Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's some treat from "1st-job" today!!! $400 worth of pizza hut and KFC treat at the factory for our effort in stock take today.. that did not make me happy because of the stupid things we did during this period. Thank God my in-charge is a very very good and understanding man and i have the other temp as a partner, excluding those Take-5 period where i acc to smoke, i tink i will be dying 2 years younger thankyou

here's to my baby cousin Ray! happy 20 guy! time to get a gf, dear all, he is eligible, cute, soccer player and rides a bike, and he has a cousin sister like me to take care of his bills, please tag for more information =)

Tiring and boring day at the third job.... taking pic again. love my big big tee, although it turns out to be a little too big.. haha.. i worn GOLD legging, if anyone can tell, it belongs to my mum when she was 18 yrs old. and another note, she has purple, pink, green, grey and all kinds of stocking.. Sometime i ought to thank her for keeping her creepy-crawlies!!!!! (haha.. since they stayed with the stuff she's been keeping)
Baby cuz Viv n i had a great time shopping while wwaiting for Ray, check out this series of pyjamas now available at Cotton-ons! whats more amazing is that the cashier walks around in a mini tee and a lady boxer.. good things foryou guys.. Shoppping with gf had never been easier!

i am digging this pair of shoes i saw on Milk mag at "3rd-job" i cant find it in singapore, even if i do, i beg its gonna cost a lot, thinking of ways to improvise cheapo at Army market, any suggestions?

Stupid stuff done at 1st-job, told to do filing for thousand sheets of order, check out my achievement, no big deal eh.... nuttin what, only a little big.................................................................................->

now compare it a glass of water i was drinking, its way way way taller k!!!!! and this is ONLY ONE FUCKING pile compare the other!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

i had a bad day at work -.-"

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