Monday, January 14, 2008

Another boring day at work with a forthcoming surprise

Today's work is triple with the big big incharge not around and the temp i'm damn close with on MC.

My eye sore from the lack of sleep.

been working and last night was bad cos the money din telly and we were hard at making sure every cent counts. So i ended at home near 11. If days pass like this when i work for 7 days a week, i usually sulk my week away. Better get some coffee.

Cuz called me last night regarding our Cousin wedding dinner this sat. Both she and me will be the "Jie Mei" or "Ah Yi" for the bride. His bride, whom i met only once and never had a chance to chat with, will be accompany by her "sisters" as well as Cuz and i (representatives of the Groom) to drain the groom of his income and to received a BIG AND RED angpow before we let him into the house to fetch his then-wife.

This is so fun i can anticipate it to come, in my entire life i never had this excitement awaiting and the thought of teasing the groom till he gives up and plead for approval to fetch the bride is so fun. However both Cuz and i will need to shop for white gown, and that is a huge problem especially since Kristal has something against white. This weekend is gonna be tiring with this wedding issues popping up, so glad i manage to take a day off from job 2.

haha.. dress, pretty, wedding, ding dong bells. My turn will come in a long run. hahhaa. Was telling the man that day on my wedding he is to bring his GF by then along and give me a BIG angpow, hahahaha. He say he will since he will pity the next man that takes me. HMpf!!!

kekeke.. but i know u love me la.. bleahz

MY 21st birthday preparation
Had finally finish the production of my invitation cards, what is left now to do will be the platinium invitation for my VIPs haha. Let see

-Birthday cake: Canele or Awfully..chocolate, OR BOTH!
-Pyjamas: Bought by Denise
-Alcohol: Yet to confirm quantity bringing
-Marshmellow: Damn,,. where can i find HUMONGOUS packsize
-Buffet: Mum's job
-BBQ: Mum's job
-Pizza: call on day itself

Thats about it. I hope someone will pity me and make a trip down, even if its so so so near CNY!!!!

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