Friday, June 14, 2013

Foodie: Prawn Noodle

Earlier over lunch today i had a debate with the colleagues
we spoke about how the guys, when attempting to do things the girls enjoy doing, might excel it better than the girl could do

Then i pop over to the pictures in my folder on my personal laptop and saw the yummy dinner cooked by bbbb months back, 
and i felt defeated over my arguement, 
the prawn noodle was absolutely tasty.... 
Guys can excel in delicate job indeed. 

Location: Rodman's Mum personal kitchen, we got our permit :)
Date & Time: on a random day when he was exceptionally inspired to prove me wrong

This was the first i took of my boyfriend getting his hands dirty in the kitchen
if you notice
his knife-menship is very delicate, 
he use to watch alot of variety shows on youtube
when he was studying abroad
and mostly end up watching Taiwanese chef whipping up delicacies

bbbb chopped up all the ingredient,
all this while the broth is boiling, 

Then the afternoon sees him calmly placed the utensils to be used
on both side of the kitchen stove, 
all set to set the kitchen "ablaze" with his prawn noodle frenzy
bbbb;s mum was the one who feared the most
she was constantly popping into the kitchen offering to help
so did i, but to bbb's strong rejection
a chef does the job by himself, or so he claims
As a final measure, bbbb check all the ingredients 
& look over flame once more
Once he was assured the broth is ready to bring onto the noodle
he start his business

The tasty broth, 
with all the ingredient neatly soak inside for at least an hour
The chef at work, serious business haha
Caught by surprise at my camera snapping away, 
this look is classic, 
i've honestly never seen him this blur-face too much hahaha

Each special guest (that's me! & his family) gets a 'fine arrangement of the prawn & fish cake, before the soup is pour on top of it

 Some final touches as the noodle is now cooked
and the soup is poured over
the nitpicker ensures the asthetic of the food served is look-able
 bbbbb's mum who can no longer stand the anxiety and pops into the kitchen
against his strong will, 
she was adament at ensuring he does not burn the kitchen down haha
Look how serious he maintain his composure !~
Preparing the second bowl of piping hot Prawn noodle so we can eat together

"when a man cook, they need only the finiest equipment" - somemore how i consider how serious bbb's mum has taken to his cooking, 
she even got him a professional noodle siever, 
i dont see that kind of siever in many household
kudos to his mum, really!

dinner is served :P
A pipping hot bowl of prawn noodle served with the finiest shallot so carefully fried in oil
the deshell prawn is also tasty as the fragrance & taste of the lean meat combines in unison to provide a sweet tasting prawn noodle combination that will leaves a tangling taste that keeps you wanting more... 

The replacement of noodle to kway teow served its purpose well as it blend with the soup nicely concentrated with the essence of spare rib & prawn shell. 

i had to resist the temptation not to head for a second bowl, and to leave just enough for the rest of his family to taste this bowl of magic. 

Thumbs up for a man's determination, 
A maximum effort man placed in cooking will wins a woman's everyday cooking, but dont excpect such miracle to happen too much, 
because as an example (myself) of a girlfriend who had experience this miracle, 
i advise you against pushing your luck by asking for too much (or just a teeny weeny bit) to have him head to the kitchen again anytime soon. 
The guys prefer to impress [themselves] behind the computer desk
and i am secretly relieved i have this prawn-noodle experience to think back on if i had to remember his cultery talent :)


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