me company before i could meet him after he knock off at 3. So Bro sugested we all head down to Phillip warehouse sales down toa payoh. sad to say we ended up buying nuttin all because

me: "mummy, we are going to buy the web cam and i'm paying"
Mummy:"dun wan! later ur mei mei anyhow strip for stranger online how?"
Brother Gary:" dun wan! later mei mei lost all her friends!"
me:" huh.. why?"
Brother Gary:" later they see their real face lor!"

i was laughing so hard but my sister was obviously pissed.. so i try to humour her by saying

me:"dun be sad k? i know u dun dare to strip also, so much fats!"

haha.. i am a totally meanie sister.. my sis almost punch me.. but she loves me so thats all that matters

anyway met up with him and we ate a little, bought some stuff (he paid for my dorothy perkins top, i bought myself a kappa pumps) and we both shared a spec (which he will use for his D&D and i will change the lens thereafter to make my new pair of spec)

we went back to his place and prepare him for his D&D outfit (theme is old school)

his sister suprise me with some wardrobe clean up. din know gals should be like that

she was like "got all this while i was working at Bobbi brown's counter (she is now the senior manager), you can have them"


Bobbi Brown mini lipstick in nude colour (she din pass me the colour ones cos i dun use them)

MAC lip care ( i hug these cos they cure my crack lips instantly)

Stila Sun screen (i am not sure bout this but i'll try them)

Stila Lip gloss and lip colour (this is DAMN GOOD cos its two way, one way a very sweet pink gloss and the other a nude colour lip gloss)

haha.. it shall total to be about $150 cos the lip care itself add to $59, i rejected the rest cos i dun use them and cos i was to embarress to.. all brand new k?~!!!

shall doll myself up and the man and i shall try to save this failed relationship

Thursday, September 06, 2007

ok.. shall cont'.. we walk and chatted around town, strolling from cineleisure to Paragon ( to check out Agnes. B) and takashimaya (for Agnes.B and Coach)

we also went to far east to exchange his shirt.. damn funny when my colleagues commented i was there in far east for all 3 weeks of my off day

finally we head back to Cineleisure for our movie.. whike waiting

he banned this picture because of his hugely obvious pimples!

here's a better one

Us... trying VERY hard to stay a distance.. hey.. a friend's gotta do wat a friend's gotta do

i swear his sulky eyelid is such a hindrance

our reminiscene of the lunch in the afternoon

here's one shot of me.. obviously without him..

and one more to show the boredom during the pathetic 45min of wait before the movies starts sitting

here's the bag of tee i bought him.. fucking recognised brand, but worth it cos the designer is such a good fren of mine

haha.. signs of Aging? No! i use SK-II peel mask -.-"

anyway on a side note, the Dave Teo fellow that was here yesterday afternoon with the SAR-21 rifle turns out to be his friend, to tink i was jokely talking bout him the same afternoon..
The man happen to chance upon another friend there and they were both concern about his verdict. i manage to find out his was to be jailed for 10 years, and his friend, who did not inform the police of the situation was to be sentence to 5 years jail. There was another additional 5 strokes to each guy..

i had the greatest fun today achieving wat the man and i call "date"

this was however, planned on the intention to treat each other as friend. we were to avoid intimate act (i.e. holding hand)the plan was to catch a movie, check out both Agnes.B and Coach wallet to see which one will fits him more (i am buying him a wallet) and get the size of the "Sidewalk 10" local brand Tee which i bought for him from Alex (the designer of the shirt by the way) changed cos it was way too big.the day started pretty fine with us leavong the house only after 1, we had our lunch at a sub-restaurant of Billy Bombers call "Hips Diner" which serves mostly beef related food (which mean our choices were limited cos we both hate beef)

looking hungrily at the menu

Check out Hips Diner Menu

i was entertaining myself by cam whoring

took this on the reflection of the diner's wall

our drink, complimantary drink, our drink, he hates them all

to be cont'

Monday, September 03, 2007

hate my about-to-leave-me boyfriend..
sometimes i dread being in a relationship.. we are better off as frens..

anyway he has gladly decided not to accompany me tomorrow night and to dedicate the night over to his all-girls complete colleagues.. RIGHT!!!

so i've decided too that he shall be banned from any of my future outing with colleagues.. since my colleagues are all girls too..

cant understand man la.. sometimes they appear so deprive of other women, fat or thin, ugly or pretty.. so long as the company is different from the one they have been facing all this while..

then on wed we agreed to hang out together the whole day!

so i conclude the only one to benefit from this situation is HIM!! how can!!

i've planned my aftermath of life without him. Since my besties has never give up on me since day 1.. they will still be the love of my life.. sharing my ups and downs while we patiently hunt for my true soul.

and since his DAD now hates me (because he has decided i am depriving him of his time with his precious son) he can jolly well keep his DAD company.. since he has decided not to dedicate too much time into this relationship anyway.

i am giving myself up to next yr to get over this relationship.. this man do not deserve me.. if some other girls can lure him into spending less time with me (even though we only meet once to twice a week now) .. then he do not deserve my dedication... enough is enough.. i felt my presence is senseless to him no more anyway..

life has to go on.. we'll just have to decide how to make our next step right..

its sad to believe the one who gave up on the relationship is me.. but it is even sad to know that he would have committed lesser in this relationship. i guess
-- you will never appreciate something till u've lose it..