Thursday, October 03, 2013

I know, i know, what am i doing blogging a day before setting off for the long vacation ?
Afterall, i am one who loses the momentum to blog
and who revert to this space only every blue moon... 

i am so excited about this long vacation because from the time we've decided to purchase this ticket till today, 
it was a drag counting, 
Thursday sees me waking up slightly before the alarm rings
dress up in an outfit i wasnt too bothered to plan
and off i went to work, determine to tie up the loose ends

It could be that slight realization 
knowing how this might be the last trip to the faraway land, 
a place i adore so much and a place i'll be scrutinized to visit again (unless i have an extra $1.3k for ticket every other year + a hell lots of time to walk the same path i've already walked twice)

I've come with a bigger aim  
there are just so much places left undiscovered, 
every time i step foot at a new found location, 
i try to remain my composure as i discover new things & people
i am blessed, at such a era, flying abroad is no longer as expensive as it was yesterday
This days, i even aim to save more so i can bring my old man/woman to a country of their choice
It's like every kid's dream isnt it? 
That one day when your parents can smile & not have to worry about the cost of going oversea,
i cant wait for that time to come for me, i want to capture that moment when my parents receive the news that i want to sponsor them on a holiday
well.. before that day can come (save more! save more!!) 
i wish they can enjoy my company first (it's free heehee)
It's the hopeful-ness that keeps us alive
as long as i continue to believe that day will come it will

This is somewhat scarily true, 
just yesterday the workplace came up with a surprise
- a lucky draw for 2 tickets to catch a musical-
and all of us were super excited. 
so we were told to draw a number each & a randon number will be picked to receive the prize
A colleague shouted even before the annoucement was made,
and true enough, she was the lucky winner of the draw
When we ask her later how she had predicted herself winning? 
She said she didnt, she merely scream in excitement because she can imagine the feeling of her number being called
Like The Secret reminded us, we have to know we will achieve something eventually, in order to achieve it. 
I am not practicing what i preach so often, so her winning was a reminder that i should act on thinking ahead 
Also, to magnify the effect of owning something, you must relate the feeling of already owning it to winning a lottery
So, with the case of my colleague, her scream in excitement before her number was announced was a calling

When you carry the thoughts, emotions & feeling that you already own success, you attain success

Try this, and if it fail you - try this again. (Always remember that when we doubt our thoughts to become reality, all that accumulated law of attractions will immediately diminished to zero)

i am digressing again (i do this ever so often.. haix)