Thursday, January 28, 2010

This is by far the boriest day i had since being cooped up with works, part time work and online work altogether.

I am sitting in the office, pondering how the next few days will turnout to be. I am turning 23, i know, dread that day coming, and bbbbbbbbb have assume my birthday was in july, which i had to psycho myself into believing too... We are gonna spend my "birthday" in London, alongside his parent, his buddies and all english!!~

The next few days are pretty much marked on my organiser, its gonna be a fun-filled weekend and i am guessin my depleted bank account to go into deficit sooner than i could receive my pay. I did a calculation and realise on an average, i spent about S$108 per week, inclusive of one evening of fun with one group of mates.

So far it has been good, Pau and i will sometimes hang out for dinner, otherwise it was chilling session with Denise, Sharon or Jean, and when all of them are too busy to hangout, Kristi will agree to join me for some errand running, so far she has been giving pretty good opinion in things i wannt buy, such as the latest valentine pressie for bbbbbbbbbbbb.... I can proudly says we both got a fair share of the gene from -perhaps- mummy?

I am so elated cos i am getting my Ralph Lauren Tote in 2 weeks time. Been comtemplating it for sometime and couldnt decide on the colour, i chose this in the end cos Colleague PaperStop suggesting it was good to match with clothing. She was so tempted to get it and got herself another too. With compliments from the "chipmuncks & f4" at work, thanks babe - you made my wishlist achievable.

And next up, i'll be eyeing that tattersall tote from COACH only to realise it has OOS. bbbbb has been curbing my craving, promising me to buy me something once i fly over to find him, but i cant keep my eyes off those images. ohoh, if any of u have that exact design, i am willing to buy it over from you, so please leave a comment here. Absolutely not Tattersall Grafitti version, i wan the hampton series, thanks.

So... going back to the weekend now, i shal really get started on packing stuff to move over to bros. A little worried cos now that BHP biz are picking up, i really hope to continue doing instant mailing, but the stocks will all be at home!!~ Hoping the girls are understanding and will continue supporting us. Oh, Collection 6 is launched! i am not in the photoshoot thou, too rush and Phyl had to do it alone, but the stock are all pretty!!~ Gonna keep a few for myself this time.

Gonna meet bbbb's friend gf a while later to collect her pressie for his friend, den combine them ll altogether for registered parcel and hope it reaches bbbbbb in the shortest time possible. We are already behind time and the pressie i did for him might spoil anytime.. i am really worried!!!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kris: "Boss, Lao Niang turns 23 yr old this sun. Can spare me from work? Have notify Daniel to red alert me to work this wed & thurs so u wont nag!!!!!!!"

Boss: "Whao Lao eh.... A lot of stuff going on for you lei.. Jialat... What can i say? Getting expire only.... y so happy? hahaha"

Kris: "What lor... U dunno the beauty of a mature woman.. waahhaha. I already compensate with a weekdays le hor. Dun abuse your employees from her benefits ah, otherwise you will see your shop name blacklisted under CASE"

Boss: "Hahaha.. That's wat expired woman always said... haha CASE? U only work once a week n you wanna head to CASE? hmmmm.. try harder girl


"I am so scared,.. Pls, no, no." This part is to entertain u only"

STUPID boss, wahahha.. but since you always allow me to skive at work, pay for my dinner, and my hot-milo, since you are almost 190cm and automatically becomes my ladder, i shall forgive u ...

I have since realise my Boss do know i am taking advantage of him... haha.. yet each time he nags at me.. i will voluntarily offer to be sack, den he will knock my head and ask me not to threaten him.. haha... i am cheap labour and such a good employee, why would he want to sack me? wahahaha... Last month till this month alone i have skip work for 5 weeks, hahaha.. its no wonder he nags at me thru SMS this time. there is hardly chance for him to nag..

But then again, i am the only female employees he has (not considering Nicole, whom Daryl often describe to me as a lian-lian bamboo walking around the shop. We are very very spoilt by the guys in the shop la... wahhaha

yay!!!~ i can celebrate my birthday this sun with bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.. thru skype!


Monday, January 25, 2010

I have spend the weekend fruitfully, shall not update till bbbbb has receive his special surprise. I feel good, thou my fingers are burnt and peeling red.

Sun was spent at work - What else is new? haha, sales was good and we were busy busy busy... i cut my bangs in the morning and spent the rest of the day regretting it. Shouldnt have allow those itchyy fingers to hold the scissors. Juno took a quick look at my bangs and consoled there was hope. Now it up to me to maintain looking well in those silly bangs till i visit Salon.

Nothing much happen at work except for those irritating kids that tried their luck on me, Daryl (my new, self-obsessed colleague) had to tell them in secret that i was old enough to be their jie jie before they retreat. bbbbbbbb and i tot it was funny, he even ask me how it feels to be approach by young lad, my response was that i felt a little un-respected, i could have scream "Mei Da Mei Siao" at them, but that will only reveal my true age even more.

Stupid birthday, cant we stop those candle increasing every year?

bbbbbb and i had a chat some days back, we kinda reveal our unhappiness about each other and some misunderstanding. He jokingly said something that had meant i was nothing special and whatever we went through together he could do so to any other girls. Sad thing is that i wasnt able to take it as a joke and it hurt me really badly. hmmmm.... dun wan to continue, it hurts again.

In either case, we are fine now=) and i am glad, super relieve of it. I want things to work out between us and for him to see me as the same girlfriend he had fell for years back.

i am craving Korean food at Marios now.... someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, January 22, 2010

I just realise i hadnt really sat down and really thought about 2010. My mind had been pretty filled waiting for july to come near so bbbbbb can be back in Singapore- like finally.

But there are certainly things i dun wan to regret not penning down since the start of the year.

1. Its sad to know that since young i had promise Cuz one fine day i'll be the one to pick her up after school and bring her on a ride through Singapore while we chill at places we all knew MRT wont bring us sooner. Yet till this very day, even when i finally finally gotten some teeny weeny interest in learning driving, i am nowhere near there - at least not financially (Here's calling out to my dearest mate that if you really want to get me a present but cant think of anything justifiable, consider a ang pow containing enough $$ to tk one basic theory and 2 practical lessons...... totally appreciate that)

2. bf, with regards to point 1, please place on ur agenda the first thing you can get me once you get a job after your grad will be a secure sum of money to see me through one car license, thank you.

3. I haven really get use to wearing heels, at this age and still wobbly on heel simple means i will either end up short for the rest of my life or that the tailor near my hse will earn my $$$$ for as long as i enjoy shopping for clothes.

4. I haven had a credit (tsk..... NOT sup-card, i have 2 sup already) to call my own, and i know its still related to money and income, so its gotta wait.... in 2010

5. I shall try to concentrate on renewing my clothes this year. Have soooooooo many tips that i put into action this month.... not ready to blog them yet, but trust me girls --- you'll be impressED!! (* looks down at my Levi and smile with greed.....*)

6. I shall apply nail polish and take care of my polish. I shall bling them someday and look like a woman - not a tomboy girl with short short short short short nails.. omg

7. I shall speak english like i am suppose to and stop simplifying them with "la" "ya lor" or "leh

8. in relation to point 7. i shall force bf to stop making me speak my funny hokkien, try canto maybe

9. I shall arrange a trip to visit grandma cos i miss her dearly.. bbbbbb... drive me there please!~

10. I shall hang out with Kristi more and be like a real sister

11. i will get Gary to shut up reminding me i am 23 yrs old

12. i will show my affection for bbbbbbbbb, pauline, Sharon, Denise, Vivien and all my buddies publicly (note to those affected - do not be alarm if i plant a kiss on you suddenly *wink*)

13. I will wear skirt and sit with leg close (That means no more QIAO JIAO)

14. I will think 4 times instead of 3 when i want to get something

15. I still wont eat pork, beef, mutton, chicken with bone and drink their soup base

16. force bbbbbbbb to keep to his plan of fufilling batam, taiwan and UK trip this year

17. lose weight again (am planning to do a very PUBLIC DIET PLAN, one that reveals my progree, my dirty little cellulite secret so you can all embarress me and get me to buck up)

the list is getting really ridiculous, i am laughin to myself.

note to Zi Ting: congrats on your driving license, impressed cos its ur first attempt and the rain today is SO heavy!!~


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hi Reality,

Very soon you shall be put to test, and despite not wanting the day to come soon, i know it shall.

Instead of them breaking my weak heart and frail body, may them face you with pride and get at least something that wont shatter the older "Crystal"....

Dont hate me........... hate Reality. wahhaha
~Sweet.Silly.Stinky.Sleepyhead~ Create custom animated gifs at!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Am blogging with Uber happiness, cos Pau and i are hanging out later.. its been weeks since i saw her.... so i am looking forward to another joyous day out near the mall for a super short while.

We are catching "The Blind Side", initial plan to watch "The Spy Next Door" has been push till a later date cos Pau says Sandra Bullock always deserve priority... so Jackie Chan.... to bad!!~

Been reading blogs after blogs, trying to find a good advertorial page for BlackHairpins, we are running low on budget and i am living in deficit, but its too good a chance to let go of.... CNY is in less than a month, so its the best time to expose ourselves... Really got to get hold of $$$ somehow.


Please please please shop there... i tink the clothes are pretty pieces because i chose them by meself.

Haha... At work right now, counting down to meeting Pau later, there wont be any pic cos i am bespectacled today and my right eye hasnt really recover from all the trauma i went through.


Monday, January 18, 2010

oH........HOW I MISS!!`

  1. Waking up to realise i missed breakfast and lunch is ready
  2. walking down the stairs only to realise Ahmad (Dad's name for bbbbb) is waiting for me in Whitey, his cool avatar, and his all time -jersey
  3. Peck on his cheek whenever i met him- which happens so everyday (7 months ago)
  4. asking him very stupid question such as why he would prefer beef to pork, fish to chip, white bread to wheat bread, chocolate milk to fresh milk, me to every other girls.. hahah
  5. Slacking at Pau hse, stopping her from sleeping after our swimming
  6. Also, slacking at Viv's hse, tidying her room and catching lizards, folding her clothes and enjoying the silence there
  7. doing some knitting, making another ridiculously-Long scarf for bbbbbbbb
  8. tanning with Apel den gossip over people i dun really know
  9. attending lesson with French, napping during class and forcing her to explain to me again what the lecturer had just said.
  10. Supper session with bbbbb's Laos, cos they are soooo funny
  11. healthy dining with Sharon besties, i like talking to her cos her opinion and vision about things are often beneathe what we see on the surface, i like her philosophy about life
  12. best-friend-meetup session, Denise darling, Sharon besties and Jean-jean the jean-jean. the very rare time i feel like a tai-tai with a twist of childishness. haha
  13. KTV with clar and pau, i can vividly remember the last time we did it, it was a whole deal of fun.
  14. Where's Ray?
  15. Slacking at Denise's place, doing online shopping with her and Sharon Besties
  16. Canele slacking after work, Fireman, Saliken and Iza, we are like enemy in disgust, we fool each other into drinking, and fireman ALWAYS get drunk FIRST.
  17. bbbbb patiently teaching me poker
  18. removing blackheads over bbbbb's "blacken" nose
  19. washing bbbbb's Whitey with him
  20. changing clothes in shopping mall and listening to bbbbb's serious comment.

oh.......... how i wish


Friday, January 15, 2010

Bored Dkriss has something to dooooo............ here's how to do fashion the Chinese New year style- with hardly $100 left in ur pocket.

Step 1 - Buy anything that is already cheap from Cottons on. i got myself a pretty piece- a sheer and ultra thin Romper (halter style.. full black.... gotta bling it pretty soon) and then proceed to grab a good durable pair of flip flops @ $5.

Walk around neighbourhood shops and drop by some ridiculous accessories shop that not only sells scrunchies but needles and watch and bra and everything else that doesnt relate. You may just find some attractive buttons that comes in bundle.... colours, sizes and shapes..... CUTE!!~

do some artsy-fartsy stuff using your imagination, screw some colours together, tied them up using fishingline.


And here's a very very unglam shot of a very very expanded pair of foots. Excuse me..


Thursday, January 14, 2010

have been bugging myself to constantly update (or rather, to rant) here, but i had been so busy these days doing revision, discussing with Pau over ICBS and Phyl over BHP.
So forgive me, for i have already forgive myself.

3 days ago (this was how long i intend to blog) was my 17 months with the one and only Sweet-Silly-Stinky-Sleepyhead. Life has been hard but we live by. Each and everyday, the distance is pulled closer, so my stand about Long-Distance relationship remains - it does bring two hearts fonder..

bbbbbb and i had a tiny arguement thou, but it wasnt any of our fault, it was more of a outer pressure i had been suppress recently. i have no intention to rant it here (strictly private... ) but this issue is here to stay, till the day we walk down the aisle... i am glad bbbb and i talk it out and now that things have simmer a little, i hope its time we leave it aside and concentrate on other more substantial issue.


gee.. this line sounds too familiar cos there are so many ppl out there recently that is following this crazy trend. While my issue seems irrelevant, i had to move out cos i need to go into hiding- the time of the Year has come and in about 4 months i will b muggin away trying very hard to still aim for my 2nd Upper class. The first year grades has been bad, i had been REALLY lucky to barely passed so Dear God, i will do my job, please do yours.. teehee.. Bless those who try harder.

I miss those loads of fun bbbbb and i had while he is still here in Singapore. His friends were a bunch of funny ppl and they make me laugh louder than anything!~ i wont May wont take long to come and sooner bbbb and i (not forgetting his family and his buddies) will be shopping and touring UK. bbbbb and i have plans for me to stay there for up to 1 months plus if allow, so i am doing my research on VISA issues, hope all is well and i am outta here for a good period of time.

Am meeting Besties later.. we are gonna cranked up a little. Kristal is a happy girl

and dearPau, HUAT AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!~


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you know how, in those black&white drama film, boring taiwan family woes, korea teary sitcom, daughters are force to married through matchmake, through parents' decision amongst 50 potential guys?

Do the daughter always cries in tears, sad to leave the family, sad over the betrayal, sad over not having the rights to make decision? Well, for once, in my opinion, if i ever had a choice at this stage, i would probably want to be in their shoes, to have my parents sieving through hundreds of profile for someone so potential he ought to take care of you, ought to make you tai tai.

I have a close friend last time who was force by her mum to date her's boss's son cos he was interested in her. It all started out like a soap drama but all too well, 2 years later, she was happily married to him, free to do her own stuff, secure with something she had been worried about since she was born.

Why do everyone thinks by giving them freedom to seek their own happiness, they are bound to find happiness? Havent we all seen enuff of sad girls being dump by their guy who had promise happiness, who had once hold their hand tightly and promises not to let go? Havent we had our fair share of sadnes over being dump. Havent we all regret falling in love with the wrong guy. Some of us regret falling in love with the wrong guy - only tooo late. By then, you are probably in your early 30s, have been through so much wedding dinner you lose count. Your best friend might probably be a happy mother of 4. Yet you are stuck, trying to doll urself up, wearing super mini skirt, pretending to look demure, hoping some single lads out there still hasnt got a ring on his forth finger. You would be exceptionally sweet besides them, emphasizing on how you use to be pretty but all that has past, what you really need now is a roof over your head, cos although ur parent welcome you to live with them, they also need you to carry on the family lines.

there you have, a burden- a child that needs to be produce before you get too old, your frail parent who has now retired and is seeking a comfortable life at home, while waiting for your contribution every month. You also need to make sure they live their final stage of life in happiness, travelling side by side each other and you being stuck at home.

did i forget you also had to buy 15 range of product to make sure those wrinkle remain invisible. Also when you go out on your fortnight dates with your classmates, you have to remind them times and times again that you are single because you choose to.

the day might come another man out there is still single. He had a choice whether to date a younger girl (cos old man are always more attractive) or to date you cos he needs his offspring as soon as possible. You can regard urself as a sow, producing chikd after child, you can grow fat, you can learn to love this man who often had tots about the "what-if", what if he had gotten himself a younger sow? What if his kids had been borne earlier?

You might regret, regret u hadnt plan your future earlier. You might regret all too late you hadnt find a better guy earlier, but its all too late, you hadnt plan, and you have to live with it, to face it and boost to everyone its part of your plan - not to plan at all.

You might also hate all your past boyfriends, seeking every chance to learn about their whereabout, some might have kids and a wife, despite earning meagre salaries (they are happy, still)
Some of your ex-boyfriend might still be single, but they are dating younger girls, having fun. They can afford to, "man in their thirties marks the beginning of their charm" "woman in their thirties, however, marks the end of theirs"

Dear girls, open your eyes bigger, and DO PLAN. I am rest assure cos all my best friends and concern cousin have plans about their future. The singles have plan to keep looking and hopefully settle down by a certain age, they are also working hard to fend for themselves in the event that all fails. The attached, such as Sharon & bf are saving more than they require for their house, they plan to own a condo, get married. Even my bf's sister have plan to aply for flat by next year and giving themselve 3 years to prepare for their future.
i dun wan to see anyone regretting not planning earlier cos there is nuttin you can do.. REmember, you can never turn back time so protect yourself- at all cost.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3- Chalet with bbbb

Day 3- Chalet with bbbb

It was a day i had to work, i've only got 4 annual leave through the 6 months contract work, so i had to be wise in splitting up the days correctly. I had applied for half afternoon off so as to execute the "no-longer-surprise" i had plan for bbb...

He was the sweetest thing waking up in the morning and getting my stuff ready while i prepare for work. He drove Whitey out and the first place we headed was to get me breakfast, bbbbb insist a Mac breakfast will be a good start for the next few hr, i reached work pretty early while nbbbb set off to meet his mum for some grocery shopping and later to fetch Wang to join them. It din take very long and at 12.45pm bbbbb, his mummy and Wang were outside the company waiting for me. We hurried to the Carmart while Wang collected his frail car.

bbbbb bought me my lunch and while i was eating, he had packed our stuff ready for the chalet. We proceeded to get some last minutes stuff for the BBQ tonight and off we went to Sentosa. The checking in part was easy and the staff were super friendly, he had secretly allowed us to park the car at the staff carpark so it was easily accessible to our room.

Wang & gf, Zhang & gf arrived shortly after and preparation for BBQ started. In short, that night was great, gift exchange was fun, food was sufficient (though the leftover we threw away really breaks my heart. We also drove out to East Coast for some "toy-catching" session and at 12 MN sharp, bbbbb and i kiss each other as it marks Christmas!~

Night fell and all of us were super tired, Wang & gf fetches Qin, Zhang & gf home while bbbbb& i fetch Sha, Kong & Ong back. bbbbb&i were so tired we decided to abandon the chalet for the night and slept at his place.
It wasnt a waste to the Chalet cos afterall the $$ had been paid and we can no longer see them physically. Furthermore, what can be more comfortable den bbbb's soft pillow and Bertie in between us.

I was duper happy that day, though i did feel a little uneasy cos bbbb&i had a fight that afternoon, it wasnt really a fight, just me bursting into tears cos bbbb&i couldnt come to an agreement, but he gave in eventually so all was well, Thank you bbbbbbbb i really enjoyed myself that day and having you beside me in bed matters more than sleeping in the chalet just cos i paid for it. Merry belated Christmas and sorry i din appreciate the muackx before. I appreciate it now and hope it is not too late..

Note to self:- PLEASE UPLOAD THE PIC (yes Pauline, i know, i am THIS lazy... hahaha)


Friday, January 08, 2010

dAY 2 with bbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Day 2 with bbbbb
That morning, bbbbb was suffering for jet lag, as a result he had spent the night turning in bed, i slept well but wakes up occasionally to find him still uncomfortable. He would stroke my hair and touch my face, den apologises before putting me back to bed. He later told me he spent the night looking at my face while i am asleep, so i am glad i hadnt snore (bbbbb's definition of me snoring is when i breathe with a "SSSSis" sound... )

We woke up to the find the house empty, everyone had gone to work and his Mummy was out for a while. I was famish and bbbb offer to cook his specialty- black pepper bee hoon. I had plans to prepare the food for the BBQ tomorrow night (which was a still a surprise to bbbb) and we made our way to NTUC. He was curious as to why i had bought things in bulk but the smartypant later figure out wat was going to happen and so we spend the next hr planning togther wat was suitable to feed 10 pax.

bbbb cook me a very sumptous Black pepper bee hoon filled with egg and mushroom.. His cooking had definitely improve so the food taste really good. I wasnt allow to help out much so i dare said this was his project- solely his...

we spent the rest of the day hanging around the house, unpacking his loots, watching Alvin and the chipmunks 1 on TV.. bbbb doing his assignment, me staring at him.. talking to his mum when she returns, washing his dirty laundry, hanging them out to dry and eating with his entire family at their favourite dining place - Seletar. It had been a simple night... but i enjoyed myself to the fullest...


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Just how many of us still read blog nowadays?

ido!!~ i update myself with some famous blogs, in addition i also read Denise's, pau's, Jamie's and Apel's- all on a daily basis.

If only more friend have regular update blog to share.. i would really love to learn about their updates via those blog.

i wanna start by blogging about the first night since bbbb return and recall all memories we share on this blog, i want all out there to know how much time we are spending together yet not feeling a single bit of resentment towards each other.

22nd Dec 2009

As arranged earlier Wang was to pick me up from my place to the airport, but due to some "unforesee circumstances" i was left to hurry my way to Changi with given 45 mins, and with one luggage (no wheels) one laptop in placement.

I had ponder about hailing a cab but it was nearing night and it was also a friday, no naturally speaking, the traffic was going to be a killer and MRT seems the only other option. Dad was worried sick cos i was carrying all those loads and he volunteer to gimme a ride but i was relunctant and i really din wan Daddy around when i embrace bbbb upon seeing him.

I felt like a superwoman carrying all that load but all was well cos bbbb finally reach Singapore again!!~

i saw his back through those window (which i have grew to hate since it also marks Goodbye), he was so skinny, had lost so much weight and loooks so fair. His cheek also flush alittle, probably due to the humid weather in Singapore. UK had been snowing so his body probably has a hard time adapting to the change in weather.

As soon as bbbb made his way out to the gate, i let him have a short "hello" session with Wang, den we hug each other for the longest time, i cried a little cos the feeling of his embrace brings back so much fond memories, which had faded a little into imagination through the short period he was away. That moment felt so real, and he was still him - in love with me!!~

bbbbb surprise me with a super huge teddy which i will post his pic up soon... Bertie (the name he was assign) had a UK passport of his own, and bbbbb later told me he had ponder about getting his passport stamped at the custom too.. hahaha. Bertie was also born on the day bbbb and i got together, surprisely, the passport expiry date was never-ending!!~

bbbbbb open up his bag a little and i took a peek into all the present, his bro later came with his gf and we all took a ride home, drop his luggage and bbbbbb drove 'Whitey" out, with me and Wang in it. We had his first local meal of Maggie Goreng and Roti prata at Jalan Kayu. bbbb and wang chat a little more before bbbb drove him home. bbbbb and i finally end the day in his more comfy bed.... he kiss my forehead as usual as we fell into a deep sleep.

... haha... i will also like to highligh about the little ensemble made in the night, do you know that bbbbbb's snore + his bro snore + his sister's bf snore combines force and create a music louder than you can scream "Hard Rock" i cant put it to words how it sounds, but you can image how loud it is when even the window grille shake a little whenever they "combined forces!!~"

bbbbbbbbb........... i miss you ALOT

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This is written solely for the reading pleasure of you, Mr Rodman Goh.

thank you for making me see light at every dark tunnel. Thank you for accompaning me through a short 21, follow by a 22 and finally into this 23.

Your short return in a pre-affirmitive to my pre-set determination to make us work. Glad to say through our the 2 weeks, we only had 2 arguement, and both occurs cos we care too much for each other.

Sorry to walk out on you that very day we were in AMK, try as i might it scares me to hearing you ranting on about all the unhappy thing that had happen that day, even though i wasnt the person you were ranting about. I didnt like hearing angry stuff. Thanks for not giving up on me, i believe it was Fate later that had brought us back together, cos i wasnt expecting to see you anymore, i had probably walk a long way after leaving you. Thanks for not blaming me, and thanks for squeezing my hand after you grab them again.

Sorry i had expect so much more from you on 0000am on Christmas and New Year. It must be those silly fairy tales that pollute my mind, it really doesnt matter that we din kiss right on the dot, really doesnt matter there wasnt a spark of excitment surrounding us. You were driving, you took my hand, squeeze them tight den plant a light kiss on it. Yet i blame you for screwing it all up, you didn't do anything wrong bbbb, i was wrong to expect more...

Thanks for driving past the temple and stopping by them, at the back of my mind i had reminded myself to initiate a visit to the temple tomorrow, but before thy mind could speak, you had already done it. The prayer was done, and both of us felt a light sense of relief.

Thanks for waking up earlier than me to finish up your assigment, den sleeping later than me to keep me company. I know how tired you are, but i was selfish and needed your attention more than anything else on earth. Thanks for whipping up a delicious lunch, your cooking is splendid, i can see you cooking for me occasionally few years down the road.

Thanks for chatting with Mummy while i went off to work, those hint you drop, words of encouragement were really important to me. You will never imagine how acceptance by others, your family in particular were the greatest achivement i can ever hope for. Thanks for repeating over and over again how you think i am a strong girl, you give me the willpower to want to be a strong girl.

Thanks for bringing me out with your classmates, i know this is not a usual practice and not something other guys are fond of doing, thanks for inviting me, making sure i was feeling comfortable and helping me out in awkward situation.

Thanks for often drifiting off with me into our wonderland, and coming up with exciting things we will do when i go visit you this July. Thanks for telling me your dreams and inviting me on a honeymoon that had come too soon... Please forgive me for childishly asking you if you fixed on marrying me.... you are the perfect guy and the perfect partner, if makes me melt hearin you tell me things about our future, and i want to build this future with you.

Thanks for excusing me from sending you off in the Airport, i refuse to re-enact the scene and feel the hurt of you leaving me again, i hate to see you through those glass window, hate to wave goodbye. More than anything else, i hate to realise i wasnt holdin on to your hand and waving to the others outside that window.

Thanks for allowing me to speak in silence when i had something to say, i wasnt prone to speaking up my mind, but you always make sure my thoughts were voice out. i felt like i was part of you, your voice, or even part of your brain, we are in unite.

Thanks for making decision for me, though sometimes i accept them in displeasure, i knew you had me in mind and that everything was for my own good. Sorry for being stubborn sometimes.

let me continue... when i feel less emotional