Monday, September 10, 2007

My Sunday Off day
its an amazing day again hanging out with my now "friend" man.
we had to hide from parents our identity so he came over to stay but remain our distance.
the next mornig he prepare himself and went off to work

mummy nag at me to wake up cos they are all going to eat stuff i dun eat (i.e Kway chap)
so i drag my feet out and we all left to Macpherson road where as usual i ended up eatin tau-pok and egg..
The funniest thing was Mummy actually tot she could trick me like she did in the olden days, she was like "those are ngoh hiang, u will like one"
-.-" i was damn entertained i went like "yeah, pig intestine fried will become ngoh hiang one"

after the very very unfufil i-hate-food lunch, i was pestering Dad to keep me company before i could meet him after he knock off at 3. So Bro sugested we all head down to Phillip warehouse sales down toa payoh. sad to say we ended up buying nuttin all because

me: "mummy, we are going to buy the web cam and i'm paying"
Mummy:"dun wan! later ur mei mei anyhow strip for stranger online how?"
Brother Gary:" dun wan! later mei mei lost all her friends!"
me:" huh.. why?"
Brother Gary:" later they see their real face lor!"

i was laughing so hard but my sister was obviously pissed.. so i try to humour her by saying

me:"dun be sad k? i know u dun dare to strip also, so much fats!"

haha.. i am a totally meanie sister.. my sis almost punch me.. but she loves me so thats all that matters

anyway met up with him and we ate a little, bought some stuff (he paid for my dorothy perkins top, i bought myself a kappa pumps) and we both shared a spec (which he will use for his D&D and i will change the lens thereafter to make my new pair of spec)

we went back to his place and prepare him for his D&D outfit (theme is old school)

his sister suprise me with some wardrobe clean up. din know gals should be like that

she was like "got all this while i was working at Bobbi brown's counter (she is now the senior manager), you can have them"


Bobbi Brown mini lipstick in nude colour (she din pass me the colour ones cos i dun use them)

MAC lip care ( i hug these cos they cure my crack lips instantly)

Stila Sun screen (i am not sure bout this but i'll try them)

Stila Lip gloss and lip colour (this is DAMN GOOD cos its two way, one way a very sweet pink gloss and the other a nude colour lip gloss)

haha.. it shall total to be about $150 cos the lip care itself add to $59, i rejected the rest cos i dun use them and cos i was to embarress to.. all brand new k?~!!!

shall doll myself up and the man and i shall try to save this failed relationship

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