Friday, December 21, 2007

My one lucky friend

Check out this pretty pretty charm bracelet i found on one of my pretty buddy Hai^er.

i call Chris and Celina relationship "high-maintanance"
haha.. This sort of relationship doesnt comes by easy, with the continous break and patch and finally patch, they prob come thru an experience not one can easy handle.

Those time of Celina being alone, there was a strange aura that tells us Chris wasnt too far away, and despite the negative comment make about this r/s (including one i always spread) it din take them long to realise the bond btw was stronger then any body's comment.

its been so long since we've graduated, and congratualation to the last couple standing strong.

The pic on top is a Tiffany and Co bracelet which (Hai er and i manage to figure out the cost) cost Chris a $600 STRAIGHT OFF HIS BANK ACCOUNT!!!!!

No big deal eh, u might say. Check out what my dearest Hai^er bought for Chris---------------------------------

*CLUE: what is more expensive but equally fun than a PSP?

answer- PLAYSTATION 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my stupid Hai^er spend $800 on a brand new set of PS2 for Chris,

another hole in the pocket.

all that for a relationship that has been steady for so long.

i din manage to get a pic of the set thou, but u can tell hw it works out.
Hai^Er is not rich, but she is willing to pamper her spoilt (haha) and rich bf.

All that for a long relationship.

i tink i suck at relationship/

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