Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My life have change completely. (read in complete, do not miss any word, haha)

it all begin when i decide to do it.

i cannot explain how someone just twist into someone else she never was.

Dear all, Lester msg me. It appear as a amazing shock cos i never tot we'll hav chance of becoming friend again. And as it dawn upon me that i might just shed yet anoter drop of tear for him, i decided it wasn;t gonna happen.

He makes things great, just as he always had. He make the conversatin sounds friendly and brings me route to answering each question. Yes i do not denied the feeling linger, but yet it wasn;t the same anymore.
While i had thoughts about every single past we share together, i knew he probably din treasure it as much as i do. As like i told every single soul around me how i wish time could turn back and i had done everything i could do to make him stay--- i knew the promise had to come to an end.

the only promise i made in my entire life, the promise to stay with him forever. Why had we all being dwell into a few words that came across our mind? i cherish every single moment i share with him in the past, it had and will always be that happy times.
-Those words we whisper on the phone before i float into my dreamland.
-those peeling prawns for me and impressing my parents
-those sleepless night worrying for him
- those times i secretly tip toe to him while he was sleeping at my living room's sofa, watch and stare at those eyelashes and tell myself he was everything
- those firm grip we hold and promise not to leave each other.

i knew we'll had taken it all into the past and regard them as the past.
i use to curse God for giving him and taking him away from me,
Now i thank God. For He (God) makes me learn from it all.

And whilst Lester and i try to be like friends again, B was all along, still giving me my support, telling me i am old enough to know my next move.
Yet when i finally took my next move, B will hesitate and kept it all in silence.

B had been the nicest soul these days, till i can hardly take it any longer..

lets recap-
He had a 21km run and had to wake up at 3.30am. That silly boy had insist on talking to me till i sleep, for he was afraid i had my usual sleepless night, imaging about monster under the bed. And so we did, chatted till 12.45, time was hard when we had to hang up, i am beginning to miss talking to him. It was weird cos i never thought i will tk him any serious than i did for anyone.

*Nights 12.45 i had to sleep, amazingly, no monster came online (my brain's network) and i slept thru so well.

* woke up at 9 plus after a call, Silly B had finish his run ( let me remind you -- 21 KM, not 2.1 km!~!~) he had run in the heavy run and took the train to my house
"open the door please.. ia m really tired"

*i was half asleep in my usual big Tee and FBT shorts, i open the door to find him just right there, in his running attire, that silly boy, all drenched and carry up to 3 big bag.
--------gosh, it had send me goosebump, feeling so touched like anyone will feel on a TV drama---

* that silly boy, finally had a tiny rest at the sofa, before he took out some dry clothes from his bag, he went to bath and was all fresh again. He den took a tiny rest while i finish up my face. We left my house in less than half an hour after he reached, took the train to my workplace with me..
------the journey was funny, he had told me silly jokes about his expediture and how he was caught in the heavy rain---

*reach my workplace, i got upset by the new rule set at the workplace, one which include interacting with male in the shop cos we are running a lady boutique.. i ahd to ask him to leave like immediately, he quietly did..
-----what was i to do? he had came all the way from mandai, jog to kallang, then rush to yishun and fetch me to orchard T_T----

* he went home and took a quick bath and nap for a little while , then make his way to Figo (his best friend') house to fetch MY cpu, i had ask figo to repair it for me-- in sengkang
----gosh, i din even realise the journey from eunos to sengkang could be more tiring--

*silly boy carry the heavy CPu and cab down to my house (lets recall mandai-kallang-yishun-orchard-Eunos-Sengkang-yishun) my dad greeted him and ask him to stay till i reach home, he insist not.. say he had no time cos i was knocking off in no time.. he grab his bag and make his way to orchard
---- T_T sob sob.. i am REALLY touched---

*appear on time to see me closing the shuttle, he was nagged by me for going anywhere after my work. He insist i should go home cos Dad is waiting for me. i was angry cos i din wan to, den when he start walking and was limping, i almost teared..

he had walk more than enough and run so much today, what more am i suppose to ask? he was tired and i din realise.

*as we travel hme, i ignore him cos i was guilty, but he tot he had offend me, he had to humour me with his usual jokes thou he was dead beat.

*reach my house and fixed my CPU with me.. then Daddy keep reminding him to go home soon or he'l miss the last bus back to eunos, but he insisted on fixing the CPU right..

* then we realise it was too late, we rush down the bus stop, and waited for the bus, i was really touched, tired but i knew he was MORE tired.. i wanted to wait with him but he insisted i go home or he will be worried,

*just than dad call and tel me they are heading for supper, so B insist i go find my parents.

i couldn;t tk it anymore, call me a bitch for givin him false hopes or maybe he really did moved me... i run towards him and hug him so so so tight, he was shock, i could feel it cos he trembles a little. after that i smile at him and rush off to meet my parents./

Dad was worried B could not catch the last bus so was i. So i called him a few times.. he finalyl board the VERY last bus back to his house.. that silly boy must be highly exhausted


thats the guy i knew i had to appreciate from now..
Dear all,. congratualation to Kristal.. Chng.. counting down to May 2007, when i promise myself to totally get over Lester and move on to my life.. =)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy birthday DArlin Chen Xin Yi
Venue: Hans
Location: Raffles Place
Time: late
Involve: the darlins, the hair^er, the intruder, the company

So this is my order, Chic spaghettie.. yummy (as if)

Birthday gal in dress, with her new lovehorn

Si jia (darlin) Kristal ( -.-") , Celina (Hai^er), Lakshmi (the company)

WeiFang( the intruder) and Jamie (samsui woman lo)

this is birthday girl phone. u wont believe how small it is, MP4!!!~ can watch movie in it!!~ fucking cool la

the size of the memory card.. damn fucking small...
smaller than my thumb, smaller than a 10 cents coin,, amazing

on top of a N70 phone., see the DIFFERENCE!!!~!~!~!~!~!~!

the girl and i late in the night.. is good to show some "not-so-krissy" shot once in a while, especially with my darlin. muackx.

happy 19th birthday

and noope, u din lose ur 19 to the devil..
u lost it to yourself .. jia you
Lets be selfish for a while. i shall write about some "so-krissy" stuff

i hate my face.. haha.. the eye will only look this nice if u put make up, so dun call me a plastic girl or something, i only and merely emphasise on my eye...

a hairband is efficient, i put them on whenever i get ready for some make up in the morning
standards of a lady
- i do not put thick make ups, i hardly put them, i only put thick make up to club, or sometimes to work, if i have to stay outside for too long..
i always ensure i have a lip gloss with, my skins are too dry, the skin around my mouth crack EVERYDAY, my lips bleed every alternate day. and most importantly, i dun have much eye brows..
so here are my standards,
- eyebrow must be drawn, follow by brushing the eye brow so it won look like it was deliberately drawn on
- lip gloss, so my lips wont crack
-moisturiser for the face,.

there u have!~ the Kristal about 24832543798753457 of the day

-i put at least 3 lipgloss/balm in my bag most times, the one on the left is my latest possession, and i have always been a fanatic for lipsmacker, just din get them cos i couldn't find any spree-er, and i finally found one!~ and one very very friendly spree-er

- the lip in the middle is the best for a day out in the sun, with UV protector, and with a sheer pink on the lip, makes u look more jing shen, less sleepy, and u wont feel the lip balm is there most of the time.. introducing, Nivea Balm care in sheer rose pink

- the one on the extreme WAS my favourite, the smell of green apple is HEAVENLY, i bought it in darlin Denise's old workplace Linden leave, the brand is absolate in singapore now, thou alot of us are dying to buy their products again. and ur lip DAMN glossy with it on, the gloss can stay up to about 20 mins. and the smell still lingers.. =)

and there u have.. my new lipsmacker!!~ in Marshmellow!~! i actually wanted Marshmellow in honey dew, but i guess there was a little miscommunication.
Anyway what's so great about the flavour? the smell is the exact kind of marshmellow (they even have M&M, cherry ice cream.. etc)
and when u put the on ur lip u smell it all the time!!~
Best part is----------- it taste veryvery sweet,
i dunno why, i like to use my tongue to lick the mouth, and u can taste its rich blend of marshmellow.. yummy...

haha.. feeling tempted now?


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

To my very own CHEN XINYI

oh... u cant see it here !@#!@#$@$#%#@%@#


u have to catch it somehow... the song is not sang for you.. but hehehe.. imagin them singing for you k?

cant get u a present on time.. but i love u darlin!!!~

meanwhile engross in my specially found "happy birthday to you!!~"

Many people say my daddy has a fierce look,
-boss say my daddy looks like a boxer for some huge club, that holds u by the shoulder and say "get out"
- my baby cousin use to cry upon seeing his face
- when my dad scream, the level 7 flats will all shut their door immediately, in unison
- my dad's waist is around 42 cos he use to drink alot
- dad quit smoking when the children force him to, it has been 4 years since he stop smoking
- Dad loves cold drink, mummy will scold him, so dad hide his cold drink in the fridge and insist its mine
- Dad love folding the clothes, he sit down on the floor, with his huge belly, and fold the cloth, then flip it in the air and tell us "look!!~ Roti Prata" then laugh at his own joke
- Dad listens to 100.3 everyday and collect jokes, then comes home and tell the whole family
- Dad waits up for me whenever i hang out elsewhere after work, once i forget to tell him i was out till 6am in the morning, he waited up for me and scream my head off
- Dad plays the drum, ever since God knows when, its his occupation,
- Dad has a drum set at home.. -.-"
- Dad drives a lorry, car. bike and use to open a shop selling bicycle -.-"
- Dad and mum like to go PakTall like how many times a week, so disgusting sometimes i felt.

okok.. i am VERY proud of my dad, i wan to marry a guy like him,. its a wish all along, a guy taller than him, (hahaha.. )
ANyway what happen was my CPU was harddisk crash for a long time, so i end up going place else after work and dad got worried almost everyday,
so he ground me i was upset..

saw my face.. yes.. i was upset i wanted to cry

see, i just cried,. hahaham then dad finally give in and hung me upside down

and told me!~ "fine!~ i'll repair ur com u shall stay at home mre often !~1`"

tee-hee-hee.. i was crying tears of joy, while being hung upseide down

So Dad and Mum drove me and my CPU to B's best friend house, he is a IT technician and has all the parts at home, he agree to repair my CPU at low cost (no service charge, only charge parts that need to be purchase.. SO DAMN GOOD DEAL,, thanks to B )
we drove to Compassvale and pass him the CPU then drove home, we got lost there cos Mummy did the driving and she lost her sense of direction, anyway it was fun to get lost once in a while.

Soon we reach home and Dad could help keep staring at the shadow of the tree casted on our HDB wall, he keeps exclaiming its beauty and refuse to tk any steps further, so mum and i were frustuated, i took out my phone and tok a pic of the tree to share with you guys, not too bad actually

see, the tree shadow cast on the HDB, so haunted, hahah. no la, quite nice
then Dad was tired, we walk to the lift and he was showing me his cute face, (tinking that i wont shoot it down) NOW THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS DAD IS NOT FIERCE THOU HE WAS BORN WITH THE LOOK

MY SILLY DADDY, with a smile that makes him look like a bull dog

i told him i was goin to show the world his BIG BIG BELLY, so he breath in before i can take a shot, this is a picture of Daddy when he breatn in

p/s: if u realise, his chest hair sticks out of his shirt.. hahaha thats my typical DAD!!~

Monday, August 21, 2006

Fuck the whole day

never felt worst..
wish i can just jump down any building..

hate this attachment. i lost all my close friends to others,....
how disappointing.. i wannna revive them..
and shit ass to those who never thought of other's feeling.

seriously.. shit u all

anyway i am gonna revive friends that are impt to me..

why cant i leave myself alone,.

people stop making use of me. i know i make appear all jokey.. i am not

ran a few miles, few streets just to get the ribbon for the customer..
as i walk along this empty street, i was thoughtful.. had alot on my mind.

and i learn alot:
Xinyi, i understand why that time during attachment u were so separated from us.. yuan lai the feeling of being quarantine sucks., i have also learn to open my eye bigger and look at many things from all view.

those month of being alone could be so terrible. You make good frined during this time but i haven. "Instead i began to see real friends from fake... some how i pity myself,, getting fucked up all for the wrongest reason ..

And if it had not been for B, who stood by me through it all, i felt i will just let loose and fall back into my own misery. He make me smile and make sure i have enough to eat, and nuttin to worried about. Thank you B.

i met up with Jann and xue most of the time. And my darling angels Paulin, Clarinda send me testimonials to cheer me up along this way, mei Richelle and Vanessa also show their constant. i have failed to pause for a while in my life and thank them.

Also thank you my cuz Vivien for being there, showing love and concern.
Sharon and Denise, for alway bein you..

i was wrong, to only concentrate on whatever friend that appear nice on the outside.

ookkoko. this is getting too emo..

anyway from now on, i will talk about people i miss.. a whole lot..

that driver is a friend, who got things way out of hand
din know he likes me.. i am in a whole lot of trouble now trying to avoid him, but in a nice way..
he is a nice guy, but not my type.
anyway i wanna be alone..

i am so sway that
- i fell down just walking like a normal human
- that Apel misunderstand me for having an affair with her bf,, please la...
- i mis-charge a customer of $300,,, fuck fuck fuck
- B and i gotten scoldig from dad for staying out too late..
- i haven had my mensus for about 2 months.

i dun wanna carry on typing. i hate those reader that read my entry,, then go somewhere else and complain about me,.
listen to me, i have brain and eye.
u can fucking hate me but i dun give much damn,, maybe curse u to die thats all
u wanna read about my life, u jolly well shut up
u dun like me, u can fucking go away

i told some true friends (so those i actually call are my true friends) and their reply are:" i believe u are someone who will stand by friends when they need help"

so i am convince they are all i need.
and yes, 182 blog about me contain bad remark, i do not blame him.
but reader, have some brains to understand that blog is about our life..
182 hates me, tk me foe granted, that's his business,
i regard him as a friend still, thats my problem.

u have the same tinking about my bad character as him? jolly well tell me, thats a favour..
thanks a million =)

Friday, August 18, 2006

Do you know that in time to come, Hip hop will not be a trend
Break dancing is not a trend
not skateboard either
not yoyo, digimon, bubble tea, or kopi-bun

introducing the end game, commonly known (according to a 12 yr old-- my sister)as the SPIN
and here are a few example, we have invited our very own, ---- pai gu jing

here's pai ku jing on the SPIN.. it's speed depend on your body weight

and so it spin so fast in no time u find it hard to stop

it goes up and down too?!~ no la. i tilt my cam only.. haha/

backstroke--- pai gu jing new stance..

SPIN is available at yishun st 72, the corner filled with kids age 12 and below,
and thanks to a 12 yr old, my sister,
pai gu jing and me make a trip there are enjoyed ourselves,,
pity us HAVE MERCY, for our childhood weren't as great as those we saw there

you all lucky #$@#$%#$#^ kids..

i have a video of her spinning too.. shall post it as the next NYP big thing after Tammi =)
A trip to seletar Damp

road 1

road 2, straight road with nothing

place to tk a rest, with good seletar view in front of you

Car packed by the side

view of the seletar, better to see it live

Road journey back,.. with more than a few hundred cars all park one side

the scenery again.. nice right

okok.. lame.. Driver's foot and mine

driving at a speed

tkin pic while driving.. so the scene is exceptionally unique

journey home.. way too U-loooo

the driver.. a good friend.// ONLY

the first car i saw while travelling along the u-loo road

Thursday, August 17, 2006


what happen to my previous IBM pay?
$100 to internet bills,
$50 to hp bills..
$100 on transport..

this is damn.. how shall i lie.. if i dun.. mum and dad wil use all the money away./
den what about my education..

do u realise at all.. u are taking away the only route u canot afford, but i shall not give up?

i am going to lie to them..
cos boss is giving bonus soon,. cannot let them know.. thats the largest amount of money.. and prob the most useful to carry on my dreams.. to study..
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Dog reply: woof, bark, BaRk, BARK...!!! Fuck!!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Lady: alright... how about the male passenger instead? can i dance on them?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Man:" okok.. i'llk change to shouting Oh My Satan instead -.-"
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ex Mrs ToSkana: Has an tonne of money and now needs the man, so Giggolo museum on!!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Cockroaches :" Gosh , when did they ever became so thoughtfull; thank Satan!~"
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Brain: Man has no brain, so use your dictionary
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Animal:" cant wait to for my sparerib to come!!~ kekeke"
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gentlemen: ok.. here goes, aim Aim, AIM...--- SHOOT
Ladies: i knew i shouldn't remain seated, now who's gonna get me another shirt? *all drench with urine.. kekeke

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

i am upset again.
stupid Kristal should not have let someting tjat stupid makes u upset..

my driver is here. he wanna go to seletar damp.. i am feeling down, so i am joining my driver to seletar damp,,

btw,. if one day u din hear from me and suspect the driver kidnap me..
remember this car plate number

PA three seven nine eight S
there,, i have left my word.. cos seletar damp is a relly scary place.. the journey there is dark, and there are no other cars around.. but once u reach.. oh man.. the place just rawks!!!~!`

promise to post pictures about the scenery, and may 182 gets his license soon so he can drive me around.. to seletar damp, then Xinyi, me and 182, and shu mei and germaine (i heard) can all pak tall there.. then 182 will kena dump by us into the swamp or the reservoir.


=( stil upset..

= cheer up krissy
Why are friendsip so hard to maintain?

Dennis, if you tink u are always correct , i have nuttin to say
u can fucking scold me for all you wan, i did nuttin wrong,.....
why? the first time also u scold me, then i explain the things, then in the end it was a misunderstanding
now also.. i hate you i hate you i hate you..

i wish i never met you,... dun ever wan to..... u make me upset,... friends dun do that..

Woopie!!!~ the reward i bought myself from

Anyway turns out the owner of this online blog is my secondary school and poly mates!!~ amazing huh? haha.. and guess what,

Casio gold series
with 1 year warranty
@ only S$60 bucks..

check her stuff out when ya free.. very trustworthy =)

and yippie.. i have a bling bling watch, get jealous u lil' thingy
Why is the movie click nice?

182 say so

Jamie says so

and because i say so!!!!~

the movie is a comedy yet reflect the natural self of us as a human, as a VERY normal human being with a lil' luck..

i cried like hell, really that kind that you can hear me sniffing from 50 chairs away..

Poor B, he had to bear with me sniffing.
We were watching the movie, and then it came,
right when Dad wanted to show the coin trick to Adam Sandler and he shouted the truth "that he always knew the trick"
he made him SO sad...

that i remember how i din appreciate grandma when she was around, nagging at me to visit her more often, cos she miss me, and how i was busy with School band and lie to her lotsa of stuff.

Then i cried my hearts out,... gee.. that was a scary one..

i ask B for tissue cos it wasn;t my practice to bring one, he din had any too... gosh, i cant go anywhere with my mascara smudge like this. So he offer his tee-sleeve.. and guess what? i took it.. hahhahhahaha..

there goes, the first time he worn that tee his sister brought him from Taiwan, (cos i was around when she passed it to him) , the very nice green tee is stained with black mascara with a little mucus and lots of water that could very much made my urine instead.

Thank B.. hahahhaa.. then he sent me home (oh btw, my dad and mum and bro and bro (older) and sist (why dun i just mention the whole family) sawB....... and they assume he is my boyfriend... NO he is not.. or rather, not for now, not for next month, not for another 8 months to come..

Anyway, *realising i was away from the topic of click, click is a very very nice show, i tink most of my friend will grade it 4.55555/5 and about 5 popcorn worth a movie.. cheers!~

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When the coffin comes out, screams everywhere, shouting and caliing for him to jump out immediately.

The following content belong to very very explicit category, please do not read if in doubt

the temple, in cousin Aden convertible, to pray for our future luck

viewing hall 4, to view the process of coffin pass through cremation

coffin, being block by cousin emily, they say it is not good to tk coffin photo

the view above the crematorial hall, very holy

the journey to say goodbye.. looks like a peaceful place

walking to the crematorial hall

My uncle.. Ow Boon Hye... forever in our heart