Wednesday, June 19, 2013

keep in contact - penpal from the past

Today i spend a good portion of my time idling & surfing through blog
feeling out of sort & unbalance, especially jealous when others boast about their well spend holiday.
Media has become the new sort of gossip partners we share secrets with
except you can still put on a smile on your face as you secretly hide
the pathetic pain of jealousy you experience knowing fully well your friend next to you had just return from the best holiday ever.

I am not the only victim of  injustice that ultimately, was brought upon by myself,
the post was first brought to much familiarity by another blog i had been following
It's a miserable feeling of addiction having to log onto blogspot, livejournal, wordpress, instagram or facebook
to scroll through pictures after pictures of amazing foodie, brunch outings & holidays you haven't been to,
but knowing fully well your other friends have just rejuvenate herself over the weekend.

Yet if you, unlike me, had bother to think deeper into the pain that comes with the preparation of this beautiful pictures,
then perhaps you'll feel much much better,
which brings me to my next "The Secret" mission - to realize i can have the same post goodness if i had took painstakingly effort to "zng" my picture so they look equally look.
How many of us truly bother to think deeper into the prepartion to posting pic of that beautiful cup cake she had bake from scratch?

It takes more than a pretty table cloth & some pic-art to beautify, it involves taking the morning off,
waking slightly earlier (skipping work if you hold a job), baking, putting the batter into the oven &
constantly watching over the baking, beating the fondant, cream cheese & decorating each cupcake differently till they look like they were match make in heaven.

Also, how many of us realize behind all this hardwork, a good batch of 12 cupcakes fresh from the oven could be dumped into the trash because the decoration didnt fit the bill?   If we also take into consideration the cleaning, grims & dirt from the cupcake thereafter the baking, then perhaps you will think twice to mimick the same you can find off blogs (credits to Shiberty Sweets, she made awesome cakes!)_

I trust that while i am feeling miserable on days when i envy the others doing their thing, 
there are certainly the days others woud feel the same about me. 
i really wish we could relive the past one more time, 
just a short while, 
dumping the phone, carrying a phonecard & making free call to 1777 for the most accurate local time
do you remember this phonecard, 
i use to have so much fun collecting them with different pictures. 
but the $2 value barely last me 3 weeks, 
i would use them to call mum at work when i've forgotten to bring my homework
needless to say back those days, we can forget about getting such assistance from our parents
they would rather we face the punishment for forgetting our homework,
therefore the phonecard did not bring me much good memories back in Primary school
These huge gigantic standalone public phone, at school we use to have a long queue out the 
tuck shop, as everyone held on to their phonecard and make the phonecall during recess time, 
mainly to whine about their terrible days to their mummy or
to seek help for forgeting to bring their homework
some of us (myself for e.g) simply join the queue to play secret code (do you know we use to be able to make FREE call by dialing a 4-digit code before dialing the targeted number... i think the code was 0159 thou i can no longer remember this... it works like magic)
we can make a phonecall without a phonecard, we were popular & have schoolmates (a.k.a fan) swamming to witness this... 
Our poor maid then was a victim of phone answering, i didnt have anything to tell her, i just wanted to show off this little talent.. 

Then we would dream all day about going to Orchard Road (now we casually call them town, but in the past, "Orchard" sounds way cooler)
We will arrange to meet 2pm SHARP at the CONTROL STATION inside orchard station. 
Then struggle to reach there on time. 
but we HAVE to be on time, there was no phone, no pager or media communication of any sort to tell your mate you'll be late. 
Once i had to wait for a classmatess for 2.5hrs, and was pissed beyond my bones when she show up, till today (a good 12 years later) i still tease her for pissing me off that very day. no one enjoys waiting for anyone. 
i've probably never mention this, 
but letter writing use to be the biggest hobby of  my childhood
i had met penpals via Teenage magazine (there is a section we could make penpals... but it was later removed because some dirty men starting using them as a platform for grooming sexual victim)
i probably have 2 very stable penpal, and no they didnt come from Teenage Magazine

One was a far-relative , she was the grandaughter of my grandmother's sister
we met once when we were very very little and starting writing to each other. 
i enjoy saving my pocket money to buy really nice letter pad so i can write in them
her parents also encourage her to reply my letters & so the trend continued. 
We've since met maybe 3 times this lifetime? but never once spoken. 
She remain as a very special penpal of mine. 
Another penpal was a girl from my primary school that i use to hate
our friendship blossom behind the letters we wrote and frankly, 
she was the only girl i idolize through my secondary school life
she went to a good school and had a pretty face, 
but i felt really special because she had bother to reply every single of my letter
receiving a letter from her in the mailbox was the biggest gift back in school. 
we would share secrets thoughts about our lives & deeper thoughts on our ambition

I have her on my facebook friend now, and she still is one of the girl i idolize alot
although we had long stop penning down our thoughts becuase we lost touch

she is probably the only one special friend i would never forget, 
no matter the distance. 

oh! and she knew i was a huge fan of Spice Girl & SPEED (japanese band) back then, 
so whenever she had some collectibles from them (postcard, pencil, posters)
she would be sure to scan me a copy (my greatest honour).... 
those letter are really really special to me, it's a virtual possession i now hold 
 i miss her.... 
did anyone does this too?

back in school we use to have 2 shifts, 
the morning session students will forget their stuff & leave them behind so by the time the afternoon session use their desk there would be a pleasant surprise
thou not all surprise at pleasant!!

i use to reach my desk only to find wrapper containin chicken wing bones
and had to write a nice/fierce/threatening notes to the person in the morning session
to watch his hygience

Surprisingly, i always receive reply, it was fun, most time you dont know who you are writing to
some will reply nasty, but others just likes the secrecy
i enjoy leaving behind special notes to my friends, 
most time we write encouraging message & gossips about someone else

most of them are still my closer friends till date
i guess some bond never die :)


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