Wednesday, November 26, 2003

since the end of my o level, i guess i've just been lazing aroumd, had a chalet at arena few days back, cool its Xinyi birthdae, ton thru the whole nite, we (essey, Samuel Jian ji Jian chong, Xinyi, cynthia all chat loh) then later Zhiwei darren li juan got join us loh, we tok alot, about everthingthat happen all this while, about bitches, about crush, about my bad experience, about Sharon, about all thinsgs, i learbt alot of thing, Darren and Essey did not oppose me cos they are in the same class as Ismail, they were all friendly. We ate pizza, we sang karaeoke, we watch movie, we drank alcohol, beer... all this...... haha, so fun. so much seems to happen, i am so girly, went orchard today, boughtcute scostap, beads, chain, best if all, jap amulet. Me, Sharon, Sharon's god mei, Denise, we took pic, so cool. i am avoiding Bobo now, yuan lai he no a gud guy, lucky i clever enough to reject him the first time he propose. now i hear li juan sae he actually propose to Li juan before, Lijuan sae he can find beter gal, bobo say he will wait forever but he propose to another gal in less than a week. What a absolute jerk. he kept smsing me this days, i feel that he is such a psycho, better avoid. Samuel say he actually F.F Victoria, that simply puts me off, i feel so disgusted....... what a man.his ex stead in clude Priscellia. target include Kai XIn Li Juan all this....... hehe
kRistal neva meant to meet a real true guy one lah.
Zihao start toking online, at least now that i told him i dun lyke him too......... hehe, its really fun to reject sum one
btw, Jodie tok to me that day at her house party , seem likes i am goin on the right track...... lookin forward to success.
Vivien and i had sum trouble, seem like she told her mum sum thin she shouldn't have and got me and my mum in to trouble, our reputation is totally ruin, i feel so sorry for mummy. i dun blame Vivien , end of year liao, camp Mumbo around the corner, this year i just join halfway, what a blessing! i am gonna get involve in the OLIP alone, Sharon will be at Malaysia. haiz, see loh, than after which i going to band camp loh, i dun wanna get too involve in the band, my commitment are not too ful haha

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

its been a really long itme since i put my buttock down and concetrate on writing my heart out........ so much had happen, frankly, the only person i miss so badly will have to be Vivien, i miss cuz and i really wana see her soon, not that i am lesbain or sumthing, just that i always feels better with her around.
O level is a tedious thing, its the self controlling thing we have to contain within ourselves, long time since i check up mails, saw sum that JeRK wrote, of which 1 refers to the fact that he no longer feel the same for me. i, in fact , surprising, dun feel a thing, perhaps they were all riite about me falling in and out of this luv thingy far too easily, well........ but whu really cares? what do i have to hold back the person i wan.
every year, a few guys came across my life, lesser and lesser each time, i noe i am becoming uglier and fatter. i dun even hold that luv position in my heart that high any more, i guess people do grow fast.
i realise too that my cpncern are now place highly on my family, cousin and of course my ever flowong friends. SHaron and i hardly quarrl this days, i guess we are alll trying our very to see each other that much nowadays, we alll noe that life after o level is gonna beso much diferent than before. we'll all go our ways, i noe i will miss them....... Bobo, a guy i knew from Jannity, he was at first a guy, to me, rather cool and has his chavinism( sorry ah...... spelling very bad- okok i use egolistic) but since he start msg me too much,...... i feel rather frastuated, probably because i am neva use to have so much sms a day, and i dun enjoy repkying sms, call me a moey minded, i jus dun enjoy wasting my parents money on sms, he mind me a lot.he is a really gud guy, the kind that is very caring for everyone, a good brother to me and i guess thats all......... i dunno how i may feel in near future, but rite now, i pray for damn gud result for me os......