Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am the nerd!!!! hahahaha...

cant stand that shirt i am in, took it off halfway thru work, glad i knew my limits, so i brought along a tank in case, and i should say it really came in handy.

Today marks the last day of work before the new year came, lets talk a little about this 2007.

This year was equally bad-luck for me, having to deal with the lost of 2 more relatives, JULY AND NOVEMBER. I wonder was it the pain was too heavy to take tat it no longer matters much. Ever since the lost of my Grandma, nuttin else, and i seriously think nuttin else breaks my heart the way it does any more. I am thankful way up there, she is looking down on me now. And so the song by Craig David always seems so meaningful. Have copied a lil of the lyric by the side, people please understand it line by line.

This year birthday JANUARY was also by far the worst i ever had in my 20 years of life. Though i never talk much about the financial status the family was dealing with, working 3 jobs without a single complain. That very special year of my life, on my 20th birthday, i had the worst fight with my family and for the first time in my life, i ran away from home. Gone to nowhere, hidden in a corner no one can see. For that few hours away from the world, i cried my heart out and wish i could jump straight into the lake right infront of my. For the world was nothing without my grandma, and no one seems to matter. My man and a few more suitors at that time came searching for me, the search finally ended 4 hours later where they found by the lake and everyone was finally relieved.

That very day, Dad cried. i will forever hate that day i was the culprit behind my sad birthday.

That APRIL, the man went to Taiwan and i was led astray by a ang-moh man, and was on the verge of leaving him, in April he came back a completely different man and i was convince i could change too. In april, i told that Ang-moh to leave. In april i was a total ungrateful person.

THAT OCTOBER, i was getting a pay too high and had too many backstabber trying to hurt me, there were colleagues thinking i had an affair with the boss, there were colleagues who form their own clang, there were colleagues that hurt one another and colleagues who were in love with the wrong man. That september, i decided to leave the job i was in since i was 16 and experience some adulthood working life, i've since join my first legal office and is happy. That September i left some burden behind me.

To be Cont

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