Tuesday, January 29, 2008

he who is strictly pampered at home,

you may think Hori hate that bandanna, OMG he loves it la.

When he looks at you like that, it means he wanna go for a walk,

The sweeter he looks, the softer your heart begins to melt.

That very day Bro n gf went for breakfast, they decided to leave the poor puppy at home,
i knew i was in a for a treat but i got my stuff ready and slowly walk besides him,
carefully unlock the gate and slowly seeped my way out.
Hori slowly swim his way (he does run, he swims at home across the floor) towards the door,
gimme that really pathethic look and makes me melt.

As i was talking in some baby-language about how puppy shud stay at home,
the cunning puppy push his way thru my leg, went right in between and out thru the door

i WAS FOOLED!!! The man n i had to run down to the sixth floor but he was too fast for me. I shouted at my BRO get him and that stupid dog is finally caught.

i tink he hates me. but what to do? i love him la

Thursday, January 24, 2008

On days when DKS are truly bonded- WE'LL PROVE IT!

Step 1. Denise draw the K-name

Step 2. DEnise draw the S-name

Step 3. Denise and Sharon goes crazy

Step 4. D.K.S unite and vendolise our msn screen

Until Denise needs to pee..
gosh. u hav to learn to pee at the correct timing gal

hahha,, i love you la (dun ask me how the "LA" came about)

ok.. i shall tell, the LA cames when i love u till i wanna rape u

So Denise and Sharon, i love you la

Monday, January 21, 2008

pre-wedding preparation, the ugliest fugliest version of kristal,

This fucking pic makes the man laugh for 21378182312.54231days!

The morning of the wedding, night is dark and i prepared myself, dressed up in the white white tube dress and had my new curls done, i know u cant see the pic clearly, will take more pic of myself with emphasis on the curls (which i realy like)

Cuz n i planned our brides'maid attire to consist of white and gold, so i had my very lovely hair band tied on my curls, a gold highwaist belt and a gold watch, pearl earring(i always wear pearl earring) and a fugly white heel (so my gold heels was so-conincidently spoilt)

make my way to Ah boy-gor gor hse (its funny cos now we might have to call him Ah-boy uncle)
and saw Cuz there, she was in her white tannkini- dress with her hair all tied up. both of us tied gold ribbon on our wrist and we make our way into the 10 cars of the groom's bestman car. They were a whole bunch of car-freak guys so its fun. All the jokes we tok on the car, all the comment Cuz and i had of each and every guy (shh,....i wont tell)

As we were the only 2 brides maid from the groom, we were not require to do anything. The bride's bridesmaid were a havoc bunch and the forfeit was damn damn mean (pic to follow)

in the end the happily newly married couple finally see eachother after 78435489453214min of waiting, and that scene of happiness was everything in the world.

Anyway i shal cut it short, afternoon, i receive the bouquet of flower from the bride so i'll be the next to get married(the man said i am so suay @!#$#^%^%$&)

Me with my newly received bouquet of flower.. hehehe

More more pic.. hehe..

the night gown shall follows, as soon as i get the pic ready..

i love wedding.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dear Sharon and Denise,

the following letter are specially meant for you gals, short and sweet!

WE've been thru so much together,
- thru thick and thin,
-long hair thru short hair,
-stupidly covered shirt thru too revealing stuff,
-cloth bra thru thick padded bra(not that any of us need)
-sport bra thru bikini
-black crockroach feelers thru brown bangs
-high socks thru ankle sock
-bubble tea thru martini's
-pager thru handphone
-thick bushy eyebrows thru threaded, n well-drawn brows
-school shoes thru high heels (thou mine's only like 1/2inch?)

all i wanna say is too much to be revealed here,

so.. here's the thing: i've decided to dump u gals.. bleahz

ahahha. another joke! i cant dump u both, i am madly in love

ok la.. i admit, i am going to get my hair done alone so i dun drag u gals time, cos u have the weekend to spare whereas i am stuck with 3 jobs to cope. So we'll still get good hair, but on different days.

eyelashes, Denise and sharon please source, my supplier is too far located in Pulua-bukit-jalan-jalan-makan-tak-ada-apa-apa-chu-kang, so i dun tink u 2 princess (SPOILT!) will wan to make ur way there.

talk to me on msn. muackx u both and more updates to follow.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hate my life, i am drowning into depression.
Been angry with the man for no specific reason, i've been crying and crying like a baby.
What if i dun ever wanna turn 21?
Nowhere to talk about nothing is interesting. My mensus never wanna come so maybe its accumlating PMS inside, one day i may be too depressed and all the blood will be ready to leak out, i will shoot all those i hate during this period with my "period"
hahaha.. what a interesting dialogue with myself.
I wanted, at the age of 21 to slim down and be at the peak of my life, have a steady bf and good school life. Get at least one branded stuff for adult and use make up.
now that i am turning 21, i still very much want the same stuff, but every thing comes with a "but"
* i wan to slim down, but my height will never compliment any weight
*i wan to have a good sch life, but i am only inSingapore, hw to move far
* have a steady bf, read top
* get at least one branded stuff, but my most ex.. is .... fox?@!!~@#!@$
* use make up, but gain more pimples.
see? it makes no use wishing in life, now all i wan without a but is to get someone to kick my ass out of my life.
hey wait, there is a but, But no one cares!!!!
Denise and Sharon, hugs!
Hello Sammie!!! u there? dun disappear
Celina and Vivien, msg me

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i hate this workload

the man and i are not on good terms these days, i've been piled with umpteen loads of stuff to do, of which most of them are not what i am suppose to do. Hate it!

i dun wan to hate a fren because its not her fault to fall sick. I just think this whole work stuff is depriving me of my well-deserve workload, of which i will do very willingly. Its just that this days all 3 jobs are pressing me for time, and those time spend with the man are just for sleeping, no hugs, no sharing of blanket, just sleeping.

The worst part is that he dun seem to be bother by it, and it makes me feel worst. I miss those times we nua at his place. Watch tv and quarrel stupid, nowadays we quarrel seriously and it suck.

today is worst cos even wifey- sharen in on MC. Sulking sulking wednesday, and the man has fall sick, i intially had plan to take half day just like Shar did when her fiance met a car accident, a really minor one. haha, so maybe i can exagerate till my man is having high fever?

anyway the fact that everyone needs help tells me there is no hope of taking the half day. And mum just called to ask if i wanna get my hair done today! OF COURSE I WANT IT DONE LA! but can i? the man is sick and i have to go find him. saturday is work and so is sunday. i hate jobs now.

if she is still on MC tomorrow, i seriously dun wan to bother, anyway her "best friend" hates me and i hate seeing him as well. the atmosphere downstair is like zombie left in a deserted hut.

hate this job this week, i hope days can countdown fast.

shud i regret extending this temp? .. but money is everything

Monday, January 14, 2008

Another boring day at work with a forthcoming surprise

Today's work is triple with the big big incharge not around and the temp i'm damn close with on MC.

My eye sore from the lack of sleep.

been working and last night was bad cos the money din telly and we were hard at making sure every cent counts. So i ended at home near 11. If days pass like this when i work for 7 days a week, i usually sulk my week away. Better get some coffee.

Cuz called me last night regarding our Cousin wedding dinner this sat. Both she and me will be the "Jie Mei" or "Ah Yi" for the bride. His bride, whom i met only once and never had a chance to chat with, will be accompany by her "sisters" as well as Cuz and i (representatives of the Groom) to drain the groom of his income and to received a BIG AND RED angpow before we let him into the house to fetch his then-wife.

This is so fun i can anticipate it to come, in my entire life i never had this excitement awaiting and the thought of teasing the groom till he gives up and plead for approval to fetch the bride is so fun. However both Cuz and i will need to shop for white gown, and that is a huge problem especially since Kristal has something against white. This weekend is gonna be tiring with this wedding issues popping up, so glad i manage to take a day off from job 2.

haha.. dress, pretty, wedding, ding dong bells. My turn will come in a long run. hahhaa. Was telling the man that day on my wedding he is to bring his GF by then along and give me a BIG angpow, hahahaha. He say he will since he will pity the next man that takes me. HMpf!!!

kekeke.. but i know u love me la.. bleahz

MY 21st birthday preparation
Had finally finish the production of my invitation cards, what is left now to do will be the platinium invitation for my VIPs haha. Let see

-Birthday cake: Canele or Awfully..chocolate, OR BOTH!
-Pyjamas: Bought by Denise
-Alcohol: Yet to confirm quantity bringing
-Marshmellow: Damn,,. where can i find HUMONGOUS packsize
-Buffet: Mum's job
-BBQ: Mum's job
-Pizza: call on day itself

Thats about it. I hope someone will pity me and make a trip down, even if its so so so near CNY!!!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

HOB NOB on a random day

Denise. Kristal. Sharon chose a random to hop down to HOB NOB to grab some well-deserve food, haven seen Sharon for a while but nuttin has changes, she is still bubbly!

We've decided to shop around the ONLY place in Singapore worth walking for now, TOWN.

As usual, plc is the same, clothes is the same, road is the same, nuttin has been interesting.
(* a comment made by someone who works in TOWN for the fifth year selling clothes.)

we then decided to waste some times walking from Somerset to Orchard, meanwhile popping by tiny boutique browsing thru clothes

We finally arrive at the ever familiar Hob Nob and was greeted by the ever-smiling lady boss Cheryl, this despite us being late for 1hr!

I ordered my all time favorite Cream of Shitake Mushroom, which i readily force my besties to order, against Denise unwillingness, check out how she forcely rejected my offer

Anyway all 3 of us had the soup and it was as fabulous as ever, check out Sharon's comment on http://www.5h4ron4ri3l.blogspot.com/
and Denise

here's our main course,
Kristal - Cream baked Dory fish
Sharon - Cream baked Dory fish
Denise - Aglio Olio

Dory fish at Hob's nice cos of the thick layer of cream on top of the fish and the well-grilled fish tat was never too wet nor too over-cook, simply my favourite (after Cream of Shitake mushroom of course)
Denise Aglio olio is damn nice too cos the olive oil use to cook the pasta was light and not too heavily tasted, the bacon bits are not oily too and comes in small bits.

i think i ate 2 persons portion. denise and mine! Haha, denise stomach is the size of peanut, what to do

Check out my 2 besties, still the same, and still as supportive

i love my outing, more pics at==>click here -> HOBNOB

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Damn lazy to update in details and chances are i will get caught doing this: -

Martini Firm New Year EVe (no edit, no rotate)

Bored me and Denise chatting with Clar and Pau, we are sitting on the queen size bed with a table in the middle, hugging a pillow and drinking martini

Some Random choc, deliciously bitter

Pauline and i , no more side shots, i look humongous la!

Here the ang moh in the middle, the char-tar Pau and white mama

They are totally in love so we've decided to solemnise both

Forfeit!!! hate the game, drink is nice thou, pic is deceiving, haha, i kena the most la -.-"

Drunk?!@! dun look down on my angels, they are bored cos the drink is not strong enuf for them

suddenly a orb flew by.. p---u--sss-h!

she fake a smile, so her jaw stays in shape

she introduce cholatety drink, her smile appears more like she is introducing darlie

Denise and her slogan pose

thats about it!

more pic,.. hmm.. lazy to upload

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

i wan a barbie doll

recal those days Sister was not born i was the only daughter of the family.

Dad will bring me in a trolley (at Toy R Us) or related toy store. And we will buy lotsa lotsa barbie clothing. Dad was a full time percussionist who play for singer in exotic dresses, those kind u dun see people wearing on the street. Those time when shoulder padding was still a norm

*to be cont

Monday, January 07, 2008

today i made a bold move

i request besties Sharon keep a blog due to her frequent disapperance (haha)-- and she agreeed.

i believe blog have taken a pretty large part of our life cos we know exactly wat our fren are up too and to date them at the correct timing.

Been presurred by alot of stuff lately. Losing sleep, endless tear to bed. I cant seem to figure out wat the mind is thinking. Only thing i really enjoy now are company by friends.

21st birthday is nearing and it all suck, hate the celebration that is nearing. I told the man why shud i make others happy on my day? i paid for their food and still smile to them, but its MY birthday/

D.K.S are meeting at Hob Nob this thursday. gotta make a booking soon. cant wait to hang out like a real teenager.

Work 3rd job yesterday, was too busy and i almost fainted. This fainting issue has been bugging me alot lately. Usually things gets better when i ate some sweet, bt lately, the slightest bit of food before taking a MRt makes me dizzy. Doctor cannot identify the problem with me. haha. i feel rare.

2nd job beginning to sink deeper into the suckiness, now all of us dread working there. They are always finding excuse to make life miserable for us, i wonder how those wolves can keep their smiles. The man told me not to belittle myself and compare myself to those lower-standard ppl. I shalll begin to ignore them.

The laptop seems further away, Dennis msn me a while ago say he wanted to reserve it for me. But if i dun get it, he will definitely be angry, how was anyone to know the financial crisis Dad is facing now. For the first time in our life Dad and i got so embarress when his credit card got denied.

hate this money-less life, i wanna earn alot more money, so Dad and i never have to face that situation again.

Friday, January 04, 2008

i will like to express my most sincere gratitude to an actor who pass away today

a young man he started out as, MC king, that very one man who admitted his way and make us laugh, thou some times his jokes aint that funny

he is a local comedian..

More pic coming up. these are the pathetic few my phone can load.

New year eve was fun, fun n more fun with a combination of 2 groups of my closest pals, that include pau and clarinda and denise. (*a pity Sharon had plans if not we have a full reunion)

Martini Firm was unexpectedly empty and the ambience remain one that Denise n i adore =PpP

there were martinis, Vodka with cranberry, and some additional choc!!! (bitter black choc)

Besties Denise bought some mango bt we din eat it, it was for me and my man!!!

The man had a bad new year, he rejected all invites to join in the celebration, including this (cos he claims its a all-gal outing), despite tat we gals had fun and games.

There were the damn silly and simple game( that got almost all of us forfeited) n talks about anything. There were also serious topic such as new resolution.

We all had fun and almost hit our target of 100pix that day, shall upload it pretty soon.

and we had a slight misc0muunication with besties Sharon, it was over as short as it begins, i am much motivated by the strong bond in our friendship, it doesn;t take too much to make anything matters in a friendship. but it takes everything to not to matter.

i love my besties!!! more than ever!

we are planning an outing again soon!!!!

To my man whom i sincerely apologies for not spending the new year with, i know u wont read this, but i really hope u'll feel the joy of celebration, its really fun if u really bother to let it out and enjoy whatever everyone else is enjoying.

signing off.