Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hate my life, i am drowning into depression.
Been angry with the man for no specific reason, i've been crying and crying like a baby.
What if i dun ever wanna turn 21?
Nowhere to talk about nothing is interesting. My mensus never wanna come so maybe its accumlating PMS inside, one day i may be too depressed and all the blood will be ready to leak out, i will shoot all those i hate during this period with my "period"
hahaha.. what a interesting dialogue with myself.
I wanted, at the age of 21 to slim down and be at the peak of my life, have a steady bf and good school life. Get at least one branded stuff for adult and use make up.
now that i am turning 21, i still very much want the same stuff, but every thing comes with a "but"
* i wan to slim down, but my height will never compliment any weight
*i wan to have a good sch life, but i am only inSingapore, hw to move far
* have a steady bf, read top
* get at least one branded stuff, but my most ex.. is .... fox?@!!~@#!@$
* use make up, but gain more pimples.
see? it makes no use wishing in life, now all i wan without a but is to get someone to kick my ass out of my life.
hey wait, there is a but, But no one cares!!!!
Denise and Sharon, hugs!
Hello Sammie!!! u there? dun disappear
Celina and Vivien, msg me

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