Monday, June 03, 2013

Wheee.. end of May!

Argh... such fine start of June
it must be psychological, but june
gives that empthatic feel that makes me feel so console
someone/something notices just how hard May is 
Thank God it went by.. 

This morning i text some of the people i so cherish, 
sending well-wishes & offering some luck for the good ol'june
PaperStop in particular, offer no condolesence as she advise how
she detest the month of june, only to look forward to July 
The irony... we women refuse to grow old , 
but we cant wait to finish a year either!

The past weekends has been fun-filled
thou i cannot put into words the elements that had made it so fufilling
i spend the entire week within inches from the boyfriend, 
who have notice how i am such a major huge fan of his fanclub.. (
i am the only member too)
We spend friday playing tennis with his workmates
whom i have now seen as friends that are real fun to hang out with
Tennis wasnt as successful as the other times, 
and my back-hand... man that needs some serious tuition
The atmosphere at The Swimming Club was really cosy, 
So much so we are hoping someday in the near future
we can join membership with a club equally fun, 
just chilling the weekend away playing sports, eating delicacy & utlizing the facilities available
The kids are equally amazing, 
there were at least 3 failed attempts to keep the balls within the court, 
and each embarressing moments sees a kiddo running up to the court, with a ball in hand and smiling through their empty teeth brackets, 
with the heartwarming "here's the ball you've threw out"
At one point a kid, with his crowd of "hide-n-seek" friends cheering him on
ran into the court while we were playing, 
gets on his feet & uses a tee he was holding to grab a frog that was leaping around... 
man.. i was terrified of frog, but i am attracted to watching him catch the frog too... 
childhood... i bet they had their best. 

We spent the friday night at my place, grabbing supper,
feeling guilty over eating supper then falling asleep immediately
how not to get fat?!
The next morning we left my place early to town
cos bbbb was dying to catch a movie and so he book F&F6 the night before, 
for an unearthly 1pm (unearthly cos it was saturday!) in The Cathay
really amazed by his planning thou, 
we aint the couple you see spending $$ in town on a regular weekend, 
most time we are too petrified by the crowd
and too embarress by the past-fashion pieces we were wearing, 
did you even see those trendsetters dress in Scape? 
man.. those kids, where do their money came from?

Weekend in town is rather refreshing for a change, 
we had a little argument during mid day, 
resulting in our overlook of carpark timing, 
by 6.01pm bbbbb suddenly muttered "shit", took out his iphone
saw the timing, and said "let's grab dinner in town"
haha.... owning a car in Singapore is difficult,
imagine trying to leave by 6.01pm, only to realize any timing passed 6pm is consider "per-entry" charges
so in short, we spend saturday evening walking from Doby Ghaut over to Bugis street to grab some amaze-balls Thai food at Purvis Street
Then doing some random shopping at Bugis Junction, 
before grabbing some Rocher Beancurd 
then walking back to Doby Ghaut to head home. 
All that in a day, with the big-shot car just sitting nicely in the carpark, 
and that seat cost us $8.12, more than regular cinema ticket. 
... car have a better live indeed. 

Then come Sunday, we were awake bright & early to head over to Luminous Dental for my monthly review. 
This time bbbb had fix an appt to get his basic polishing & check done. 
My time with the orthodontist was shockingly short, 
i took about 1 minute running out of the room to seek bbb's advice on the band colours... 
then running back in & almost running into Dr. Kevin (who turn his back to realize i was missing from the dentist chair.. haha)
2 minuties & his amazing skillful job later.... i present my new color band.. 

i do really like this set better than the previous one... 
bbbb prefer this better, it makes me look happy most time
we had both agree to do a red/orange the next time round... 
perks of looking like ugly betty. 

Did i also mention in my attempt to resemble Ugly Betty i have also set on getting my full-perm done finally
here's my inspiration
i love love love Linna Li's hairstyle and haven't stop adoring them since finding her instagram. 
i wish my perm would turn out half as good as hers
and that would also meaning the current hair reconstruction will have to be doubled up (i am already on :-
- hair mask once a week, 
- hair condition everyday, 
- hair leave-in condition every morning
- hair serum after blow dry every morning
- hair oil after serum every morning
- hair night leave in condition
and can now foresee myself doing more than this lot after the perm... 

Sunday afternoon was spent running errand with bbbb's family
helping his sister prep for her wedding of the year.... 
everything's almost set and her planning are coming into place nicely. 
this is a properous year for bbbb's family as they prepare for 2 weddings now & next year.... 
they are likely to be busy at least till the next wedding is over. 
Once we were done helping out... i drag bbbb out to the multi storey carpark *(against his strong whining).. 
and we spent a good hour washing & scrubbing his car.. 
very satisfied with the result... now all's left is to spark his interest in car wash.. hahahaha.... 
we were dead beat by the time it was done, 

 i really really really like resting on his chest listening to his heartbeat... i dont remember much of our afternoon nap but bbbb told me i refuse to let go of his hand, even when he wanted to get up for a quick relief.. In bbbb's word, when he return from his pee trip, "your hand was searching through the empty bed for my hands and i stood there watching adorable you look" ...  

Looks like my sub-conscious has found her other half too :) mad happy... !!

Apologies that my weekend hasnt sound like the best you've heard... i had so much things to recall & recollect as i rest on my bed after heading home yesterday. The week ahead looks promising even before it begun last night.... 
It's going to sound boring by now but i am going on a road trip 
to malacca (again!) with bbbb but this time, 
i have my entourage of The Chngies (my brother, sister, mum & dad) with me.... 
it's bbbb attempt to introduce the land he always visit to my family and i cannot wait for it to come soon!!!!

Here's to 5 more days of weekday before the weekend i look forward!!! Cheers!~!


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