Friday, January 04, 2008


More pic coming up. these are the pathetic few my phone can load.

New year eve was fun, fun n more fun with a combination of 2 groups of my closest pals, that include pau and clarinda and denise. (*a pity Sharon had plans if not we have a full reunion)

Martini Firm was unexpectedly empty and the ambience remain one that Denise n i adore =PpP

there were martinis, Vodka with cranberry, and some additional choc!!! (bitter black choc)

Besties Denise bought some mango bt we din eat it, it was for me and my man!!!

The man had a bad new year, he rejected all invites to join in the celebration, including this (cos he claims its a all-gal outing), despite tat we gals had fun and games.

There were the damn silly and simple game( that got almost all of us forfeited) n talks about anything. There were also serious topic such as new resolution.

We all had fun and almost hit our target of 100pix that day, shall upload it pretty soon.

and we had a slight misc0muunication with besties Sharon, it was over as short as it begins, i am much motivated by the strong bond in our friendship, it doesn;t take too much to make anything matters in a friendship. but it takes everything to not to matter.

i love my besties!!! more than ever!

we are planning an outing again soon!!!!

To my man whom i sincerely apologies for not spending the new year with, i know u wont read this, but i really hope u'll feel the joy of celebration, its really fun if u really bother to let it out and enjoy whatever everyone else is enjoying.

signing off.

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