Friday, July 16, 2004

missas JeRk out of a sudden. wonder hows he's been getting on this few days? Went thru his blog agao despite promising myself not to......... Heard that he is on his way to a good ITE,
Lost a good listening ear like him, now one less person to share my joy and laughter, sorrow and tears with. Anyway, its been a long time since he rewrite his blogger, hehe. shall peek it again another day. NYP is the same routine everyday, i trulu missas my pals in CJC, too much things happen over there, i miss them so much..... somehow hope i;m there for them evrytime they need me......... haha, guess i;m just daydreaming, who can have such chances like me to go into a Jc, quit Jc go poly and wanna go JC back...... be contented Kristal!