Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bak Chor Mee Pok

Phyllis a.k.a Mee Pok finally had time off her busy flight schedule to meet me for brunch one sunday, 
we've been talking about planning all the time, 
it's hard to date an Air-Stewardess

We've decided on brunch since i'll usually put up at bbbbb's place over weekend 
so it's more-or-less like a weekend-for-the-boyfriend thing,
 but bbb knew how much the date meant to me especially
 having not meet Mee Pok for so long so he excuse himself & 
went off to badminton with the Laos!   

Brunch was arranged at The Canopy,
 a new place i've been dying to check out after having read about it on numerous blogs. 

I arrived there really early after googling for the journey, 
it's a easy bus ride from AMK and to locate the place simply get off at the bus stop that oversees
a open space of carpark by the Park, 
The Canopy is a stone throw from the carpark. 
i love cafe with a unique getup, a pet friendly cafe is a bonus too! 
We chatted the whole of the morning away, 
dining on prawn salad (real fresh, remember to grab this if you see it on the menu) and egg benedict
Got too engross in the conversation that i didnt capture anything. 

Then i suggest we walk the filled tummy away over to snap some pictures together, 
the sun was beaming hot but the idea of brunch in a theme cafe totally makes up for it, 
we settled at a sheltered granite bench where it was much much cooler

Mee pok, giggling away cos i had practically climb onto the granite bench and stood above her
aiming the camera straight down at her face.
Thank you for being the same old you 
like you said you will when you first started flying
You promise to be genuine and i dare say you are as 
humble as you always am since day one :)

Thank you for being the gutsy one among us both and taking
up the challenges throw in your way
listening to what i would do had i face the same situation.
i've said this before and i will say it again 
You help me live my dream, thank you and love you Mee-pok!!~

We kinda got hooked on playing with the different effect on my camera
and started a series of shots that i now laugh-out-loud 
whenever i look back through each pictures, 
really, its hard to find another girl who dares to embarress 
herself when she is out with you because she knows you are doing everything to make her laugh
I have alot of friends who receive the laughing juice (not that i am complaining, i had alot of jokes really) 
but finds it hard to do the same to make me laugh
dunno how we got started on this but i was literally begging to play the calefare... so i did... (spot me!)

( you MUST spot me... i am the striking calefare doing the "walking")

and then it was Mee-pok's turn
This time i had to play the lead while she plays the calefare, 
so knowing how i might lose the attention because she is way hotter
i've decided to play the kawaii japanese tourist who twist with her crooked fingers... 

.... and... i bet you still notice my calefare (without her face EVEN!!!!) first...  #MajorFailedLeadActress

Having meddle with my camera, pushing all the buttons
and selecting all the options i dont really understand, 
we soon learn my powerful digital cam comes with mode that changes the environment as we'll set them.... so we played with them
-Sunset mode-

-sunrise mode-

-gloomy sky-

As i walk back to the self-timed camera i accidentally press the self timer once again, 
not wanting to waste this chance to snap a caught-off-guard pic of Mee Pok i quickly bring myself 
to a pose so unglam, it made the toes in my socks struggle to wiggle
Major fail on my part really i kid you not, 
i am never gonna admit that was Kristal (of Bak-chor as i am affectionately called by Mee Pok)

The worst was that Mee POk wasnt even caught off guard lah, 
this girl camera-ready one!
and check out those hair! Act yi-ge swipe to one side shampoo commercial only..... 

And then came the part where i had the best idea of doing a jump shot,
but we gave up after one attempt because the picture was BEYOND practice-makes-perfect.. see for yourself
Seriously Mee Pok, we are really getting on our age.. why!??!?!?

oh in case you like to know, Mee-pok's romper's from LoveBonito, i absolutely adore the cutting on her
here's her OOTD shot, 
i didnt post mine because it was badly represented (next time u'll see my burberry polo in a differnet light!)

Which 2 girls cannot enjoy some polaroid moments together? Mee POk & i surely did, 
thankful that she was super generous with her instax... we finish a box that morning

We'll also capture alot of pictures on our mobile phone, imagine the image overloaded on camera/phone/polaroids, 
the guys will pay to shun waiting for us if we ever get started on phototaking
dont you just love the lighting of my camera, 
man those background are portrait-worth

Summing up on our rare meetups, the little camera there is a split camera by the way, 
my favorite toy from Cuzzie Ray&Viv for my birthday years back
really precious instax all proud displayed on my office desk now, i love the colours of them all. 

We later part ways so i could head back to bbb while Mee-pok went on to visit some cute babies. 

I miss our meetup now, we are already arranging for our next, 
cant wait :)


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