Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bak Chor Mee Pok

Phyllis a.k.a Mee Pok finally had time off her busy flight schedule to meet me for brunch one sunday, 
we've been talking about planning all the time, 
it's hard to date an Air-Stewardess

We've decided on brunch since i'll usually put up at bbbbb's place over weekend 
so it's more-or-less like a weekend-for-the-boyfriend thing,
 but bbb knew how much the date meant to me especially
 having not meet Mee Pok for so long so he excuse himself & 
went off to badminton with the Laos!   

Brunch was arranged at The Canopy,
 a new place i've been dying to check out after having read about it on numerous blogs. 

I arrived there really early after googling for the journey, 
it's a easy bus ride from AMK and to locate the place simply get off at the bus stop that oversees
a open space of carpark by the Park, 
The Canopy is a stone throw from the carpark. 
i love cafe with a unique getup, a pet friendly cafe is a bonus too! 
We chatted the whole of the morning away, 
dining on prawn salad (real fresh, remember to grab this if you see it on the menu) and egg benedict
Got too engross in the conversation that i didnt capture anything. 

Then i suggest we walk the filled tummy away over to snap some pictures together, 
the sun was beaming hot but the idea of brunch in a theme cafe totally makes up for it, 
we settled at a sheltered granite bench where it was much much cooler

Mee pok, giggling away cos i had practically climb onto the granite bench and stood above her
aiming the camera straight down at her face.
Thank you for being the same old you 
like you said you will when you first started flying
You promise to be genuine and i dare say you are as 
humble as you always am since day one :)

Thank you for being the gutsy one among us both and taking
up the challenges throw in your way
listening to what i would do had i face the same situation.
i've said this before and i will say it again 
You help me live my dream, thank you and love you Mee-pok!!~

We kinda got hooked on playing with the different effect on my camera
and started a series of shots that i now laugh-out-loud 
whenever i look back through each pictures, 
really, its hard to find another girl who dares to embarress 
herself when she is out with you because she knows you are doing everything to make her laugh
I have alot of friends who receive the laughing juice (not that i am complaining, i had alot of jokes really) 
but finds it hard to do the same to make me laugh
dunno how we got started on this but i was literally begging to play the calefare... so i did... (spot me!)

( you MUST spot me... i am the striking calefare doing the "walking")

and then it was Mee-pok's turn
This time i had to play the lead while she plays the calefare, 
so knowing how i might lose the attention because she is way hotter
i've decided to play the kawaii japanese tourist who twist with her crooked fingers... 

.... and... i bet you still notice my calefare (without her face EVEN!!!!) first...  #MajorFailedLeadActress

Having meddle with my camera, pushing all the buttons
and selecting all the options i dont really understand, 
we soon learn my powerful digital cam comes with mode that changes the environment as we'll set them.... so we played with them
-Sunset mode-

-sunrise mode-

-gloomy sky-

As i walk back to the self-timed camera i accidentally press the self timer once again, 
not wanting to waste this chance to snap a caught-off-guard pic of Mee Pok i quickly bring myself 
to a pose so unglam, it made the toes in my socks struggle to wiggle
Major fail on my part really i kid you not, 
i am never gonna admit that was Kristal (of Bak-chor as i am affectionately called by Mee Pok)

The worst was that Mee POk wasnt even caught off guard lah, 
this girl camera-ready one!
and check out those hair! Act yi-ge swipe to one side shampoo commercial only..... 

And then came the part where i had the best idea of doing a jump shot,
but we gave up after one attempt because the picture was BEYOND practice-makes-perfect.. see for yourself
Seriously Mee Pok, we are really getting on our age.. why!??!?!?

oh in case you like to know, Mee-pok's romper's from LoveBonito, i absolutely adore the cutting on her
here's her OOTD shot, 
i didnt post mine because it was badly represented (next time u'll see my burberry polo in a differnet light!)

Which 2 girls cannot enjoy some polaroid moments together? Mee POk & i surely did, 
thankful that she was super generous with her instax... we finish a box that morning

We'll also capture alot of pictures on our mobile phone, imagine the image overloaded on camera/phone/polaroids, 
the guys will pay to shun waiting for us if we ever get started on phototaking
dont you just love the lighting of my camera, 
man those background are portrait-worth

Summing up on our rare meetups, the little camera there is a split camera by the way, 
my favorite toy from Cuzzie Ray&Viv for my birthday years back
really precious instax all proud displayed on my office desk now, i love the colours of them all. 

We later part ways so i could head back to bbb while Mee-pok went on to visit some cute babies. 

I miss our meetup now, we are already arranging for our next, 
cant wait :)


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The sunken feeling

Been feeling rather out of sort today, 
mainly stuck with toying the idea of playing the business out of the box. 
I've been knocking my skull so hard trying to figure out what else i can do 
to make SS work, to make it better, to make SS glow. 

It's the budget i've been trying to keep within (not the cost price of the stocks dont worry)
All that extra budget needed to advertise is like a stone throw right into face (more like my pocket)
Sigh, perhaps i should explore finding more ways to fund this dream i am building. 
Gotta keep working, saving & pulling the strings tighter on other stuff. 

and then there is the problem of the medication i am feeding, 
the unneccessary weight gain that ive been keeping to myself 

i am really thankful about the consolation everyone's been giving, 
and i am not sure if it's really the medication that has attribute to the weight gain. 
BUT i'm pretty sure i've been exercizing more than i can ever do (and eat way lesser than i ever did thanks to the braces)
i wouldnt want to accuse Mercilon, afterall the side effects that were rumoured to take place did not happen.
Perhaps it's really the excess food i've subconsciously fed on while sleep or sleepwalking... 

Been texting besties alot more than i did, 
glad to be keeping in constant contact thanks to the variety of communication network. 
She's a real doll to hang out with, 
and her endless supportive cheer-me-on keeps me going strong. 
So thankful to have the friendship going strong for the past 13 years, 
i must have been lucky to have been rewarded with so much goodness this life :)

And there is the man who is ever ready to hear me talk
i could go on for days on the same old topic that he never understood (think shopping, woman obsession with shoes, politics at work) and he will nod in agreement, understanding. 
Though he will never be good with words to cheer me on
This man is a gem, because he thinks and sees what i am trying to say, but he cannot translate his response to them in a way we can both understood. 
But he never stood me down, he could jump his thoughts straight to the summary "as long as you dont regret what you are doing"
and that was all i really need to hear, someone to stand by me when i feel like i was ready to jump off the cliff, 
this man, this gem, is mine:)

I know my mish-mash of thoughts is getting harder and harder to put into place,
i'll never stop for a second to take a breather, 
the brain just works all day long. 
I want achievement, i crave for it so badly. 
and right now i have all the backing i need, 
that is all that i will need to keep me going on. 
all i can say is, with bbb's acknowledgement, 
my family's silence support, 
my best friend's constantly checking out on my progress
my cousin's supportive backing
i have nothing to fear, absolutely nothing. 

well... except for cash, i need cash support, so i am exceptionally glad to be working & working in an environment i can accept, 
where the colleagues are especially nice, 
and their partners are equally cool. 

i'm tempting to leave the buzzing city for a while, 
and i cannot wait for the long vacation in October 
bbbb and i will head back to the very place that tested our
endurance for a lasting relationship
we will explore new places in the old town we use to stay together
i am praying so hard that SS will see the light by October, 
because deep down i am pretty sure i cannot spend
fifteen days away from this red dot & completely leave the business alone. 
i do want to give myself a break, especially with this vacation i so craved for, please let SS work by October. 

sigh.. all that sunken feeling is back here again... i', signing off.. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Learnt a new word via blogreading today, fell in love with this word and am trying to blog based on it. Renewing my emotion this thursday so as to look forward to another awesome long weekend .. argh... life's little surprise :)

I'm extremely proud of my revived interest in blogging. and it has been 3 consecutive day since i do so? ( albeit the lack of pictures, i am lugging my digi-cam to Malacca tomorrow, hoping i can capture some good pictures already!)

So yesterday i went on a freeride (thank you besties-in-law) over to Besties' new hood, the house is completely undone (undone is an understatement because we cannot even pee in the toilet - yet!!!)
I honestly love random outing like this and with the company of my favorite people [[yes Ah Cai Shu (A.k.a besties-in-law) earn his favorite now that he is married to besties]]. We sat in the living room, making random imaginations of where all the furnitures will be placed, i sat in awe of the dream this 2 are living & started dreaming about my dream house.     As with all the Singaporean, the "custom" here in Singapore is to build your house before you build the wedding. The lag between applying for a flat & getting the keys are unexpectedly near, and a lot of relationship are living in denial juggling between [sealing] a life partner & building a home tgr.      Fortunately for my 2 favorite people, they are about to mark their 10th year of dating (that is equivalent to 9 years of courtship & 1 year of marriage... creepy)    and so far their plan have been moving at a significantly healthy pace.      I am feeling lucky looking at them discuss their home ideas, it makes me excited for the day bbbb and i do such thing (no.. no luck with future plan yet :) we are building our dreams remember?)

Anyhow, we gobble pizza down while chatting (that give birth to 3 new ulcers this morning, thanks braces!) and besties took the measurement after measurement & excitedly share the little project she is working on (think.... entertainment room ..!). i cant wait to see their hood embark on the next phase of renovation, where all their customization ideas are brought alive by the trusted construction company they've engage their help with.    Building a home, as it is put, is a real chore (fun chore )

Oh, and after handing the dress Besties equally love, i feel a strong urge to keep one for myself too, so the very next day i put them on and can i just say how i really love this piece?! the cutting is amazing (for a petite girl like me) and the length feels like it was made for me... haha...   here's my OOTD 
Really adoring the pocket details, and price only at S$18, this is a real steal (a loss for me honestly...  but this is one attractive piece i have to share!)

Cant wait to receive the pictures from Besties when she don them on, she is much taller than i am and i bet the overall feeling is different. I matched my outfit with a thin headband and tied my hair up in a high ponytail, the aim was to drive the feel away from a ordinary working dress and i must say i feel a lot younger wearing them :)

.... on an other note, feeling rather zonk at having to give the secondary school metup a miss. 
Due to an important matter,i will be accompaning bbbb off to Malacca tomorrow morning, i hope i wont be a white elephant there and be of use when help is required, you'll hear alot of me heading to malacca cos that is where bbbb's father is from and because they own a house there. Anyhoot, i hope i can make up for another meetup with the peeps once i return, really miss them all after not catching up since we all graduated ions back.. 

now it's time to head back to reality.. ttyl blog


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SS & bestie's new hood

I am pretty proud of myself for blogging more regularly lately.

I always imagine another my inside my head talking myself as i engulf into a heated discussion, so why not have then penned down to refer back when i am slightly more clear-minded (sounds pretty creepy if i reading this not knowing the eccentric Kristal i can be sometimes)

Been doing StapleStatement more dilligently lately and i am thankful for the discipline to brave through disappointment & disappointment again. It's strange how i feel so useless sometimes, then other times i pick myself up to give it another shot. Times & again i kept the saying from Jamue etched inside so deeply "this first year is the hardest, the first year is the hardest, the first year is the hardest....... "

And the chanting goes on and on, and in order to ensure i can sustantiate this risky hobby of mine, i am down to saving almost zero savings (apart from the monthly fix bills and loan i am paying off) and spending it all on the tiny dream i am building. Concern friends are telling me the risk i am putting myself into, but me being stubborn as usual, decides to move with my gut feeling & try to brave it through.

Afterall, (negative thinking argh.... go away) its not like i haven fail before, but i pick myself up rather fast ...   so let me fall & rise again this time, along with the other bad times :)

Thankfully for the people around me really, bbbbb had been especially supportive as he was also the one that had spark the start of this dream. I dont think i have talked about how it all happened, but here's the shortest ever summary - one fine day bbbb took out a portion of his savings, throw me a challenge because he knew i cannot afford to lose, and there i was, getting all serious and hyped up about StapleStatement.     We use to date all weekend long (we still do hurhur) doing nothing & aiming for our future together years later, but with the addition of this little project, most weekend talks & discussion are on strategy on making SS work. i dare not say i have put in my fullest, and bbbb definitely didnt want to play a major part in this project.    So for now i am only trying, but i know one day i will see the light, cos every small steps is a step closer to achieving what i want :)

Oh, and did i tell you? This does not come cheap, apart from the very very important portion of capital pumped in by bbbbb, i have also been pumping in my monthly salary into making this work, we have to pinch ourselves as we quote the price of our clothes at the cheapest, but this was one of my main point of setting up SS, i never believe in spending big bucks on clothing but have a wardrobe full of clothes all neatly folded waiting to be worn, i never liked buying expensive clothes anyway since i care too little to handwash them in order to keep it perfect.   So SS is like a dream i am building, the sort of clothing i will like to wear, affordable, easy to keep away, easy to put on and wont burn your pocket.   i want to live by that goal when building SS, i hope i wont regret the low price ever, because frankly, i haven't regretted a single budgeted purchase i own thus far :)

In the latest collection 4 for the month of May are several colorful picks i have accumulated, there is a second part to it but we couldnt rush the photoshoot in time to have it launched fully. Here are some of my favorite pick, tried, tested & fits well for a UK8-10 me :)
i really really like the fitting of robertson collar dress, because this is one dress i wont have to try too hard to accessorize, the unique side pockets save me from separating my short body with a belt and instead elongate them. I have not find a good chance to wear them out, but shall do so for an  outing soon, this is really a catch especially with the price, one of the start purchase to sell them only at S$18/mailed. Main reason for this cost?  because i really really really want to see everyone wear them, it is very elegant!!

Frankly, this dress is a really really pretty piece, it didnt look that pleasant during the shoot, wonder why. I love love love the material it was made, extremely thick and when i receive them i can imagine myself wearing them with a trucker cap & high cut sneakers, the SS ladies worn them with a belt and it looks pretty decent, but trust me to wear it like a skat8r would, and you will love it even more....

Now i am determine to don them on one day and show you how i would rather have it done!! Nevertheless, the SS ladies prettify them so well i had to post the pictures :)

i dont want to post too many outfit here cos it will be equivalent to me liking all of them (i admit i love them all lah, if not why i bring it in to sell?!?!)     .. this is a personalized blog, can friends pleaase remind me to put them on and give a clearer idea on how it would look like on a not-so-perfect body (XT wears a UK 4-6 & Ju wears UK6-8) like mine.... standing at ONLY 152cm (without heels) and UK8...... shortie wear!!!~

....anyway.. i am off to bestie's new place later this afternoon to check out the reno & create some mess! I love how bestie & bestie-in-law's lives are well in placed & how the house came at a perfect timing. If they shall permit i will post some pictures of the new BTO empty & unfurnish, as i progress with their renovation. MAYBE you will soon see how a typical BTO can be beautify as 2person work on it with their magic fingers :)


Monday, May 20, 2013

Today i feel like blogging, thank you for reading my aimless blog entry :)

I've always been a fans of silly, unrealistic romance novel where the male lead went through all odds to win the female lead's heart, and they live happily ever after. Whoever thought, that at age 26 i'm only a self proclaim fresh-working adult who had only bid goodbye to graduation last year?

This year has seen me passing each day barely realizing the night is falling, i have been picking up on my running regime in preparation for more line up of runs happening past mid-year. The most significant run will be that of the Race-Against-Cancer, of which i'll be taking part with the support of the next man i lookup to  apart from Dad.    i dont see myself as a survivor but i want to preach the feeling of having gone through  the torment of living in fear only to face up to it so boldy & confidently, that it no longer matter :)

Perhaps it was the luck i had with me that day, after sharing with the running team at work about my intention for the upcoming race, i have alongside me, the precious support of 4 more colleagues who will jointly race against time on 24th july to compete for the company's team race.    It all started with something so small and insignificant, and now i can look forward to the race in july to celebrate "against Cancer" and to share some bonding moments with my colleagues who are so supportive towards my "mission".

Also in the thanksgiving line (everyday is thanksgiving cos i'm cool like that) is the special support from the friendship that had stood by me for the past 13 year. Few days back we celebrated Sharon-besties' 26th birthday and i was caught dumbfolded after counting the years with my finger/toe nails and finding out we've been the best of friends for half our lives.     It's never easy trying to make a relationship last since both parties have to make the effort, so i find making a friendship last much much more difficult, as with all other more important things in lives like our life partners, our family and our goal/target/achievement. I wanna do a shoutout to my bestest friend Sharon for being amazing at 26, for being my listening ear and always assuring me it's us two against the world.    Thank you for making the world extra special by standing alongside me, for braving my health when i needed support, for putting aside more imprtant things in your life when i needed you more than anything else.  Thank you for assuring me times and again that i matter still, when i had crazy thoughts that there were someone else in our special friendship you replied & encourage me not to think that way, and that you know and feel the special bond that i felt towards you too. 

Thank you for including me in your future plans, for allowing me to reserve my slot in your business plan, family plans and life goal. I wouldnt be telling you confidently that you are my bestestest friend, if you didnt gave me that courage & permission to do so!

This period of the year really wasnt my best, i blogged about how i hated may, in 2006, 2009, skip a few years in between trying to lie low because i couldnt face them each time it happened. I still hate May, no denial, but i know better than to wish for the bad to come, i only wish for it to be subtle, and if some miracle allows, to have may the most amazing way i could have hope for.   So far it had been pretty happy, having divert my attention on things that does not concern myself/

Maybe, just maybe, the month of May is for me to care about the others? If so that i am glad to say i have been doing good :)  There are many good news in line for alot of people around me, and to protect their interest i can only send my well wishes in silence :)   you have no idea how happy i am for all of you

Sometimes, a small part of me still think about the people who should no longer matter, how is she doing? does she remember the past sweet past we use to share, i still have her to thank for the lodging i so desperately need when i was studying for my university, we love talking over booze at her room just planning our future. Some friendship are so vulnerable calling quit is easy. 

All that mish-mash of thoughts are bombarding me right now, and writing them out on this blog will be irrelevant especially if i cannot tell you in sequence how they should be sorted out.

Today i feel like blogging, thank you for reading my aimless blog entry :)


Thursday, May 16, 2013


This narration was a true account of what i have witness earlier, characters have been meme-tize to save the privacy of each individual

Smart Student A: Hey B, the computer 201 is old and slow & almost spoilt, dont you think we need a new replacement?

Not-So-Smart Student B: Oh, if you need a new set, you should request with Teacher yourself!
*Not-So-Smart Student B heads over to teacher anyway

Not-So-SmartStudent B: Teacher, the computer 201 is spoilt, we need to get it replaced.

Teacher: Oh, sure i will propose for a new set tomorrow. By the way, you are not assign to that desk, how would you know it is spoilt?

Not-So-Smart Student B: Smart Student A told me, he thought i was stupid and did not know his real intention, i told him i wasnt stupid and that he have to request it himself.

who is the stupidier one? i witness the whole accident and didnt know if i should faint at his stupidity or laught that he didnt realize he had indeed *(as expected by Smart-Student A) propose for a new set of computer for Student A. 

The only one to gain will still be Student A lah, even the Teacher hearing it will laugh at this silly joke, this did not happen in School and they are NOT students, which makes it even funnier -.-"


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

braces + facial

It's been a week since i am on braces, the pain has since subside and i am back to my normal diet of food & snacks, only i take longer than usual to eat them, and sometimes get sick of chewing cos it triggers the near-healed ulcer and then i will give up eating.

Does braces really equates to diet?'
This is not true if you have a high treshold of pain, i dare say i am. Unfortunately, the pain was still unbearable at the first 3 days (with up to a record breaking 7 ulcers on both sides along the wall of my mouth)

The result of losing weight thanks to braces is attributed to the torturing chewing process when eating that will cause the metal to scrap against the wall of your lip, thus causing the ulcer to quickly swell & create even more ulcer.

Dont worry since the ulcer go away pretty fast, even for impatient people like me who is pretty used to biting off the ulcer on the mouth, i choose to leave them alone and amazingly they quickly recover.

So there you have, the lastest update of my braces, not much difference in my daily lifestyle. I do get friends telling me how my features are changing drastically and i somehow look different. This is true to a certain extent since i haven't been putting eyeliner ever since i had my braces done. I use to swear by eyeliner and still carry an extra eye pencil whereever i go, but i notice my eyes are noticeable larger than the past and doing away with the eyeliner does not make much different than with them.  

Super thankful to this new transformation because i can proudly say i am nearing my "make-upless" target with only the following beaute regime, twice a day 7 days a week.


  1. Cleanser: Cetaphil face&body cleanser for a super thin & light wash in the morning
  2. Essense: Hada Labo facial hydrating essence
  3. Moisturiser: Hazeline 雪花膏
  4. Sunblock: currently digging the samples given by my aunt from the previous facial wash (the brand is call Benephit, super duper good!!)
  5. Eyebrow: Elianto eyebrow pencil for the outline, Red Earth Eye brow shadow for the filling
  6. Cheek: Benefit Lip&Cheek tint  (my smartest of all purchase because i still digging it super badly after 2 years!!!!!)
  1. Cleanser: Younger cleanser as recommend by my Aunt after my facial
  2. Water Bank: Laneige night water sleep gel
Never underestimate the power of cheap cheap product you see the elderly use over the long years, i have been using Hazeline for years now and they are still super cheap & good. I recently got Mum some products from Estee Launder because i learn alot of Mummies still swear by Estee Lauder after so many years so i am hoping Mum will benefit from it.    My face regime cost way lesser than most of my friends i have asked about. The major purchase are probably from the Benephit Sunblock i am considering getting from my Aunt, the rest are slightly steeper in my opinion but they last a long long time. 

In addition, i will like to highly rave about Cetaphil face&body wash that i have been raving lately. 
My brother has been using it for his face for a while but i didnt really take notice of it till i read it online. The article reccomend alternating 2 facial wash daily to cater to the different environment you have placed your skin in over the time of the day. 

Therefore i chose Cetaphil because i sleep in a air conditioner room the night before and with minimum product use on my face in the night, only a light wash is needed to keep the face hydrated enough for the make up to stay on till the evening. 

For the night wash go for a slightly intensive wash to deep-cleanse the make up off your face & all the dirt your face is introduced to. A deep cleanse also ensure the your pores are free to breathe for the rest of the evening before you put on your night essence before bedtime. 

I am not a pro in skincare i really am not, but i am thankful to be able to find a formula that suits my skin so well and even the recent hot.humid weather still doesnt guarantee outbreak, the first miracle since i reached puberty haha. 

I have recently started going to my Aunt's condo for monthly facial, i love love love home based salon because they are more comfy than retail ones. I have never had a facial prior to visiting her and am thankful i started going for facial at age 26, i believe it is high time to reconstruct my skin as i move forward to another aging stage of life.   Thankfully the new facial resolution did not create a hole in my pocket, at only S$40/ trip for an hour of massage/scrub/steaming/mint mask/more massage/pore minimizing treatment in the comfort of her air-conditioned bedroom on a regular facial bed with the aroma therapy candle burning & soothing music playing in the background, need i go on further?

Also fantastic is how i can enjoy the facial at her condo, and perhaps sneak into the residence pool for a quick swim before i head home. i also enjoy the company of my cousin who will chat away with me if i ask for her to stay beside me while i enjoy the treatment. i strongly think facial is the best form of pampering i have awarded my skin ever since i started aging.

gah.. alot of boring talks about aging, typical woman talk, here's heading off to daydream about a good long holiday. chaos!


Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Braces journey


sorry about the lack of updates, i have excuses other than my laziness, which in my opinion is rather unforgiving :P

As you might have recall, i am now part of my half journey towards becoming Ugly Betty.
Yes i left with her hair & her spec and then i can proceed to make my own Season 5 :)

This was me on the morning of my dental appointment, all excited & ready for the big transformation. That same morning i had the company of my dear boyfriend thus to please him i;ve decided to abandon any ettiquette there is prior to meeting the dentist & gobble down 2 slices of roti prata with my yummy Fish curry. 

My dentist will kill to know all the stuff i have eaten before going to meet him, but i the decency to gurgle before my visit, so please give me credit for that:)   

Anyway the walk to the dentist from prata place was less than 40 steps. Luminous Dental is located at a visible corner of Chai Chee lane, so it's hard to miss it. 

You might recall i had previously "install" some separators between the fatter teeth in order to create space enuff to put the braces on, by the time i was due for my appointment, most of the separator had dropped off (i almost swallow a few, but separator are one of those thing you swallow and does not feel guilty about. If you are curious how the separator will look like, just imagine a teeny-weeny rubber band (i am super nice to google you the less gore image)
mine is green in colour :)

i spoke to my orthodontist briefly and before long i was lying comfortably by the dental bed. 

Remove the Separator - So the first thing that he did was remove the separator, asking me to nod if he had any question. He asked if the separator fell off recently and it it was naturall (i nod, but i lied, i had deliberately pulled off one separator as it was sinking into my gum and hurting me)

After removing the separator he had to do a clean up for the teeth before installing anything. My teeth was splash with water mist while he "digs" and "scrub" the dirt off  (can you imagine the prata?!)..  the process was pretty much painless if not for the constant suction that was irritating me quite a bit :(

Installing the back braces - i gurgled & rest a little and then i was told to lied back in bed. The next thing done can bring slight discomfort to those of you who cannot image anything else into your mouth other than food. Using his tool, the orthodontist sort-of push open each teeth, access the gap in between and you'll hear him instructing his assistance (37, 36.5 and 36). I assume that was the gap between my teeth that he must have estimate to be about 0.36", 0.365" or 0.37" wide.    The key is to fit the metal part of the braces between your teeth to ensure there is NO GAP between each tooth so the rubberband can tighten the teeth later & align it properly. 
 Pain level: 3/10

i'll be lying if i said i didnt feel anything, but i had my eye closed the whole time and i swear i got too use to the tuggging & pulling over time that i almost fell asleep.  All that was done was only for the inner teeth to the left and right of your mouth, both the upper & lower teeth (the upper/lower front teeth had to be safe for other procedure later)

Duration: about 15mins and i was done!

Zap the teeth &whiten it - sucks to know my teeth are super off white!!  He squeeze dollop of some sour-tasting paste onto each teeth, and scrap the surface, making sure it's clean, and than splashes the paste away, leaving an extremely distasteful odor/taste that was sour & smelly ( i assume it's the smell of my dirty teeth). Next he took out a handheld device that loooks pretty much like a manual shaver & told me to keep my eyes closed. I could feel the laser ray zapping away at the teeth he had scrap earlier, and after the laser i notive most of my teeth are left blue in colour (and STILL IS, just checked today, 2 days after the procedure)

Installing the front braces - (it feels weird to be using the word "installing" cos i feel like a laptop while typing this... but i had limited vocab on my list to describe the process so bear with me)
My Orthodonotist make use of the chance to tell me funny jokes, i had to giggle with my mouth wide. I must have been lazy in keeping my mouth wide enuff, because after a while he had to insert this mouthguard into my mouth, making sure it was big enuff for him to work on.... Not much pain to keeping the mouth wide the entire time.  but i had a serious problem with crack lips  (they were tearing & about to bleed). My orthodonotist quickly applied Vaseline (SUPER GOOD SERVICE RIGHT) on my lips using cotton bud, then it was smooth sailing.... 

because i kept my eye closed most of the time, i couldnt tell where he was but it was pretty amazing becuase i could feel him working on my mouth in different angle, as thou he had been running in circle around the dental bed.... pretty comical if you ask me, whenever i slight open my eye i;ll find him at different angle from where he was the last time.... he worked alone at this time as the nurse left the room, i could hardly feel anything but i think he had beeen applying the ceramic on my front teeth (i chose HOT PINK, btw, pretty cool if you ask me muahahahha).... he also delicately placed the metal braces onto the ceramic & press it down (although i cannot feel him doing it)..

What's even amazing was he have been pushing the side of the braces braces in between my front tooth yet i didnt feel anything, i tot he was half done when he says i could sit up, but in fact i had install all the braces bracket onto my teeth! Eaasy Peasy!

Pain Level: 1/10 (almost painless, easy process)
Duration: 15min

Metal Wire & rubber bands - this part was slightly scary. My orthodotist took out a metal wire that looks like a bender, it was shape to be inserted onto your teeth smoothly. I refuse to witness this process as i was pretty sure i'll get poke somehow.. 

I did get poke by the wire once it was done, but i had to bear with the discomfort as he close the braces bracket shut to clip onto the wire firmly. Next he took a scissors with curvy ends and place it in my mouth (probably the scariest process of them all )  and he said this " i am going to to cut off the ends of the wire, as your teeth straighten along with time, we will have to trim the ends of the wire till it fuly aligns with your teeth)


I didnt mention much but i was freaking inside, praying & praying he wont cut me by mistake, he counted to the seconds that he was removing the wire so i can be mentally prepared  "here goes.. 1..2..3!" and SNAP! i can hear the snap sound LOUD & CLEAR!! but i didnt taste the wire, the special scissors had its fuction to keep away the part it had removed... good... one down & 3 more ends to go.. i can deal with this~

1..2..3.. SNAP!   1..2..3.. SNAP!  1..2..3.. SNAP!

this process wasnt easy i tell you, not the pain or anything, it was the mental.. no one likes to have the sounds of snap inside your mouth.. who knew what he was cutting. But i admit he was good, i didnt like the sound of the cutting still, but i didnt feel any pain during this cutting, only mental torture. 

The last step was to put the band, place your life at stake with your dentist on this one, they are real professional on this if you ask me, i had all the band on within seconds... 
Here's the first snap of my braces in HOT PINK, as soon as i got out of his room. Not much explain words, i wasnt use to talking with the braces, my othodontist gave me some guidance, the rest was advice by his assitance. 

Anyway i was given the following for the start of my braces journey... 
ok..i bought the Hello Kitty floss myself, i HAD to.. hahahah... 
The was stick you see on the right is LIFE SAVING!!! you know how you already expect ulcer to form with  the metal braces bracket scrapping against the side of your mouth? Well you wont expect to form the ulcer so soon will you? One day after my procedure i had 3 full grown ulcer that hurts like mad! This is the MOST painful of my braces journey thus far :*(     

What you do with the wax is to break off a small lump & press it with your finger till it forms a ball, press it onto the sharp portion of the braces & wella! no more pain (well not really since the wax disappear pretty fast  or falls off most time.. i had swallow at least 2 balls so far )

While i still cant tell which part exactly is causing the ulcers, i am counting on the wax to remove any discomfort i can feel.. and the rubber band is tightening the teeth so much so that my teeth are sore... 

I dare share my experience with you that the entire visit at the dentist was almost painless, the real torture comes ONE DAY AFTER YOU HAD YOUR BRACES

Till yesterday (day one) i had so much sore-ness in my teeth from the tightening & ulcer at the mouth that i  no longer eat solid food. My breakfast yesterday was bowl of goodness cereal which i had to throw away after the 3rd bite because my gum were screaming & pleading for leniency... Apparently the dry fruits are too hard to chew on and the cereal containing oats are too dry to swallow without chewing.. i skip breakfast #StartOfABracesDiet

For Lunch i manage to swallow & "drink" down a bowl of fish porridge, the aunty is too kind, she saw my aching mouth & delibertely cook the porridge till its soft to perfection.. the fish slices are cut into small portion so all i had to do was drink it down.... i love my lunch. 

For dinner on the first day my teeth were still aching in pain by 5pm that day... i went home & my family were super supportive! We all had porridge cooked by Mum (bf came by to eat too and love the yummy tasting home cook taste) while i took almost an hour to finish mine.... i had to press the tiny-cut sized lean meat that Mum has put in the porridge using the metal spoon and flatten it so it turns soft.. then i can swallow them & feel the taste..... it was the most comforting meal since the start of my pain & i finish every bit given to me. 

if you think i had enuff calories #BracesDietStillFail, i also bought some Tau-suay from the foodcourt nearby & swallow them (bad process, i almost choke many times)... but i did end my first day pretty well, full from the food i manage to eat & love the comfort & company of my family & boyfriend.  I slept so well i only wake up when the alarm rang. 

and that pretty much sums up my braces journey till date. Today is the second day, and in summary here are the food i've eaten

Breakfast - 2 tiny slices of cheesecake, melts in the mouth + a cup of low fat milk
Lunch - Mango Yogurt & kok-krunch soak in for an hour till it soften... 

it's boring reading what i have eaten so here are more pictures

I'll be back real soon WITHOUT blogging about the food i eat, i know how sad they look :*(