Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Think i am going to get a card reader and place it in the office.. its so bored to flood my blog with nuttin but words.

Lunch is over and my abdonimal is hurting like a burning flame, mensus just ended had no idea where this pain came from.

i have a pretty tight schedule this week, today is Chomps with Hai^ Er and Derrick
wednesday is kickboxing signup with Clarinda Angel
Thursday am going cook chicken chop for the man, he suggested we'll eat at soup spoon for dinner before heading to support Denise at her ballet show. (our pre x'mas celebration)
Friday BOWLING!!!

this week is perhaps the busiest week this entire month but i am so so so happy. The past few weeks of laid back life just aint the type of life i am born for. Even mummy is busy with her singing and mahjong session. Dad spend time fixing anything at home and i am just a noob.

wanna go get christmas present for my besties!!!!!!! aint got no partner. =(

FEw days ago was Jamie 21st birthday at the Kbox. she probably spend a bomb on that few of us but we din go for nuttin. WeiZhe, Simon, Derrick and i shared a SK jewellery earring for her. Shall upload its beautiful photo pretty soon.

We were also introduce to some of Jamie friends that are really friendly and fun. The night was good but i had to leave early cos am heading to the Man house to slp so cant expect him to wait upfor me.

haven sing for so long. haven had a life of my own. i wanna hang out all the time and enjoy life like a good teenager!!!

Sometime when money starts rolling in, u haven got the time to spend it..-.-"

Work's pretty good, heard they are opening the interview for someone to take up my position already. That shall leave me no choice to extend my work period here. So gonna miss them all..

i am loving my X'mas advance gift =)
- Musical Box (oh-so-happy)
- White sunshade
- chocolate
- Staple
- chopsticks
- perfume
- hair pin
- magnet
- sweets

and lotsa of pizza, sushi and chicken!!! Log cakes are yummy

............. erm.. so is Secret Receipt Banana chocolate cake. (thx JAmie)

PICTURES!!! ARGH!!!!! (clamp my hair and make me rise)

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